Jul 6, 2011

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Candace Bushnell sees two Hollywood starlets as Carrie & Charlotte for "Sex and the City" prequel
I sincerely hope there is an intervention when it comes to casting for this "Summer and the City" movie, the which is the prequel to our beloved "Sex and the City" series. Candace Bushnell, take my advice: stay out of casting.
Candace says she thinks Blake Lively would be a great, younger version of Carrie, and wants Selena Gomez to play Charlotte.
So, let me get this straight: apparently, in the world of "Sex and the City," Carrie will live a teenage/20-something life at a height of 5'10'', and shrink to 5'4'' once she hits the big 3-0? (Blake's 5'10'', Sarah Jessica Parker is 5'4''.) And I suppose Charlotte will pull a Michael Jackson, given Selena Gomez is Mexican for crying out loud and Charlotte York is a WASP-turned-Jew.
Maybe Blake would be a better Samantha. Selena Gomez ain't going to happen, no matter how you spin it, unless it's called "Sex and Drugs in the City" or "Sex and Delusional Writers."

Kim Kardashian announces dates of 405 closure wrong... twice
This is what our world has come to. People won't watch the news or read a newspaper, but they'll listen to a Kardashian on Twitter when it comes to getting facts about the world around them. I mean really. It's bad enough that Kim gets paid to tweet, now she's providing PSAs for her followers? 

SO HELP ME GOD. I am a freckle past a hair p-to-the-issed off. He denies me an *NSYNC reunion and now THIS CRAP? You all thought I moved out here to pursue a "career." Perhaps if career meant finding JT and putting a ring on it...

This week was Ashley's birthday, and from what I can gather, she and her self-proclaimed "brother," Zac Efron, had a great time. But seriously, I don't think these two get it on or anything (Ashley has a boyfriend). The issue I have is that she is (allegedly) "best friends" with Vanessa Hudgens, and she's rubbing up on Zac? I mean, God forbid any of my girlfriends get touchy feel-y with an ex or heads will ROLL, my friends. THIS IS NOT NORMAL! I mean, when you reach the point where you stop giving a crap about an ex, it's like, eh, whatever. But still, does anyone else see this as annoying? A cry for attention? Complete obnoxiousness? 

It's more annoying than those convos that go something like this:

"So... do you like ______?" 
"OMG! No, he's like, my brother. Eww." 

Uh, okay, then why are you rubbing your vagina all over him? I most certainly don't do that with my brother, and I sure as hell don't do it to my close guy friends either.

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