Jul 27, 2011

Hootie once sang a song

Darius Rucker famously sang a song entitled "Time." He doesn't believe in it, apparently.

Well I do.

Besides faith, time has been one of my best friends. I thank God every night for each passing day, hoping I made the most of it and just being thankful that I've come far from where I was a few years ago, even a few months ago.

Some of you know my story, but needless to say I was emotionally drained for a few good months. This is proving to have been helpful in several aspects because not only did it put me in tune with my own emotions, but with others' -- family and friends alike. 

First off, when I write, I feel like I have a better grasp on giving advice. Granted I shouldn't give advice at all, but whatever. The only thing I can actually say to people when they seek a companion or help is that I've been through things too, and the only answer, to anything, is time.

Nothing I can say or do will heal a heart. Nothing nobody else can say or do can either. It might provide temporary comfort, a laugh, a smile (now and then some tears, they are souvenirs, they'll make music in your heart.... anyone get the reference? Nevermind.) and perhaps it'll take your mind off of whatever is ailing you at the time, but time is the only way to full process your emotions and move forward. 

I always pray for God's divine timing. Think about it: we can sit and think about having a new, better job or finding our true love, but what are those things worth if the timing is off? What if you got that new job and you weren't prepared, and ended up blowing it? Or worse, hating it? And what if you found true love but it wasn't the right time, or you weren't right with yourself? How can you be with someone and complete them when you don't complete yourself? Ill-fated logic, if you ask me. Like a football player winning a trophy during baseball season. It's not football season, so who cares? Call me when it's the Super Bowl. Everything has to be in it's own season, with divine timing.

I also pray what time will bring me. I can't wait to learn and grow, meet new people, travel. It all sounds so exciting, and I have no idea what's going to happen when it comes down to any specifics. It's rather magical to think about, that God has these infinite, special plans just for your life that he's waiting to unveil. I seek so much comfort in that.

With time and experience, I am confident I will find my place in this world (cue Michael W. Smith) and turn into the woman God has ordained me to be. But I know in the process it's going to take a few lessons to teach me and get me there.

What I do know, however, is while timing is everything, it's only a great compliment to long-enduring faith.

If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? 
John Wooden

Jul 25, 2011


I want to do an investigative piece on WAGs and all their ridiculous glory. Last week, my friend Nat invited me to the LA Galaxy game and the only thing I saw in my head? The word "WAG." 

Ready to WAG it out
For those of you who aren't as obsessed as I am, WAGs = "Wives and girlfriends" of futbol players. Apparently these women are a death wish to get involved with because they're glorified groupies, and when the girlfriends upgrade to wife status, they request to never, ever be associated with the WAGs. Which makes no sense. 

During the World Cup, the WAGs were (unofficially) banned from South Africa because they cause a major distraction to the men and spend absurd amounts of money, party all the time and take the focus off soccer and on sex. Every woman wants to be a WAG.

Listen, I'm not saying we should subject ourselves to groupie status, but WAG sounds way more refined than groupie. When I think groupie, I think of raunchy, hippy people who have terrible hygiene and STDs. WAGs (in my opinion) are probably pop stars or at least a woman who could instantly become a fashion icon.  

I don't think a lot of WAGs know much about the game of soccer, but I'd like to redefine that characteristic and make WAGs an American staple. Where they attend every LA Galaxy game and know exactly what's going on with their excruciatingly hot boyfriend or husband, wear amazing clothes and probably get a little bit more than tipsy in the first half.

Anyway, obviously all I could talk about was how WAG it as going to be of us to be at this huge game against Manchester City. I think real WAGs would have been in a suite, protecting their precious skin and applying copious amounts of self tanner, but don't give me any lip... it's not like I'm actually dating anyone on the team. So I guess these seats would work just fine too:

I was expecting maniac fans, but as it turns out it's pretty low key in the Galaxy. I mean, it's Los Angeles, not the UK. There weren't a lot of drunken people acting a fool, mostly families and stuff. I got a really sexual sunburn (I'm looking superb) and got to see Mr. Beckham, a major highlight for obvious reasons. You shouldn't covet other people's husbands but FOR THE LOVE the man is just unreal. He was wearing long sleeves, which leads me to believe he's either a complete idiot, has delicate skin or likes the smell of his own stench... can't decide which. Eh, nobody's perfect I suppose.

To be honest, I'm not huge on soccer. Not that I didn't enjoy it, I just don't know a lot about it. But it was really exciting to watch. No timeouts or any of that crap... you have to have some serious athletic prowess to be on the field. I admire that. And apparently the penalty shots we got to watch at the end were not the usual? I don't know how these things work. But it was riveting. Ultimately Manchester City won after four fun-filled hours.

Just another fun luxury of living in LA! It was my first pro soccer game and perhaps I'll take a trip overseas and watch one there... perhaps get my WAG card. Who knows!


