Jun 16, 2011

Horoscopic Evidence

  "You'll be looking for harmony and equilibrium in your relationships today, dear kirbie . You'll be avoiding any kind of argument or quarrel with your family or friends. Under the aegis of Justice and the Star you are communicating with total sincerity, an attitude that adds to the sense of well-being that others experience in your presence. This is a good day for asking your loved one to marry you, if you've been toying with this option! At work, you're able to look to the future with confidence after an agreement is confirmed, a contract is signed or you receive and unexpected offer. Justice and Judgment are signs of focus, involvement and positive developments in your career. Your projects progress without any major concerns, and your working methods prove effective. You're moving slowly but surely towards great success."

So is this horoscope going to get me JT's number so I can attempt to propose in person? Actually, what am I thinking?!!! Does this horoscope think I'm a man? No way on God's green Earth that I'm proposing to anyone. Guys, it's your job to put a ring on it, after all. Until then I can dance to all the "Single Ladies" choreography and it won't be fraudulent. 

If anything fascinating and/or exciting happens with the old ball and chain tomorrow (ahem, the career I've been slowly but surely been dragging along, in an attempt that it may change for the better sometime soon), this will be evidence!

Then again, a few months ago a horoscope told me I was going to pack my bags and head on a tropical vacation, which didn't happen, and cross paths with my "one true soul mate" and I don't think I did that either. Unless they were referring to shoes, in which case I found the most wonderful pear of cross trainers. (I'm borderline obsessed!)

One thing is true: I'm headed towards success -- that's the goal, anyway, with a beautiful life ahead of me and a great life behind me. 

I'll leave you with my new mani/pedi that I'm rather excited about. Party on the bottom, dainty on the top:

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