May 2, 2011

Summer Girl Series: Fashion + Beauty

Ladies, we can be honest with each other here.  We all tweet about getting our bikini bodies ready, but spring is the season we all kind of half-@ss it.  Then, May appears and we royally freak out because we not only want to look hot for the men in our life (or lack thereof), but we don't want to be the grenade in the group of friends.  Am I right ladies?  Or am I right?  Just admit it.  And usually these freak outs go one of three ways: 1) Freak out, hit the gym twice a day and eat smaller portions than a nursing baby bird, 2) Chain smoke to ease the stress and hunger pains (which I don't advise) or 3) Eat ourselves into oblivion. 

I certainly hope you can find a happy medium between the three.  Well, between the two, minus the one about smoking.  But I'm not here to tell you how to lose weight, eat right or excerise appropriately.  My job is to inform you of the best beauty products and the cutest swimwear around!  Duh.  Hopefully this series will inspire new dinners filled with brussels sprouts and lean cuts and will eliminate dreams of 800 calorie meals at In 'N Out.  (Which I'm guilty of.  Woof.)

What to Wear

I've been obsessed with the L*Space bikini bottoms Vanessa Hudgens wears in last month's Shape magazine because of the bright color!  The shade is 'limon', a yellowish-green.  How great will these look with tan legs?!  They've been sold out of practically everywhere for awhile, so I'm anxiously awaiting the day I can purchase them. 

I found a pair of wedges in the same color by, who else, Jessica Simpson.  My favorite thing about JS's shoe collection is that because she's short, she makes beautiful (and comfortable) shoes to elongate legs.  Great for mid-height women like myself. :)

As far as matching a top with the bottoms, I picked this criss-cross L*Space top.  It accentuates the bust, so it doesn't matter if you're ample in the area or not -- it makes them appear bigger than they are.  The best part of L*Space swimwear is that you can mix and match different styles together and it will look like they were made for each other.  The color palettes each season compliment one another, so you don't have to worry about ordering a top that won't pair with a bottom.  Yeah buddy!

What to Apply

I have to stress the importance of sunscreen this summer.  You're probably like, "HOE.  WE ALL KNOW ABOUT SUNSCREEN."  But pull your panties out of the wad for a second and agree with me here.  We all walk out the door without it, and most of us just apply it on our face.  Please use caution and make sure your face is thoroughly covered -- including neck, ears, jaw and hairline -- because increasing cases of melanoma are being found in these areas.  Furthermore, you need to apply it everywhere!  Your shoulders, arms and chest should be coated before walking outside your home, and it's not just for beach days!  Apply it every day before work, working out, social gatherings, whatever.  For the face, I recommend Rodan + Fields Environmental Shield SPF 55+.  It's by the creators of Proactiv Solution and has really protected me during this Los Angeles heatwave.  

One thing I always keep in my purse is Rosewater.  It is my GO-TO product. I can't even remember how I heard about it... I think I may have read an article about how Hilary Duff loved it.  There are so many benefits from this one product!  It will even out the pH balance in your skin and will hydrate in the driest of weather.  The mist won't mess with your makeup and I even use it to set it in the morning.  Bring it along to the pool or the beach if your skin feels dehydrated.  It also works great to contain frizzy hair.  Mario Badescu is my favorite.  I also enjoy Clinical Formula's Normalizing Emulsion.  It's a hydrator and moisturizer, much like Rosewater, and contains aloe vera.  You can add it into creams and other tonics, so I might just have to mix it with the Rosewater for double the benefits! 

Speaking of Clinical Formula, I am obsessed with this line of products.  They're all high quality and were formulated under "extraordinary science concepts."  I enjoy all of the products I have because they are really compatible with my skin type.  My favorite is definitely the Corrective Grains exfoliator, which is perfect for removing dead, flaking skin (if you forgot your sunscreen that day), oil & dirt and other impurities that can clog your pores.  I also like the Pumace Cleanser which is also an exfoliator -- it's formulated for acne (perfect if you're going through a breakout), caused by the keratinization of your skin.  Keratinization is when dead skin cells build up and can cause rough, dull or blemish-prone skin.  It can easily be aided with exfoliants like this one.  (Did you learn something new?)

Lastly, after using these cleansing, exfoliating and proctecting products, throw on some Juno oil!  It's TO die for.  Keeps your skin glowing all day long and gives you a dewy look that Kate Boworth always sports.  I love it because it contains natural Retinol, a natural anti-aging ingredient, as well as Vitamin C and antioxidants.  A lot of you have asked me about my skin regimen and ask no more, I swear by this stuff.  I have combo skin, so sometimes I can get dry and sometimes I can get oily.  This is perfect for both.  Most people think they shouldn't use oil-based products if they already have oily skin, and they spend their time stripping their skin of any oil at all.  This is counter-intuitive because stripping oil will only cause your glands to overcompensate, which will result in more oil than before. A lot of oil-free products are made with the sensitive-skinned consumer in mind, not the ones with oily skin.  So don't fret when it comes to applying oil based products to your mug (but also be cautious -- everyone's skin is different).  It helps with dry skin for obvious reasons.


Anonymous said...

What's a good hairspray or style holder? I'm trying to find a good one and figured I would ask you since your hair always looks so fab :)

KJ said...

Happy Cinco, Ligia!

Thanks for the question... I'm going to turn it into a blog post :)

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