May 16, 2011

The Shanahan Plan progress

Update: I've gotten a few Facebook messages, tweets and comments suggesting different diets for me. I'm flattered and I appreciate the responses!  But what kind of person would I be to give up a diet within the first week? I'm very happy with my progress and I am glad for the comments, but I'm very content working with Terry. Perhaps in the future I'll try out alternative methods, but if The Shanahan Plan has anything to do with it, I won't need them! :)  Best of luck to everyone who is on a plan and sticking to it.


First things first, congrats to T-man because he's now working with Olympic Medalist Allison Baver! He was also mentioned on Ashley Spivey's, from last season's Bachelor, blog called Say No to Cosmo.  Terry is working with Michelle Money, who is featured on the blog, and she gives him a shout out.  Congrats Terry on all the wonderful things coming your way!

Week One update
This diet has attacked my body with a vengeance.  I hate calling it a diet because diets are where people are literally psychotic, and boring, and can't eat all the good stuff... which, actually, because this is a lifestyle change, I'm not able to eat things I consider "good stuff."  Note that "good stuff" to me are sweets, pastas and Starbucks.  Not food that is actually "good" for you.  But the psychotic episodes haven't kicked in yet!

So, like any lifestyle change, the beginning is hard.  Real hard. To recap, I was eating a pretty healthy portion of grains per day. I got all of my energy with my "milk with coffee and sugar" concoction and Cheerios, not fat or protein, in the morning. Right now Terry is training my body to use fat for energy, so it's taken a toll on my alertness.

Day 1  (Tuesday) I had all of my food in tow since Terry sent me some nice recipes to go off of and a bunch of literature on the paleolithic diet.  I headed to Trader Joes and Whole Foods to stock up, and I followed everything he said: the times of my meals, what I was eating, etc.  I did notice I had a lot of eggs in my diet: I was eating three eggs (yes, actual eggs -- not carton eggs) in the morning and a hard boiled egg and half an apple with almond butter for a snack.  This concerned me, so I asked him if that was right.  I'll get into his answers later.  As for my workout, I used it as my skip day so I could grocery shop and get home to make dinner before Glee.

Day 2 (Wednesday) was a lot harder on me. I felt fatigued at work, like way more sleepy than normal. I figured I was just tired from lack of sleep, but the next night I got eight full hours since I am not going to the gym in the morning. I was still exhausted!  So I sent Terry an email and asked what was up. He said this was normal since my body is used to taking sugar and making it into energy, not fat. Since I wasn't having my Cheerios and coffee, my body was searching for energy but not sure where to take it from just yet. Soon it will know the protein and fat I eat in the morning are to be used to hype me up.  Today's workout was all strength training.  I spent an hour lifting and doing machines -- three sets with 10-15 reps, depending on the exercise.

Day 3 (Thursday) the cravings really got tough. I am allowed one serving a fruit a day, so my sugar intake is very little (given I am not consuming sugar in other forms).  The thing is, this diet is not limiting everything. Sure, I can't have calories or sugar from drinks, but I made a delicious shrimp dinner than incorporated raw honey and coconut oil, both that give an added sweetness (but not too sweet). Terry even sent me recipes for desserts I can eat and breakfasts that include waffles!  Workout: cardio -- step class for 45 minutes with 15 minutes of abs.

Day 4 (Friday) Someone get me a Starbucks. It's literally all I can think about. I don't want coffee, I want my chai latte! The good thing is that I am blogging about this and all my friends know, so today when my coworker came over to ask if I wanted anything from Urth Cafe (she was getting a boba tea latte), she immediately rescinded the offer because she didn't want me to break my stride.  Thanks Nat!  I was tempted.  No work out today. 