Bag it

I've gotten on a purse kick lately. Not buying them -- organizing them. My purse used to be a closet of sorts, with everything from my wallet to ballet flats strewn about. Don't ask me to find my car keys... it was like the black hole for anything I actually needed to find.

I've gotten a ton of makeup bags lately and while I do write about beauty, I wasn't a huge fan of the makeup touch-up at work or anything. It was kind of like do my makeup, hope it stays set all day, and be done. I could hear my Fairy Southern Grandmother saying, "But child, you are single! Freshening up is a necessary as a cocktail after work!" (She sounds like a mix of Paula Deen and Chelsea Handler.)

So now I feel compelled to look my best all the damn time. Don't know why. Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf. Maybe it's when you feel you look good, having to deal with Earth-shattering issues at work goes a bit easier. Who knows.

...hence this post. Lord knows how much makeup I own. (I said own, not wear on my face at a given time. Don't insult me.) Doesn't mean it's all going in my purse. But here are a few essentials I keep on me 24/7.

Bag Necessities

  • Mario Badescu Rose Water spray is instantly moisturizing. I put mine in a tiny spritz bottle from The Container Store and refill when necessary. Great for hot summer days or flights.
  • EOS sweet mint lip balm. Obviously I'm obsessed with mint, and I like that it's different. It just looks cool!
  • Because I'm an infant, I spill on myself at least once daily. Pretty sad. The Tide Pen (mini size, not shown) is my savior.
  • Stila Stay All Day Waterproof liquid eyeliner pen. I've raved about this time and time again, but it really does stay all day long, doesn't smudge, and doesn't clog up. A smooth application for the perfect cat eye.
  • MAC lip pencil liner in Naked. Lauren Conrad taught me the oh-so-important addition of a lipliner when it comes to bright or red lips, and I keep this on hand just in case I want to get sassy after lunch or something crazy. 
  • Hempz Herbal Body Moisturizer (Original). This moisturizer actually keeps you hydrated. I was the victim of a gnarly sunburn this weekend and it's the only thing keeping me calm, cool and not peeling like a mad woman. The small size can be found at Ulta for $7 or on Amazon for $3.
  • Beauty Collection had their big sale this past week and I got this cuticle oil for $5 to last me in between manicures. 
  • Laura Mercier Matte Translucent Smooth Focus pressed setting powder. It's green, not beige or brown, so it covers up imperfections while eliminating oil. Great for photos!
  • When I worked at Fekkai, we featured Chantecaille products. It's by the makers of Prescriptives (RIP) and I have several of their Lip Chic's and eyeshadows, but Tea Rose is my favorite. Makes your lips looked flushed and natural, not overdone. Granted it's expensive but I got it with something I like to call an employee discount!
  • Amazing Cosmetics... I read about this concealer in a magazine and RAN to Sephora. Honestly. I was late and we had formal that night. A little goes a long, long, almost too long way, it justifies this outrageous price tag. One tube lasts around a year. 
Wrap it all up with this Trina Turk Cosmetic Case (thanks Gilt City!) and call it a day. 

Jul 24, 2011

The seasons of John Mayer

Compiling a "I Do" and "Broken Hearts" playlist so I can burn a bunch of CDs and give them to the appropriate people when the time(s) come(s). (Obviously "I Do" is for those lovelies who are getting married.)

I have 46 John Mayer songs on my computer, and it's safe to say most of them will take up the "Broken Hearts" list. Sometimes it's impossible for me to listen to his music because it brings back such vivid memories of how I felt at one time or another. I tell everyone that while some of us may not like John Mayer as a human being, he is eerily in tune with how people feel. I feel like I should speak in Mayer language half the time.

And that's why we love him. Room for Squares should be handed out upon high school graduation, Heavier Things sophomore year at college, Continuum senior year, and Battles Studies for the 23-24 crowd. They all pertain or will pertain in some form.

Don't believe me?

"Nothing to do, nowhere to be, a simple little kind of a free, I'm perfectly lonely/Cause I don't belong to anyone and nobody belongs to me" (Perfectly Lonely)

Looking for love:
"After all the crushes have faded and all my wishful thinking was wrong, I'm jaded, I hate it/ I'm tired of being alone, so hurry up and get here" (Love Song for No One)

Long Distance:
"All you need is love is a lie 'cause we had a love but we still said good-bye, now we're tired, battered fighters/ And it stinks when it's nobody's fault cause there's nothing to blame at the drop of your name/ And I know it was me who called it over but I still wish you'd have fought me 'til your dying day, don't let me get away" (Split Screen Sadness)

Scared of growing up:
"By the time I recognize this moment this moment will be gone/ But I will bend the light, pretend that it's somehow lingered on/ And I will wait to find if this will last forever" (Clarity)

Ready to move on but can't just yet? (In Repair)
The inevitable breakup? (Slow Dancing in a Burning Room)
Quarter-Life Crisis? (War of My Life)
Wanting to achieve greatness? (Bigger than my Body)
Heartache Central? (Dreaming with a Broken Heart)

I could go on... but you get the point. Tip of the hat to you, Mr. Mayer. Probably the only artist's lyrics who are so on point that I listen to old albums and realize I should have taken them as scripture.

