Jun 12, 2011

Not a good look, June 13th

You know what's not a good look?

This week: jealousy.

Ugh. You've got to be some weak, insecure, envious hoe to be jealous.  You think I'm kidding?

Remember when you were younger and your mom (at least mine did) would tell you, "Honey, they're just jealous!" when you'd come home upset because those kids at school shut you out of their group or said something mean to you to put you down, etc. etc. etc.? And you didn't believe her because you were like, "She's my mom, she's supposed to say that!"? But then you got older and realized the woman was speaking the TRUTH? In the words of Cee Lo Green: ain't that some sh*t?

It's like this: when people try to put you down or take away from your sunshine, it's because they're a hot mess who wishes they had an ounce of the happiness or success you're achieving in life. When people are jealous, they want everyone else to be just a miserable as them. Or at least not doing any better than they are.

Here's some advice: jealousy is not a good look. Not on anyone. 

It's like when I heard Reese Witherspoon going off on reality stars. Granted, you don't need a reality show to be famous, but guess what?  Reality stars entertain an audience just as much as actors or musicians do -- but cheaper, and more frequently. There are entire channels dedicated to reality TV, just like there are for movies. What makes Reese Witherspoon's opinion more important than anyone else's?  Are actors the only people entitled to be on TV and be famous? I'd venture to say there's a good portion of reality stars that have a post-high school education than half of the actors in Hollywood do. And what about hosts? News anchors? Comedians? Do they never match up to the stature actors have? Because I know for one, the most famous woman in the world is Oprah Winfrey, and girlfriend is a talk show host.

Shut your mouth, Reese Witherspoon. Times are a'changin, and just because Kim Kardashian is famous for being Kim Kardashian doesn't mean she doesn't work as hard as you. (Remind me that next week's segment should be "Not a good look: self righteousness.")  Sorry, it's just pissing me off lately that so many people won't hop off Kim's jock (i.e. Edie Falco, Reese, etc.). Girlfriend knows her place and she's making the most of it, and she's more relatable than another blonde who made it big as a teenager and married her sweetheart after doing a huge blockbuster hit with him and happens to make out with dudes from Twilight. Also, your friend Chelsea Handler is famous for depicting her entire sexual history in book form (My Horizontal Life is hilarious, none the less), so you can't really talk sh*t about someone with an unapproved sex tape being released like it's the worst thing in the world.

Sounds like Reese Witherspoon is jealous that other people are enjoying fame and didn't get it the way she thinks they should... and she's getting old. (By the way, I am not "off" in believing Reese is a little on the mean girl side.) Love her in Cruel Intentions and Legally Blonde though. 

Ladies, when you give me a backhanded comment? Or have an opinion against every single little thing I say? Or when you can't muster enough class to tell me "congrats" or anything I'm doing in my life?  I know you're a trifling, insecurity-ridden female, and I'm a threat. And men, when I see you dog someone else on their looks or their finances (or anything, really), I know you're trying to tear them down to bring yourself up.  Frankly, you're lacking in too many other areas (namely mental stability) to keep me interested.

Bless both of your hearts.

And sorry for your luck, but why not change your perspective? Be happy for someone else, even compliment them -- and, here's the kicker -- MEAN it? 

It doesn't matter what you look like, how old you are or what you believe: humility and encouraging demeanors look good on everyone.

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