Jul 5, 2011


... you have to be a law student or a lawyer to have an opinion on the Casey Anthony verdict -- or at least a "right" one.

While most of the people who reached out to me were cordial, helpful and loving (as you are my friends), some of you treated me like the new kid at school, unable to formulate proper opinions on things you consider "foreign" to me. (Yes. I had a friend tell me the law was a foreign subject to me. Pat yourself on the back, you're on my sh*tlist.)

I've said it before and I'll say it yet again: I'm not trying to create justice with my opinions. I'm just saying how I feel. I don't think she should have gotten first degree murder, but she should have gotten manslaughter  -- or at least aggravated child abuse. I also think that given the high stakes of the outcome, many jurors chose not to risk killing a (possibly) innocent human being, which is why they didn't convict her of the higher counts. Sue me.

On another note, what if Casey was innocent? How can one refute a negative? When someone accuses you of something, it's similar to the rumor mill in high school. Once it's said, it's spread, and when a majority knows about it, it must be true. You can't get rid of the tarnish on your reputation. How would she prove she didn't do it in this case, had she called authorities the day Caylee was "missing"? If she was truly innocent and she was accused, it's hard not to find everything as a clue to convict her of a crime.

Also, the media frenzy, I feel, took a toll on this verdict. For instance, take drug dealers or addicts. When we see them on the street, we're likely to negate anything they say because, well, they're selling and/or using drugs. But if a drug dealer gets in the media and makes claims against another person, people listen to this person as if they were reading the gospel, when the fact is that the person is a DRUG DEALER! They are just the same as the schmuck in the alleyway, but with the media blowing them into a larger than life authority figure of sorts.

The bottom line is that this family has been torn apart. A true tragedy. Even if she is let out into the world soon, her life is over. She's lost her daughter and the rest of her family.

You'll probably be hearing a lot more from me regarding my opinion on court cases. Don't expect me to shut up anytime soon.

"Our system isn't to provide justice, it's to provide a politically correct result. Don't expect the truth, don't expect justice -- expect a legal result."

I want to believe in our system of justice. To be honest, I've had little faith the past couple of years. But I commend my friends who are in politics and the law, that aim to help regulate these kind of injustices.

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