Jul 5, 2011

Casey Anthony

I've been following the Casey Anthony trial and it's a rather heartbreaking thing to witness. There is too much evidence against her for her not to be guilty: not reporting her daughter's death for 31 days? Who does that? Even if it was just an accident, most mothers don't let their children "go missing" for that long, let alone one hour, without contacting authorities.

Furthermore, I don't think Casey is alone in all this. I think her parents didn't want to see her have any harm, and covered for her. I can't say I blame (well, I can) Cindy Anthony for lying (it's been proven she has under oath), because that's her daughther. But I also feel that if it wasn't an accident and it was malicious and it was just so Casey could live her life that her parents would have been more forthcoming. I also feel if they (the grandparents) didn't have some part in it, whether it be bystanders or not, that they would have been open and supportive of the prosecutors.

The grandparents were the caregivers of Caylee, which also makes me concerned that they didn't go to authorities before 31 days either.

She's been found not guilty of first degree murder and aggrevated child abuse, probably because there was reasonable doubt in her role in Caylee's death. Granted, the chlorform and hair sold me that she was heavily involved in the disposal of the body, but the jury obviously didn't feel that Caylee died at the hand of Casey, which is why they didn't charge her with murder. YES, I'm aware of something called circumstantial evidence. I might not be an aspiring lawyer or in law school, nor do I know all the intricacies of the law, but guess what? I'm not claiming to either.

It's concerning though that she was charged on all accounts of providing false information, yet was not found guilty regarding any circumstance of Caylee's death. And how she didn't get aggrevated child abuse is beyond me, given evidence enough is not reporting a "missing child" for 31 days.

What really gets me going is how she didn't get aggrevated manslaughter? HOW? I chatted with some lawyer friends who say she'll probably get less than four years in prison for false information, which is deplorable given we can all conclude she had an active part in Caylee's death.
I don't know what happened, but I do think that Casey and her parents both know exactly what happened that day Caylee died, but the point is that we don't enough evidence against any of them to prove them guilty. This country is founded on the notion of innocent until proven guilty. Casey sure as hell may not be, seriously... how she didn't get manslaughter is just a crying shame.
What drives me nuts is that I see (mostly women) on social forums getting aggressive because of the maternal instinct. Yes, I don't think anyone who murders or abuses children deserves a life worth living. I also don't think they should die. I think they should be locked up forever. But I also have to go with the evidence in this case. Too much reasonable doubt. However, the circumstantial evidence was high, which is why I'm actually shocked she wasn't convicted of first degree murder.

Bottom line: try watching the trial and reading the news before going off some opinion from your parents, significant other, etc. Make up your own mind, whether you believe she's guilty or not, let it be your own formulation -- not regurgitation.

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Unknown said...

Great post Kirbie. I think people are getting irate because of our emotions (including myself). I'm not a mom, few years there, but I think it's so sad to see people smile and cheer for a woman who is so obviously rotten to the core. Maybe she didn't kill her child, but someone she knows surely did. I'm guessing she will live the rest of her life in fear and that is fine by mean, because sooner or later she will face judgement day for her wrong doings - even if it wasn't killing her daughter - it is for not loving her.

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