Every period of my life has been a John Mayer song at some time or another. So has yours.

(For the record, I haven't met John Mayer. I am sure I would love him. I hear he has quite an effect on women.)

And because it combines the best of both worlds (I actually like this version better than the original):


Do you remember when you first heard Amy Winehouse? I do. It was 2007 and although she was singing about drug rehab, I remember hearing the lyrics

"Oh I just need a friend/ I'm not gonna spend 10 weeks, have everyone think I'm on the mend/
It's not just my pride, it's just 'til these tears have dried" 

and thought how closely they pertained to a situation I was going through. "Who is this person?" 

I thought she was black. This woman had soul! 

Turns out she was a little pipsqueak from London with bigger hair than a Texan and cat eyeliner that was all her own. I instantly loved her. If you don't own the Back to Black album -- download it. Great for cooking dinner on Sundays, dealing with heartbreak or painting your nails to. 

The thing about Amy's untimely passing is that unfortunately, it's not untimely. People who did and didn't know her alike all recognized she was in trouble from the beginning, and was for a long while.  

2007 was a crazy year in the media -- I was a sophomore/junior, and I remember being glued to Perez Hilton: in the same month Britney Spears shaved her head and had several run-ins with the cops; Anna Nicole Smith overdosed. Paris Hilton went to jail that summer. Lindsay Lohan was a hot ass mess. I remember thinking to myself that I thought Britney would be dead by the end of the year, and Lindsay would overdose within the next two. (My goal was to get to Hollywood, befriend them and get them to church.) I also thought Amy Winehouse wouldn't make it out of her marriage with Blake alive. 

What's sad is that this woman was plagued with her demons in front of the world. They made her famous. Being an addict was Amy's schtick. Morbid when you think about it -- this woman was literally singing to the entire universe about her drug and alcohol obsession, and we would just clap and sing along. Cheer her on to perform the songs over and over. Such a beautiful voice with profound lyrics, that would come to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

If one of my friends asked for me to listen to a song they penned, and it resembled a drug binge mixed with some heartbreak and a Motown vibe, I wouldn't be like, "Sing it again! That was an amazing rhythm! Smash hit for sure!" I'd probably sit her down and try to perform an intervention. Like, "Are you okay? We need to get you help." Unfortunately for Amy, parlaying all this in the public eye meant that there were people that actually relished her slip-ups from sobriety. It made for good headlines. 

I have a hard time when I find out people are addicts. I know it's a disease and that it's hereditary. But that is not the only way you become an addict. It's not like you are born with the gene to be addicted to cocaine or whisky or anything specific for that matter. It's the addictive gene, and we all have one -- for some of us it's food, some of us it's illegal drugs, for me it's playing a song 7,500 times in a row when I first hear it; for some it's even porn or self-mutilation. But the thing that I want to point out is that addicts don't always come from a line of addicts. You can break the mold if you try a drug because drugs have addictive properties, much like cigarettes -- not to state the obvious or anything. For me, it's a matter of doing it in the first place: why try cocaine or heroin or anything like that when the outcome is always so tragic? The highs are never worth the lows. 

If we keep making addiction an excuse ("But he/she is an addict!"), it means everyone is free to do whatever the heck they want. Show some restraint. Have self-discipline. This isn't just a principle humanity should want to perform -- it's a duty bestowed upon us from God. If we can be addicted to anything, then we can be addicted to shopping, cheating on our partners, stealing, sleeping in, etc. We can't eat sugar for every meal because, while it tastes good, it isn't good for you. While having sex is one of the most intimate and satisfying things we can do, having sex with other people (if you're committed) is not conducive to healthy lifestyle. If someone like to hurt themselves or others, it's not good to begin with -- and it's not good to continue. Everyone has their own demons to deal with. Discipline them!

So yes, I will say when I find out people are in trouble or pass away from drugs or an overdose, it's very hard for me to be full-heartedly sad and not partly angry as hell. You have to choose to seek help. You have to want to help yourself. No one else can do that for you. 

Losing a life at 27 is tragic, however, the most tragic part is that we all saw this being acted out before us in the media and we essentially egged it on. We can blame her management and caretakers for not forcing her to take a break from whatever the hell she was doing and make it through rehab, but at the end of the day, they probably tried their best, and Amy herself made the decision that she wasn't going to get better. 

What's most saddening for me are the people on Twitter basically talking sh*t about a woman who is now deceased. She can't even defend herself. She was someone's daughter and you're going to go on Twitter and say she deserved to die? I also found it quite tacky that people were quoting her song lyrics in relation to her death. I just find the whole thing morbid and disgusting, and while I enjoyed her music (and still do), how pathetic is it that we watched this human being go through hell over and over again but allowed her to keep doing it because she brought us some sort of entertainment? 

