Jul 25, 2011

Bag it

I've gotten on a purse kick lately. Not buying them -- organizing them. My purse used to be a closet of sorts, with everything from my wallet to ballet flats strewn about. Don't ask me to find my car keys... it was like the black hole for anything I actually needed to find.

I've gotten a ton of makeup bags lately and while I do write about beauty, I wasn't a huge fan of the makeup touch-up at work or anything. It was kind of like do my makeup, hope it stays set all day, and be done. I could hear my Fairy Southern Grandmother saying, "But child, you are single! Freshening up is a necessary as a cocktail after work!" (She sounds like a mix of Paula Deen and Chelsea Handler.)

So now I feel compelled to look my best all the damn time. Don't know why. Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf. Maybe it's when you feel you look good, having to deal with Earth-shattering issues at work goes a bit easier. Who knows.

...hence this post. Lord knows how much makeup I own. (I said own, not wear on my face at a given time. Don't insult me.) Doesn't mean it's all going in my purse. But here are a few essentials I keep on me 24/7.

Bag Necessities

  • Mario Badescu Rose Water spray is instantly moisturizing. I put mine in a tiny spritz bottle from The Container Store and refill when necessary. Great for hot summer days or flights.
  • EOS sweet mint lip balm. Obviously I'm obsessed with mint, and I like that it's different. It just looks cool!
  • Because I'm an infant, I spill on myself at least once daily. Pretty sad. The Tide Pen (mini size, not shown) is my savior.
  • Stila Stay All Day Waterproof liquid eyeliner pen. I've raved about this time and time again, but it really does stay all day long, doesn't smudge, and doesn't clog up. A smooth application for the perfect cat eye.
  • MAC lip pencil liner in Naked. Lauren Conrad taught me the oh-so-important addition of a lipliner when it comes to bright or red lips, and I keep this on hand just in case I want to get sassy after lunch or something crazy. 
  • Hempz Herbal Body Moisturizer (Original). This moisturizer actually keeps you hydrated. I was the victim of a gnarly sunburn this weekend and it's the only thing keeping me calm, cool and not peeling like a mad woman. The small size can be found at Ulta for $7 or on Amazon for $3.
  • Beauty Collection had their big sale this past week and I got this cuticle oil for $5 to last me in between manicures. 
  • Laura Mercier Matte Translucent Smooth Focus pressed setting powder. It's green, not beige or brown, so it covers up imperfections while eliminating oil. Great for photos!
  • When I worked at Fekkai, we featured Chantecaille products. It's by the makers of Prescriptives (RIP) and I have several of their Lip Chic's and eyeshadows, but Tea Rose is my favorite. Makes your lips looked flushed and natural, not overdone. Granted it's expensive but I got it with something I like to call an employee discount!
  • Amazing Cosmetics... I read about this concealer in a magazine and RAN to Sephora. Honestly. I was late and we had formal that night. A little goes a long, long, almost too long way, it justifies this outrageous price tag. One tube lasts around a year. 
Wrap it all up with this Trina Turk Cosmetic Case (thanks Gilt City!) and call it a day. 

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