Jun 8, 2011

Gossip Folks

"What dainty morsels rumors are -- but they sink deep into one's heart." 
Proverbs 18:8

Yeah, that's the thing about words... the moment you say them, they're out there forever. It could be something you mean but are scared to say ("I love you"), something you don't mean and say it anyway ("I hate you!"), something that makes a difference (testifying in court, reporting an accident; giving a compliment), or something that can make you different (opinions, moral standards).  As you can see, we all can affect others with our words, in both the most positive and negative of ways.

While I love Rumours, I hate rumors. I hate when people assume something about you based on something you've said yourself, or worse, something you've done. Maybe you wore a low cut top or a short skirt out and a man feels like he can rub up on you. Maybe you just have a "look" that people judge you on (bitchy, homely, ditzy). I hate that people feel like they can say things and they're automatically true. I hate that people can say things with reckless abandon, and worse, that people can say something that isn't true, then say it and think it so many times that they actually believe it.

Points I'm trying to make here... read that last sentence. "They think it so many times that they actually believe it." It's like a murder suspect who has told the same story so many times that they forget it was even a story at all. If you think negative things about yourself, you'll begin to believe them. It's proven that you believe what you think about yourself more than anyone else. If you're constantly dwelling on something about yourself, that's as far as you'll ever go.  "I'll always make crappy money," "I'll never leave this town," "I'll never find a good man."  All these things are up to you, and your circumstances are not anyone else's -- not your past's, your parents', your friends' -- no one. At the same rate, if you are constantly giving yourself the third degree about your appearance, you're never going to exude beauty, confidence, or anything else that others find attractive. 

I can't tolerate rumors because they can't be proven half the time, and in a world where people can deny, deny, deny and in actuality their Weiner was being sent to randoms on the internet, people are more inclined to believe any sentence muttered. I really sympathize for celebrities in this case. For instance, Kim Kardashian. Yesterday, tabloids said she had an affair with some dude (I don't want to look him up). Kim is going to sue the magazine if it prints, and she's also going to sue the man, as she has said that she hasn't ever met him.

Now, I adore Kim so maybe I'm biased, but I don't think she cheated. But things get sticky because let's say she did meet this guy - once, for 30 seconds, at a party, where he asked for a picture. She obliges, and now she has come out and said she's never met him. Except this dude has a photo WITH her, so he can say she is a liar, "I have a photo with her!"  Naturally, Kim meets tons of people every day, and if I were in her position, I wouldn't remember everyone I came into contact with. So this is where rumors fly and the hole is dug deeper, which is frustrating.

I'm not here to be Kim's attorney or anything but seriously, I was outraged by this because when you watch the show, Kim is depicted as the strikingly beautiful sister who was hella dull in the beginning but then got a little kick to her. But one thing that remained consistent was that she always dreamed about true love, always wanted to be (re)married and always wanted a family. So I find it hard to believe that she's going to cheat on the love of her life. She's 30. She has more going for her as a mature adult than some of these early 20's hoebags who get laid and married for the hell of it. What's most upsetting, to me, is that no matter what, this rumor is out there. It can't be erased. I put myself in Kim's position and I can say I would absolutely die of heartbreak if someone came up with a fictitious lie like that, which could possibly jeopardize my future with my fiance. Kim had to sit down with Kris and explain the situation, and even though she didn't do it, in the back of Kris' mind, he's probably like, "Did she?" Well have all had those times during relationships or after breakups where someone mentions the word "affair" or "cheating" and even if you believe a million times over that they didn't, you still let your mind wonder... and nobody wants to feel like they're being duped when it comes to true love. 

And it's just miserable because you can't defend a negative. How is Kim supposed to prove she didn't cheat? (Faith and a hell of a lot of trust from Kris, I know.) I mean, if she did, nobody else would have been there to witness it. People can easily make up more rumors to say they saw Kim with this dude, things she might have said, and so on. It's truly infuriating. Can you tell that I have been the butt of a rumor before? 

By the way, I caved and looked up the douche. His name is Bret Lockett (NE Patriots, wannabe R&B singer) and he claims Kim "cyber cheated" on Kris. I believe emotional cheating is just as much cheating as sexually cheating is, but give me a break. She didn't even give him her number herself. He got it from his brother's friend, who is allegedly Lauren London (Lauren denies this). 

I'm obviously way too involved in Kim Kardashian's publicity woes, but just remember before you go shooting bullets made out of marshmallows: 

"The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences." Proverbs 18:21

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