I take that back. The most disheartening part is that nobody was surprised. "I can't believe Amy Winehouse died!" Nobody said that. It shocked us a bit to hear the news, but then it was like, "Well, given the circumstances, who is surprised?" It was a matter of what time, not when. 

Rest in Peace, wherever you are. 

Jul 20, 2011

Wear them gold and diamond rings

...all them things don't mean a thing. Doesn't mean I can't want them though!

I've been obsessing over this. Honestly, this is something I would like to have as a wedding ring. It's sparkly and classic. I love love love it! And it's only $998.00! My future fiance will be thrilled, I'm sure. :) Unless I buy it for myself, that is. 

It won't be like this for long

I'm back! I was in a funk (I think) regarding the blog. I don't like to post just for the hell of it. So now that I've collected my thoughts, I think I have a few relevant posts coming up. Wahoo.

To be honest, I've been bustling around with a lot on my plate. Class, work, freelance gigs, finding an apartment and moving, working on my fitness -- it's been a little bit of overload. There have been plenty of times these past few weeks that I have prayed for peace of mind and stability. Stability in my relationships, stability with my emotions, stability with finances. It can all really overwhelm a person, especially if you feel alone at all. Loneliness leaves a lot of time for idle mind-wandering. It's like the devil's playground for crying out loud. Much like after midnight in high school, nothing good can from it. Nada.

However, I was at the gym one morning (why does 4:50 am sound great at 9:30 pm? Whyyyy?) (Honestly, working out in the morning is the best thing that ever happened to me. It sounds ridiculous but you feel so much more accomplished afterwards. Really. It's a struggle at first but much like a diet, it comes easier with time. Like... after three days you're golden.) and listening to Pandora when Darius Rucker came on. The song? "It Won't Be Like This for Long."

I've been rather in tune with my emotions lately, so it was a STRUGGLE not to have a full-fledged cry on the treadmill. I'm sure that would have been real cute -- the sobbing blonde chick running. But really, the song is touching. It has no direct tie to my life because it depicts a couple raising a child. However, the overall big picture applies to everyone.

Darius sings about the couple first bringing home their baby: the long nights, the crying, the lack of sleep. He fast forwards a few years to when he takes their child to preschool and she doesn't want him to leave her. And then the torturous teenage years, and finally when he walks his "little girl" down the aisle. The chorus:

It won’t be like this for long
One day soon you'll drop her off
And she won’t even know you're gone
This phase is gonna fly by
If you can just hold on
It won’t be like this for long

Round of applause? I want to meet Darius Rucker just for performing this song. So many of us need to hear the last three lines. Whatever we're going through, however we're feeling, whatever struggles we may have to endure -- they won't last forever. I mean, I know when I'm in a difficult situation, it's hard to see anything but that time and place. But I have faith that God will bring me beautiful surprises in the end. 

I think this also applies to when we're going through something magnificent. We hear some celebrities discuss how thankful they are because they know it can all be taken away at any minute. It's true for all of us: we won't always be young, be beautiful, be as athletic or quick on our feet. These things can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Enjoy what you have now so you don't look back later and wish you handled it all differently. Hold on to the experiences, joys, tears, struggles; they'll make you a better human being.

I know a lot of my friends have and endure hectic schedules, long periods of loneliness or complacency, straight up confusion; devastating heartbreak, anxiety and even anger. Some might not know who they are or what they're doing. Some may be on top of the world, experiencing first love, embarking on a new, exciting adventure. But the advice remains the same, regardless of the situation: take in the experience. Learn from it and grow. (Learn-Bloom-Plant, if you will.) It won't always be bad; it won't always be good. 

In the end, if you live life with your happiness dependent on how perfect things are going, you ever be fulfilled.

Tell your man

... to take my quiz.

Por favor?

Jul 18, 2011

"I've done nothing worth being gifted!" registry

I'm not getting married. Not having a child. Not going to college. No, there's really no reason to give me anything.

Not to mention I hate it when bloggers are like, "pay to read my blog!" That's just what it is - a blog. If I wanted to pay to read your crap, I'd buy your book at Barnes & Noble. Thanks.

However, much like Samantha threw herself a "I'm not having a baby!" shower (that's reason to celebrate if I do say so myself) and Carrie had her single registry, I figured I should have my own registry. It's for moving.

Now, I hate Carrie Bradshaw more than life can comprehend. She's annoying, living in a giant apartment in New York on ends meat, and the only thing good about her are her puns. Yes, puns, not buns. However, she might have something going here.

Why should everyone else be celebrated for finding a soultmate and starting a family? I mean, those people HAVE IT ALL. They found love. They are set for life.

On the otherhand, there are plenty of 20-somethings (like myself) that have no idea how they're surviving in life, dating a bunch of schmucks and just trying to get through the weekend with a few schreds of dignity left. And then the people with the white picket fence and fertilized eggs are getting shams and Keurig Coffee Makers.

Is this a sick joke? 

