Jun 24, 2011

DIY summer hairstyle

Rockabilly bouffant

I never put my hair up. Don't know why, I've always been a chick who prefers to wear her hair down and curly (except at the gym -- does anyone else want to slap those women who run with their hair DOWN?). I'll do the occasional twists and milkmaid braid, but up? Nah. No thank you. 

However, for whatever reason, Thursday I went ahead and tried this look. I have to say I totally digged it! It made me feel like I chopped off all my hair, which was incredibly liberating. Although I felt like I was rockabilly chic, everyone was like, "you are SO rocking the pageant Texas hair!" Which is hilarious because I get asked five times a week if I was in pageants growing up. (For the record, no.) Guess it's a Texas stereotype?

Anyway, here's a super easy, DIY hairstyle for those hot, hot, hot summer days... and nights:

Take a section of your hair and make a "poof" in the front. It should be smaller
than a 'half up' look. Pin with one bobby pin...

...like so.

Grab the bottom section of hair as if you are going to make a pontyail

Twist it together and bring toward the crown of your head...

...like so. 

Pin in several places with bobby pins -- it has to feel "right." I know that's not a good description, but you know which parts of your head you feel most comfortable with bobby pinning. I pinned on both sides of the twist and exactly where my fingers are in the photo above, and added one more bobby pin in the same spot for good measure.


Kind of snazzy, yeah? An easy, breezy hairstyle that can dress up a casual sundress or works well with a nice pair of slacks and a silk top. 


Unknown said...

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