May 5, 2011

SoBo premiere

I might be partial, but how absolutely stunning does everyone in this photo look?  Ginny, Hilary, Kate and Emily all look like a page in a magazine.

Like any woman, I love clothes, but I'm not that girl who will spend $500 at a story for three items.  Sorry, I'm just a tad more frugal than that.  But I do appreciate nice clothes.  They fit better, they're tailored perfectly and the fabric is more sustainable.  You just feel better when you wear nice clothes.

Each look is perfect.  Ginny looks sleek and sexy, Hilary sets the bar -- how  put together is she?  Kate glows in yellow and Emily looks like a princess.  I LOVE!

However, my favorite?  HILARY.  Hats off, madame.  You look stellar.  The pantsuit kills me.

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