I feel like we (...) are more deserving of gifts than the rest of these people. Holy matrimony versus getting your own car insurance? I know who I'm sending my money to...

My mom was like, "Start writing about interior design. Perhaps people will send you free furniture." Well Janet, you do have a point. But I'm not going to stoop that level, yet.

Anyway, check out all my "wants" on Pinterest (to the right). You have to admit my taste is quite precious.

Jul 17, 2011

Hi everyone! 

It's been a busy few days. I have been writing, writing and writing some more -- just not so much on KG2H. I have a few posts up at Mentervention.com if you'd like to read.  Actually, please, read them! The bigger following it gets, the more likely it might be picked up as a column for a large publication.

Besides writing for Examiner and FabFitFun, I've been asked to contribute to JustLuxe.com and RockThisStyle.com, and I'm featured on Terry Shanahan's site too! I'm really excited about all of these opportunities. I've also been busy with class, which is taking up my time in addition to all the writing going on.

Most of you know this, but I don't blog just to post a blog. I write when I'm passionate about something or I feel like I have to get something "out there." I haven't been compelled to address anything lately. Guess it's writers' overload?

OH, yeah. I'm moving too. So I've been occupied with all that. Gotta love apartment hunting.

Anyway, a big help right now would be spreading the word about my blogs and writing on other sites. I feel like this year is going to exceed my wildest expectations and I hope you all can help me in that process!

Have a great day!

Jul 15, 2011

The chic token of friendship

We all had one: a bracelet, a necklace, perhaps even earrings that symbolized the person we took full claim of in our younger years -- our best friend.

Most of us enjoyed the broken heart necklace, identified on each side with "best" and "friend." Some dabbled in the summer camp-inspired trend with beaded, matching bracelets.

Well reclaim your finest friends, ladies, because the friendship bracelet got a makeover, and it's looking pretty damn good. 

Frieda & Nellie, by Stacey Herzog & Sarah Reid (best friends themselves), honed in on their eye for design and affection for bling to create this one-of-a-kind (and quite chic if I do say so myself) wrist decorum line.

They're similar to the "business in the front, party in the back" mullet... except not at all. The woven Cherokee pattern is reminiscent of our childhood, while the rhinestones bring a certain flea market, vintage-y vibe to the table. Wear one (or multiple!) on a date, to a soiree; at the pool and definitely Coachella. Not to mention, it's not weird to match it with someone else -- if they're your best friend, of course. Imagine these as a fun and sparkly gift for the bride or your bridesmaids! To die for. The best part is that each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Hollywood's elite have gotten their hands (and wrists) all over these babies, including the likes of Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus. (Hey, Nic & 'Tina are good friends, perhaps they gifted each other with a bracelet?) With shout-outs from InStyle, Marie Claire, Vogue and online treats such as The Daily Candy and Refinery29, it's no surprise these beauts are the ultimate must-have. 

Come to mama!

Buy Frieda & Nellie online. Bracelets range between $100-$300.

"All Grown Up." Nellie line. $130

"Walkin on Sunshine." Frieda line. $158

Jul 12, 2011

Like honey on bees

Been a busy bee with a few other things this past week, but I am planning on posting either tomorrow or Thursday. I can't find enough time in the day lately...

In the meantime, there is a new post up on Mentervention.com, so check that out if you're bored.

Happy Tuesday!

Jul 6, 2011


I'm just going to go ahead step up to the plate.

*NSYNC needs to have a reunion and it needs to be post-haste. I've heard "Quit Playing Games with My Heart" six times in the past three days, which has to be a sign or something, right? The Backstreet Bacteria are implanting themselves in my brain, taunting me that they have a reunion tour with NKOTB, while the real NUMBER ONE BOY BAND IN ALL OF THE LAND refuses to make a comeback? Is this real life?

Let's be honest: this thing isn't coming together for one reason. And we all know why. Justin, push your pride to the side. We get it, you're busy making movies and taking over social networks (and rekindling things with your ex-girlfriend, apparently), but how is it that your fans, your real, die-hard fans, go and buy 2.42 MILLION albums in one week, setting a one-week sales record that still stands today no less, and you refuse us a reunion tour? What's the matter with you boy?!

I wonder if we start an online petition if we could get Ellen in on this and perhaps make it some viral sensation. I can see it now: the petition begins on my site, Ellen sees it, calls and invites me on the show, I meet with JT, show him my sweet, sweet choreography (I still remember all the moves), and then he announces *NSYNC is coming back, ya'll! And finally asks me to go on tour and blog about it.

Sounds about right.