Day 5 (Saturday -- WEEKEND)  Today was a struggle.  I've been having chronic headaches for awhile, before the diet started -- nothing serious, but my head always kind of bothers me. I think this is also being influenced by my lack of caffeine, even though during the week I'll have a cup of Oolong tea to help with any cravings.  I woke up and made my standard breakfast, but was so lethargic that I went back to bed for two hours! I woke back up and headed promptly to STARBUCKS.  I know Terry, slap me on the wrist. I was bad. I had my chai latte but I did listen to your advice and went without the soy milk. I went with lowfat. Not like that's really doing me any better, but you did say no soy products!  

My snack was the half apple/nut butter ordeal with a hard boiled egg.  Then I forgot to eat dinner as I was running errands, then ran straight from Target to the movie theater, where I did, in fact, happen to eat Junior Mints. Yes, I royally screwed up my diet on this day. It's important that I share these things for progress sake.  If I sit here and pretend I'm doing perfectly, nobody is getting any help.  Workout: 45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical.

Day 6 (Sunday -- Weekend)  I woke up late, so I had a late-r breakfast. I had a banana, my one serving of fruit for the day, granted it wasn't a recommend one. I spent the day making meals for the week: chicken with veggies like sweet potatoes & brussels sprouts with pears for dinner, and crockpot chicken with tomatoes and bell peppers for lunch.  As it turns out, I realized that I hate chicken this week. Yes, I've never been a big fan, and every time I eat it I tend to have a sauce to go along with it, so I can't wait to fill Terry in on this one.  I may be the only human who enjoys beef and fish but not chicken.  Go figure.  

I also went to Pinkberry tonight and got a parfait.  This is strike three against Kirbster considering I am not supposed to have dairy or grains of any kind and the parfait includes both. However I haven't had grains all week so that's a start.  

Day 7 (Monday)  Kickbox cardio for an hour for my workout and three solid meals with the appropriate snacks during the day.  Today I am craving a turkey sandwich.

The point? This shiz is HARD, but anything worth having takes hard work.  It's going to be hard to kick my normal habits. I actually found myself this week saying, "I'm going to have to tell Terry I need my coffee in the morning." And then I realized my coffee was a splash of milk, two french vanilla creamer cups and FOUR SUGARS. Yeah, like that's necessary for my life.  

While I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and not to mention get a hot bod, I am concerned (which I'll get to in a minute). However, I'm already starting to notice changes in my body -- I've lost a pound (a healthy amount for a week)!  I know you all were expecting something extravagant, but this is a huge number for someone trying to lose weight the healthy way.  However, I know once I progress more with my strength training that my weight will increase, which is why I cannot focus on the number on the scale.  Also, my skin is glowing! It really is true about how your diet affects your skin.  

I do have questions, because I know girlfriend is going to want to eat grains sometime in my life (mmm pasta) and I know I can't go forever more without my precious Starbs. Not to mention, how does one go out to dinner on this?  Can I have a drink every now and then?  I want to be able to really get in my best shape, however, integrate this diet into a lifestyle I can actually live in the future. I will put my nose to the grindstone if I am determined, but once I reach that goal, I'll want to maintain my figure yet eat things I enjoy. I am concerned that once I hit my goal weight that once I start allowing other foods into my diet (read: Oatmeal for breakfast, a margarita on a Thursday night, or you guessed it... Starbucks) that the weight will pack on heavily and immediately. I hear about those crash diets and that freaks me out. This isn't a crash diet, but I still worry.  

I had this similar diet during senior year of college and I was in my best shape ever. The good ol' rec didn't have time constraints so some days I could be in there two and a half hours doing classes and whatnot. The rest of the week I'd just to do cardio and weights, and I ate well but also had splurges: mexican food, drinks and... you guessed it again, Starbucks!  So it can be done my friends.

To sum it all up
  • Arms are more defined
  • Glowing skin
  • Lost a pound
  • Don't focus on the scale
Questions for Terry
  • How can I make this a 24-year-old chick on a budget lifestyle? (Eat clean, yet allow myself to eat food I enjoy from time to time?)
  • I don't like chicken... help?
  • What are some foods I should keep an eye out for at restaurants if I go out to eat?  
  • First week down, what are the next steps? 

Stay tuned next Tuesday for a Week Two progress report!  

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