May 8, 2011

Your Biggest Mistake

I was recently introduced to Ellie Goulding due to the Royal Wedding.  Wish I was acquainted with her before, but unfortunately I had only heard of her after Kate and Wills had her perform at their reception.

Anyway, one of my favorite tracks off the album is "Your Biggest Mistake."  This song got me thinking about my biggest mistake(s) in life.  You know, those things we wish we would have or wouldn't have done?  The things that make us cringe to think about?  We all have them.  

Mine would be not listening to my parents and dating that guy I dated in high school because we all knew he was trouble.  Or putting up with that one guy I dated sophomore year because he was a terror (and all my friends told me to kick him to the curb).  Or that one thing I said last year to a person that I care about, out of anger and hurt.  By the way, if you're reading this, I've said I'm sorry a million times and that incident plagues me.  You didn't deserve that, I didn't mean it, and I care about you too much to say something that is hurtful like that.  So even though you've accepted the apology and we haven't spoken in awhile, for the thousandth time, I'm sincerely sorry.

Yes people, I am not a saint.  I wish I was perfect, but that I am not...

That's the things about mistakes.  You can't take them back.  They're there FOREVER.  Ugh.  Makes me sick just thinking about it.  But one thing I'm learning is that you don't have to dwell on the things you said or did.  You need to move forward and learn from them, and be sure not to do them again.  Apologize and mean it, and more importantly, improve upon those things from your past.  

Sometimes the Devil is a taboo subject, but I fully believe that when you are your happiest and living your best life that the Devil will come out of left field and remind you of those things from your past.  And it sucks.  Don't let him put a kink in your progress and happiness.  You are allowed to move on, change and leave behind mistakes.  You're entitled to happiness even though you're not perfect.  Jesus symbolizes that for us; because he died, we are freed from our sins.  

So, in reality, mistakes shape our character.  Better yet, mistakes guide us on our path, and sometimes things we might think are mistakes aren't mistakes at all.  I know I've wondered a time or 20 if I'm making a mistake, because at the time, the choices I made hurt, caused my heartbreak or anxiety.  But when I look back at some of those choices, I realize they were not mistakes at all.  It was the Devil causing self-doubt in my God-given path.

Mistakes teach us. You can bet that I'll never date a guy that my parents don't approve of again.  Or date someone who calls me names or treats me with disrespect -- I can see the warning signs ahead of time.  And you can bet 100% that I will never, ever, say anything when I am hurting or going through something painful, because chances are I'll say something I regret and don't mean.  

The point is that mistakes are not meant to be burdens that loom over your head 24/7, 365 days a year.  If you recognize them, make a point to make things right and move forward. That's the best thing you can do.  I also encourage you to forgive and forget when it comes to others' mistakes.  Yes, forget.  Don't hold it against them.  I'm not saying to let someone take advantage and disrespect you, but if you love somebody and they've made errors in the past, let them grow and move forward.  Chances are if they love you, they're being taunted by those errors in their mind, and the last thing they need is someone reinforcing them.  

Also, if you're Christian like me, you know that God knows everything before it happens.  He knows your path.  He knows the words that will come from your mouth, the next move you'll make, everything.    Nothing is a surprise to him.  It's all a part of His plan for you.

So really, your biggest mistakes are, in fact, not even mistakes at all.  

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