Reasons why *NSYNC needs to get their anuses back on tour:

  • 2.42 million album sales record. Enough said. I bought two copies, just FYI.
  • True story: I permed my hair so it would be curly like Justin's in 8th grade, because I wanted to have something in common with him. I am not proud of this. Why I'm admitting in on a public forum such as this rather mind boggling.
  • After perming my hair, I went to cheer camp and proceeded to wear a bedazzled bandana the entire time... because Justin wore one during the No Strings Attached tour. Is it clear why I didn't have a boyfriend during this phase of my life? 
  • I'm pretty sure that I have a few boxes out in our shed at home dedicated to all my *NSYNC crap: signs, posters, videos upon videos of recording appearances and performances, bobbleheads and dolls... these could be collectors items. HELP ME OUT. 
  • Not a reason to go on tour, but I'm slightly mortified to be realizing all of this.
  • We all know the rest of the dudes would be up for it. I'm sure a few of them could use a job at this point.
  • Lance has come out as gay since the final tour. Do you understand how much more fun it will be with more of a gay fanbase? Hello please?
  • The original *NSYNC fan is now approximately between the age of 23-28, so they could all technically sleep with groupies and not get arrested.
  • ... not to mention a majority of us are of drinking age, and (big bonus) we all have hit puberty. No more flat-chested & braces-infested meet and greets!
  • I'm not one to talk trash, but I went to a Backstreet Boys concert once and it was a total snoozefest. Theatricality? None whatsoever. Flashback performances including The Jackson 5? Negative. (It scares me how much I remember from all of those concerts.)
  • 2.42 MILLION ALBUMS. I really don't know how much we have to do to get some respect around here. 

OMG. Justin is wearing an f-ing top hat. A TOP HAT. And they're doing the little marionette dance!!!!!! Sadly, I tried finding that intro on Napster before my dad demanded I delete the program (don't pirate music, people). The bedazzled bandana rears it's ugly head yet again. This brings back so many childhood memories, they just have to go back on tour! Can you imagine watching this drunk? Seriously. Probably the best thing ever.

Who can forget this? I bought a black studded bikini in 7th grade, and would wear the top and black leather pants in my room and dance around, pretending to be Britney. Who didn't pretend to be her? Look at her! Also, can we reflect for a second? What happened to TJ, Britney's notorious backup dancer? We all remember him from the "Sometimes" video... and he was like a staple on her tours. 
I slipped and bruised my leg pretty bad trying to perform those dance moves on my desk... for the love. I wonder how my parents didn't think I was complete loser. "Honey, whatcha doing?" "Oh, just recording the VMAs so I can perform all the dance moves later." 

I couldn't NOT post this one. This is as good as it got for the MTV Video Music Awards -- same year Brit Brit did her "Oops/I Can't Get No..." performance. For a second I was like, "When in 8th grade did I perform at the VMAs?" I sh*t you not, JT & I could have been identical twins at that point. Minus the fact I had (have) boobs. 
The choreography gets me every time!!! This was during their "bad" phase when they wanted to start being seen as mature men, so they freak danced with women and looked at girls' breasts and said things like "damn" and "pissed off" in songs. (Jennifer: remember when we realized they were singing "I'm about to get pissed off" and flipped our lids?!!!!)

I'm not alone. Read the bloody comments below the videos. The people have spoken!

After I wrote this blog and posted it the first time, this is the conversation I had with my mom (legitimately) at 11:15 PST:

"Kirb, you're like, all manic about this *NSYNC reunion."
"I'm not manic! I just want a comeback tour..."
"Oh my god. Seriously, people are going to think you're manic."
"Mom, everyone that reads knows it's all tongue-in-cheek humor. It's funny! Like 'Haha... but seriously, have a comeback.' I can see it now. Ellen calls me on the show ---"
(laughter) "Uh, honey, it's quite possible I have failed as a mother."
"Why, because you taught me that anything is possible?"
"Yes, I took it too far with the 'anything is possible' crap."
"Mom! You're NOT supposed to say that! Plus, you would love an *NSYNC reunion!"
"Yes, I would. I would go ape-sh*t crazy if they did. I'd drive from here to Zamboanga to see them, and we'd take so many pictures... we'd have to build another shed for all the stuff. By the way, I need to go out there and see what crap I can put on the internet and sell."
"None of it's going to be worth anything unless they go on a reunion tour."
"I know right? Can't you get on that?"

So, I hope you guys get it. I'm a normal 24-year-old with an undying love for boys who dance and wear rhinestones  a total normal. natural affection for her childhood and the boy band that took up most of it. It's all about the memories, people! I mean, so many people stay in crappy relationships for the "what was," not the "what is." Same type of thing here. 

Alright. Let's see how this goes. Fans, push your pride aside and comment below this post if you want to petition to get *NSYNC back on tour. I'm going to write in to Ellen in hopes of a reunion. Stay positive, my friends.

