Jul 18, 2011

"I've done nothing worth being gifted!" registry

I'm not getting married. Not having a child. Not going to college. No, there's really no reason to give me anything.

Not to mention I hate it when bloggers are like, "pay to read my blog!" That's just what it is - a blog. If I wanted to pay to read your crap, I'd buy your book at Barnes & Noble. Thanks.

However, much like Samantha threw herself a "I'm not having a baby!" shower (that's reason to celebrate if I do say so myself) and Carrie had her single registry, I figured I should have my own registry. It's for moving.

Now, I hate Carrie Bradshaw more than life can comprehend. She's annoying, living in a giant apartment in New York on ends meat, and the only thing good about her are her puns. Yes, puns, not buns. However, she might have something going here.

Why should everyone else be celebrated for finding a soultmate and starting a family? I mean, those people HAVE IT ALL. They found love. They are set for life.

On the otherhand, there are plenty of 20-somethings (like myself) that have no idea how they're surviving in life, dating a bunch of schmucks and just trying to get through the weekend with a few schreds of dignity left. And then the people with the white picket fence and fertilized eggs are getting shams and Keurig Coffee Makers.

Is this a sick joke? 

I feel like we (...) are more deserving of gifts than the rest of these people. Holy matrimony versus getting your own car insurance? I know who I'm sending my money to...

My mom was like, "Start writing about interior design. Perhaps people will send you free furniture." Well Janet, you do have a point. But I'm not going to stoop that level, yet.

Anyway, check out all my "wants" on Pinterest (to the right). You have to admit my taste is quite precious.

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