Jun 1, 2011

You wanna go where everybody knows your name


Well the blog hasn't been getting so much love since I visited home last week. It's in Georgetown, Texas where all sense of reality disappears and suddenly, I'm simultaneously 17 again (very similar to the movie, minus Matthew Perry overtaking Zac Efron's hot bod) and a trophy wife. I drive my mom's Tahoe (? It's a large car, can't remember the model), listening to songs from Glee while headed to the grocery store -- my favorite place, HEB -- and make late night taquito or HBCB runs with my brother at 1:00 in the morning. If you aren't familiar with HBCB, I don't know if we can be friends! (Hint: it's from Whataburger.) I love home because I can go anywhere and see a familiar face: my old boss, my chiropractor, or even some kids I attended high school with. 

Enjoying Carrie berate Burger after my tanning &
workout sesh, like my kicks?

Speaking of food... I wasn't exactly on The Shanahan Plan this trip, unless the plan included frozen custard, queso and sopapillas. But while I wasn't as strict as usual, I still made myself eggs for breakfast, I ate protein at every meal, and I even worked out! Yes, girlfriend jump roped, squatted, lunged, and lifted -- a in a bikini and tennis shoes -- after laying out for three hours a day. That deserves some recognition if I do say so myself. That's probably helping to paint the "Trophy Wife" role I assumed to my non-existent hubby.

Ciroc Obamas for all! 

But let me just tell you: I felt slightly miz after consuming the (delicious) junk food. It was almost as if my body was rejecting it? And, as I mentioned before, I wasn't as satisfied. I actually felt kind of guilty, which may be my neuroses coming out in full force. And you don't realize how hard it is to eat healthy until you go back to the south. I loved it there because I was delusional and thought I was eating well when most of my meals were from fast food joints. In reality my metabolism was a superior life form that overtook my body for 22 good years. In LA, eating well is easy because everything can come fat-free, and low-calorie, and fried food is few and far between, unless you're looking for french fries.

It's also funny going home because I have found that my perspective has changed several ways. Seeing a gay couple kiss doesn't phase me; in Texas, you'd think it was like watching an armadillo walk across the road, standing straight up. Mom wanted to go to Port A to hit the beach and I politely declined because a) I wanted to stay home but b) no matter what, Port A will never be a real beach (in my opinion), having experienced the beauty of Santa Monica Pier and Manhattan Beach. And while I used to hate the terrible Texas heat, I realized I prefer Texas weather over LA. I'd rather be hot in the summer and cold in the winter than cold in the summer and hot in the winter. 

Simply put, I had a fabulous six day weekend and I'm so glad I was able to partake in my brother's graduation with the rest of my family. I forgot rent was an issue, that I had a full time job, and that I wasn't a teenager anymore, just as home should make everyone feel. As per usual, I cried before boarding that Southwest plane back to LAX, which puts truth to the idea that I might actually be becoming my mother. I cry at the drop of the hat when it comes to my family now. Maybe because living away from them has put everything in perspective? 

Cheers to that. 

He made it in the wield!!! (sort of)

Yes, I am the oldest...

PS: Here is a video my Uncle Mark made for me after he dropped me at the airport. He always makes these weird however FUNNY movies to make me laugh. I enjoy them because his sense of humor always comes out, i.e. "I need to call my limo driver to get a ride to The Grove." Uncle Mark, I'd never pass up a game of tennis with you for The Grove!!!

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