Bye bye bye,

Hot Topics with KJ

Candace Bushnell sees two Hollywood starlets as Carrie & Charlotte for "Sex and the City" prequel
I sincerely hope there is an intervention when it comes to casting for this "Summer and the City" movie, the which is the prequel to our beloved "Sex and the City" series. Candace Bushnell, take my advice: stay out of casting.
Candace says she thinks Blake Lively would be a great, younger version of Carrie, and wants Selena Gomez to play Charlotte.
So, let me get this straight: apparently, in the world of "Sex and the City," Carrie will live a teenage/20-something life at a height of 5'10'', and shrink to 5'4'' once she hits the big 3-0? (Blake's 5'10'', Sarah Jessica Parker is 5'4''.) And I suppose Charlotte will pull a Michael Jackson, given Selena Gomez is Mexican for crying out loud and Charlotte York is a WASP-turned-Jew.
Maybe Blake would be a better Samantha. Selena Gomez ain't going to happen, no matter how you spin it, unless it's called "Sex and Drugs in the City" or "Sex and Delusional Writers."

Kim Kardashian announces dates of 405 closure wrong... twice
This is what our world has come to. People won't watch the news or read a newspaper, but they'll listen to a Kardashian on Twitter when it comes to getting facts about the world around them. I mean really. It's bad enough that Kim gets paid to tweet, now she's providing PSAs for her followers? 

SO HELP ME GOD. I am a freckle past a hair p-to-the-issed off. He denies me an *NSYNC reunion and now THIS CRAP? You all thought I moved out here to pursue a "career." Perhaps if career meant finding JT and putting a ring on it...

This week was Ashley's birthday, and from what I can gather, she and her self-proclaimed "brother," Zac Efron, had a great time. But seriously, I don't think these two get it on or anything (Ashley has a boyfriend). The issue I have is that she is (allegedly) "best friends" with Vanessa Hudgens, and she's rubbing up on Zac? I mean, God forbid any of my girlfriends get touchy feel-y with an ex or heads will ROLL, my friends. THIS IS NOT NORMAL! I mean, when you reach the point where you stop giving a crap about an ex, it's like, eh, whatever. But still, does anyone else see this as annoying? A cry for attention? Complete obnoxiousness? 

It's more annoying than those convos that go something like this:

"So... do you like ______?" 
"OMG! No, he's like, my brother. Eww." 

Uh, okay, then why are you rubbing your vagina all over him? I most certainly don't do that with my brother, and I sure as hell don't do it to my close guy friends either.

Jul 5, 2011

To Mom and Dad

"You fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness, ease my troubles, that's what you do"

Miss you both. Heard this tonight and thought of you.


... you have to be a law student or a lawyer to have an opinion on the Casey Anthony verdict -- or at least a "right" one.

While most of the people who reached out to me were cordial, helpful and loving (as you are my friends), some of you treated me like the new kid at school, unable to formulate proper opinions on things you consider "foreign" to me. (Yes. I had a friend tell me the law was a foreign subject to me. Pat yourself on the back, you're on my sh*tlist.)

I've said it before and I'll say it yet again: I'm not trying to create justice with my opinions. I'm just saying how I feel. I don't think she should have gotten first degree murder, but she should have gotten manslaughter  -- or at least aggravated child abuse. I also think that given the high stakes of the outcome, many jurors chose not to risk killing a (possibly) innocent human being, which is why they didn't convict her of the higher counts. Sue me.

On another note, what if Casey was innocent? How can one refute a negative? When someone accuses you of something, it's similar to the rumor mill in high school. Once it's said, it's spread, and when a majority knows about it, it must be true. You can't get rid of the tarnish on your reputation. How would she prove she didn't do it in this case, had she called authorities the day Caylee was "missing"? If she was truly innocent and she was accused, it's hard not to find everything as a clue to convict her of a crime.

Also, the media frenzy, I feel, took a toll on this verdict. For instance, take drug dealers or addicts. When we see them on the street, we're likely to negate anything they say because, well, they're selling and/or using drugs. But if a drug dealer gets in the media and makes claims against another person, people listen to this person as if they were reading the gospel, when the fact is that the person is a DRUG DEALER! They are just the same as the schmuck in the alleyway, but with the media blowing them into a larger than life authority figure of sorts.

The bottom line is that this family has been torn apart. A true tragedy. Even if she is let out into the world soon, her life is over. She's lost her daughter and the rest of her family.

You'll probably be hearing a lot more from me regarding my opinion on court cases. Don't expect me to shut up anytime soon.

"Our system isn't to provide justice, it's to provide a politically correct result. Don't expect the truth, don't expect justice -- expect a legal result."

I want to believe in our system of justice. To be honest, I've had little faith the past couple of years. But I commend my friends who are in politics and the law, that aim to help regulate these kind of injustices.

Casey Anthony

I've been following the Casey Anthony trial and it's a rather heartbreaking thing to witness. There is too much evidence against her for her not to be guilty: not reporting her daughter's death for 31 days? Who does that? Even if it was just an accident, most mothers don't let their children "go missing" for that long, let alone one hour, without contacting authorities.

Furthermore, I don't think Casey is alone in all this. I think her parents didn't want to see her have any harm, and covered for her. I can't say I blame (well, I can) Cindy Anthony for lying (it's been proven she has under oath), because that's her daughther. But I also feel that if it wasn't an accident and it was malicious and it was just so Casey could live her life that her parents would have been more forthcoming. I also feel if they (the grandparents) didn't have some part in it, whether it be bystanders or not, that they would have been open and supportive of the prosecutors.

