May 8, 2011

Something Borrowed review

It's review time!  Because what would this blog be without my two sense cents?  (I know the difference... just a tad sleepy when I wrote this!)


Well, you've probably heard me talk about Something Borrowed about a-milli a-milli a-milli times now.  This is because I have known about this movie before I even knew the book existed.  Cliff's Notes version:  I met the author, Emily Giffin, last year when I worked at Frederic Fekkai.  She was like this bigger-than-life personality who was insanely beautiful and just happened to strike up a convo with me while she was getting her makeup done while I was working the front desk.  She asked if I was an actress, told me she loved my name, and I went out and bought her books afterwards.

Well it just so happens Mrs. Giffin is using my namesake for her next book!  This is thrilling.  Emily, if the book gets made into a movie, you know who to call... wink wink.

Alright.  Down to the nitty gritty.  THE REVIEW OF THE MOVIE!

In standard fashion, the book is better than the movie.  I said it.  However, the movie is still great!  It gets started off kind of slow, and the whole time I was wondering when the voiceover would start in.  The book is in first person, so naturally I assumed the movie would be narrated by Rachel (Ginny Goodwin).  The trailers even had her narration in them!  So to say I was put off for the first 30 minutes would be accurate.

Bravo to casting.  I was pissed when I heard Kate Hudson was going to be Darcy, because if you read the books, Darcy is brunette -- which is funny, considering when I first envisioned Darcy, she was blonde, but then it notes in the book that she's a brunette like Rachel and I had to completely change my vision of her.  I think the movie did the standard "opposite" typecast thing.  But I shouldn't have been pissed because Kate really encompassed how I envision Darcy.  I have a Darcy in my life and I'm always wondering when she's going to flip the switch with me.  I'm not having an affair with her fiance or anything, but I'm just waiting for that moment when she goes ape. So glad that Kate did her justice.  

The guy who plays Marcus is literally what I had in my mind.  Some tall, buff dude with long-ish hair, goatee, annoying laugh and overall some kind of smooth-talking idiot.  Perfect casting, like I said before.  Ginny was a great Rachel, kind of awkward but beautiful (like Rach).  And let's go ahead and get to Dex.

SWOON.  Holy mother.  Google him ladies! Real name: Colin Egglesfield. First of all, I love him because all of his outfits look like Banana Republic vomited all over his body.  You gotta love a man with a great sense of style, and Dex certainly knows how to dress.  Round of applause for that.  Second, just like in the book, you absolutely root for Dex to get with Rachel, even though he's a horrible person for cheating on his fiance with her.  Nobody in their right mind roots for the guy in these types of situations.  But somehow Colin Egglesfield makes you sympathize with the character.  Like Emily said, "A star is born!"

Love that they incorporated more of Dex's parents and their weight on the marriage issue, but I wish they would have gone more in-depth about his mom, because for whatever reason I cannot remember her having any issues in the book (nor remember her at all, I don't think she's mentioned) and wish they would have shown her giving or not giving Dex the blessing to call off the wedding. 

I wish that Claire wasn't so neurotic.  In the book, I remember her being a wannabe Darcy: not as pretty, but still very stylish and confident, but more of Darcy's sidekick.  Not a basketcase.  However, see was comedic relief so I get that.  I still wish Hilary could have been incorporated, but we all know she was not so that Ethan would have more room in the movie so they could make the sequel.  Because John Krasinski would be non-existent in this movie if they stuck to the book, am I right?

I was wondering how they were going to pull off the last "blowout" scene, given Dex didn't take off his watch.  But that whole scene pulled itself together just nicely.

The whole movie pulled together nicely.  The dance scene with Rachel and Darcy reminded us that they were the best of friends with so much history.  The tell-all scene at the end had me ridden with so much anxiety -- and I knew what was coming!  There were several parts of the movie that I was like, "WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!? I'M FREAKING OUT HERE!"  But it was hilarious because I have read the books and knew (pretty much) exactly what was going to happen.  So great job to the cast and crew on that one.  It was also fun to be in the theater with patrons who are seeing this story line for the first time.  The gasps going on when Dex kissed Rachel in the cab were hilarious!

I do wish there was a doorman in the movie, because I remember so distinctly in the book how he was constantly observing the relationship between Dex and Rachel, and his presence made the relationship more real as time when on.  I know that sounds weird but just go with me here.

Another thing: how are Ethan and Rachel not 3,000 pounds?  They eat at Shake Shack like every day... 

All in all, I enjoyed the movie.  I teared up.  I gave myself unrealistic expectations about my love life and now I'm on a quest to find a good looking lawyer who only wears Banana Republic.  And maybe a summer fling.  Who knows.  

Most of all, I am so happy for Emily Giffin!  As with another who aspires to write a book, it must be so gratifying to see your characters go from the pages of your book to live-action.  Congratulations Emily. :)

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