Jul 17, 2011

Hi everyone! 

It's been a busy few days. I have been writing, writing and writing some more -- just not so much on KG2H. I have a few posts up at Mentervention.com if you'd like to read.  Actually, please, read them! The bigger following it gets, the more likely it might be picked up as a column for a large publication.

Besides writing for Examiner and FabFitFun, I've been asked to contribute to JustLuxe.com and RockThisStyle.com, and I'm featured on Terry Shanahan's site too! I'm really excited about all of these opportunities. I've also been busy with class, which is taking up my time in addition to all the writing going on.

Most of you know this, but I don't blog just to post a blog. I write when I'm passionate about something or I feel like I have to get something "out there." I haven't been compelled to address anything lately. Guess it's writers' overload?

OH, yeah. I'm moving too. So I've been occupied with all that. Gotta love apartment hunting.

Anyway, a big help right now would be spreading the word about my blogs and writing on other sites. I feel like this year is going to exceed my wildest expectations and I hope you all can help me in that process!

Have a great day!

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