Jun 20, 2011

Not a good look, June 21st

So this is a fairly obvious "Not a Good Look," however, after watching The Bachelorette last night... it's necessary.

If you scoff at the fact that I watch The Bachelorette, screw you. I was an avid hater of this show, along with The Bachelor, because I don't think excessive amounts of alcohol and four weeks cooped up with no life-line to the outside world is a real way to "fall in love," however, the comedic value this show has is unsurpassed. Actually, Wipe Out is way more hilarious, but The Bachelorette is a close second.

Before we jump into my theme for today, let me recap.

Bentley (below) left the show last week, claiming he needed to go home and be with his daughter, but really he was on the show as  PR stunt and didn't even find Ashley attractive, so he toyed with her emotions in an effort to possibly get laid (which makes no sense -- well, sort of) and then made her cry.

Ashley, meanwhile, has a great group of men (yes, I actually like a lot of them) who are absolutely fascinated with her, albeit she seems like she's one switchblade away from ending the entire show and constantly comments on how "everyone needs to be honest."

Ashley, most notably, got kicked off last season's Bachelor because of this very thing I'm about to mention.

This is all because Ashley is WILDY INSECURE.

Not a good look: insecurity (or, as I like to say it: in-sec-uuuurrrr-ity).

Yes, we all have insecurities, but letting them take over? Give me a break. You shouldn't let your insecurities cripple your success, productiveness, or emotional health. Just because you're scared to leave home and start a new life doesn't mean you suck on your parents' tit (rhyme with 'Pete') the rest of your life. And just because you go through a breakup and you're heartbroken doesn't mean you take six weeks off work to cry and not eat and lose the infamous "Break up 15," although that sounds really good when you're going through something like that. And just because you might have stage fright doesn't mean you deny the world a beautiful voice you may have (like Adele -- what a gem she gave us to listen to).

Anyway, Ashley is literally always talking about her insecurity with the guys. Insecurities about ending up alone, insecurities that guys aren't there for the right reasons, insecurities that the guys didn't want her to be The Bachelorette. Yet she's hanging on this one guy, Bentley, who kicked her to the curb and walked away. Her securities of being alone cloud her vision and blind her of what kind of guy he really is.

We can all learn a lesson from good ol' Ashley. If someone walks out of your life, don't go chasing them. They walked out for a reason. If it's God's plan and if they want to come back, they will -- I promise you. Mark my words. Actually, let me repeat it for good measure: when someone exits your life, if they want to be with you, they'll find a way to get back to you. No need to chase them. Don't subject yourself to more humiliation than necessary by pining over them when the fact may just be that they're just not that into you. They're supposed to chase you, after all! They're the ones that left in the first place. Have peace that they'll end up in your life again if it's God's divine plan. 

The real fact of the matter here is that if Bentley really saw something in Ashley, he would have made the situation work. But he was not into it at all. He just toyed with her emotions. All of us have gone through something where our heart is on our sleeve and a circumstance makes us wonder, "What if?" and all that. It's like a right of passage -- you'll have some star-crossed romance that makes you question yourself repeatedly. But don't let your insecurities get the best of you!

Lose the insecurities, people. They make you act out of fear, but God gives us definitive signs on how to move forward and onward if we choose to listen (something that will be on the blog Thursday).

With all that being said, can I comment on the show?  Thanks.

- Does Ashley eat, ever?
- Ames... he's so ugly... yet so cute... and adorable... and I almost cried watching him get his concussion. I honestly can't handle guys that can't defend themselves, it makes my heart break into a million pieces. Now he has a speech impediment and looks like he could be in the NICU. Yes, the NICU.

- Riddle me this: HOW DOES ANY WOMAN GET RID OF BEN C.? SERIOUSLY? The man had a frat swoop, played the piano, and not only had a law degree -- he was a practicing lawyer. That's a huge feat for our generation. I just don't get how she let that man go. Make him the next Bachelor and sign. me. up. THIS IS NOT SARCASM. I love Benjamin C. Bam. Let's find him on Facebook...?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

- William, good riddance, dude.
- I don't know why the keep insisting that Josh Groban and Josh Groban Ben F. and Constantine stand next to each other all the time. They legitimately could be brothers, and legitimately related to Josh Groban. No joke.

Constantine & Ben F. I mean... Josh Groban.
Will the real Josh Groban please stand up?

I cannot wait until next week when the royal crap hits the fan!

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