The grandparents were the caregivers of Caylee, which also makes me concerned that they didn't go to authorities before 31 days either.

She's been found not guilty of first degree murder and aggrevated child abuse, probably because there was reasonable doubt in her role in Caylee's death. Granted, the chlorform and hair sold me that she was heavily involved in the disposal of the body, but the jury obviously didn't feel that Caylee died at the hand of Casey, which is why they didn't charge her with murder. YES, I'm aware of something called circumstantial evidence. I might not be an aspiring lawyer or in law school, nor do I know all the intricacies of the law, but guess what? I'm not claiming to either.

It's concerning though that she was charged on all accounts of providing false information, yet was not found guilty regarding any circumstance of Caylee's death. And how she didn't get aggrevated child abuse is beyond me, given evidence enough is not reporting a "missing child" for 31 days.

What really gets me going is how she didn't get aggrevated manslaughter? HOW? I chatted with some lawyer friends who say she'll probably get less than four years in prison for false information, which is deplorable given we can all conclude she had an active part in Caylee's death.
I don't know what happened, but I do think that Casey and her parents both know exactly what happened that day Caylee died, but the point is that we don't enough evidence against any of them to prove them guilty. This country is founded on the notion of innocent until proven guilty. Casey sure as hell may not be, seriously... how she didn't get manslaughter is just a crying shame.
What drives me nuts is that I see (mostly women) on social forums getting aggressive because of the maternal instinct. Yes, I don't think anyone who murders or abuses children deserves a life worth living. I also don't think they should die. I think they should be locked up forever. But I also have to go with the evidence in this case. Too much reasonable doubt. However, the circumstantial evidence was high, which is why I'm actually shocked she wasn't convicted of first degree murder.

Bottom line: try watching the trial and reading the news before going off some opinion from your parents, significant other, etc. Make up your own mind, whether you believe she's guilty or not, let it be your own formulation -- not regurgitation.

Can't sleep

I've been watching E!'s True Hollywood Story on Selena Gomez and then watched all the cinematic gloriousness that is Katy Perry's California Dreams tour videos on her website.

I can't sleep because it's hot as a crotch in this apartment of mine. Apparently, before global warming (don't get me started), people could live in LA without central A/C. Living on the second story with nothing but a fan? (And a mediocre wall A/C?) HELP A SISTER OUT HERE. 

Anyway, I just want to encourage everyone (at this trying time,  aka our 20-something lives) to find someone you admire and research the heck out of them. Actually, you don't even have to like them. Maybe they have a job you aspire to have or something. I don't know. Just research, research, research. You'll probably find they had to struggle and fight the hard fight before they got what they wanted.

I remember the first thing I ever knew about Katy Perry was that she was a Christian singer and that she was dropped from her label three times before being signed, and was living in her car when she got her final deal. Now she's only been around three years (mainstream) and she's selling out arenas. That doesn't happen! Seriously. It doesn't. So I sit and watch her tour videos because they're so beautifully made (not to mention I find her incredibly endearing) but it also gets me revved up. "Wow, she wanted something and got it -- and then some." I know KP would agree with me when I say that God can dream bigger dreams than even we could have for ourselves.

Then there's little Selena. She might be young but the stuff I just watched has made me find a whole new respect for her. I am a tad bit fearful that children will see her and Justin Bieber's mom and be like, "I can have babies at 16 too, y'all! They're gonna be crazy talented and we's gonna be RICH!!!!!!" In case you didn't get it, both of their moms were 16 and Pregnant. 

Selena talks about moving from Texas to LA, and how she was homesick and would cry herself to sleep here, and would call her family back home and talk about how much she hated this city. "But I couldn't give up. I couldn't." Ah, we are one in the same, my little Selenita. No homesickness will get the best of me, my friend. Granted, it probably helped that she was shooting not only one, but TWO pilots for Disney at this time of relocation -- meaning she had double the chances of getting on air than most kids. Any change of scenery is hard. (Cue Dixie Chicks' "Wide Open Spaces.")

Just hearing that a 16-year-old went through the same struggles I'm going through made me feel comforted. That might be moronic, but I don't even care at this point. Sometimes you just need to hear that others are going through the same thing (or went through the same thing) to raise your spirits and bring you back to reality. It really does put everything in perspective, and personally, it makes me more ambitious each time I read up on others I admire.

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.”  Lady Gaga, Cosmopolitan, April 2010

Jul 4, 2011

New blog design!

I'm absolutely in love with my new blog design -- aren't you? Special thanks to Blair Culwell (an extremely talented classmate and TCU alumnus) at Leap Marketing & Design for creating such a beautiful template for me.

Leap offers an array of options for bloggers or anyone in need of web design services, all at an affordable price. The work is beautiful and Blair is efficient and a pleasure to work with!

Be sure to check them out!

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