Jul 24, 2011

The seasons of John Mayer

Compiling a "I Do" and "Broken Hearts" playlist so I can burn a bunch of CDs and give them to the appropriate people when the time(s) come(s). (Obviously "I Do" is for those lovelies who are getting married.)

I have 46 John Mayer songs on my computer, and it's safe to say most of them will take up the "Broken Hearts" list. Sometimes it's impossible for me to listen to his music because it brings back such vivid memories of how I felt at one time or another. I tell everyone that while some of us may not like John Mayer as a human being, he is eerily in tune with how people feel. I feel like I should speak in Mayer language half the time.

And that's why we love him. Room for Squares should be handed out upon high school graduation, Heavier Things sophomore year at college, Continuum senior year, and Battles Studies for the 23-24 crowd. They all pertain or will pertain in some form.

Don't believe me?

"Nothing to do, nowhere to be, a simple little kind of a free, I'm perfectly lonely/Cause I don't belong to anyone and nobody belongs to me" (Perfectly Lonely)

Looking for love:
"After all the crushes have faded and all my wishful thinking was wrong, I'm jaded, I hate it/ I'm tired of being alone, so hurry up and get here" (Love Song for No One)

Long Distance:
"All you need is love is a lie 'cause we had a love but we still said good-bye, now we're tired, battered fighters/ And it stinks when it's nobody's fault cause there's nothing to blame at the drop of your name/ And I know it was me who called it over but I still wish you'd have fought me 'til your dying day, don't let me get away" (Split Screen Sadness)

Scared of growing up:
"By the time I recognize this moment this moment will be gone/ But I will bend the light, pretend that it's somehow lingered on/ And I will wait to find if this will last forever" (Clarity)

Ready to move on but can't just yet? (In Repair)
The inevitable breakup? (Slow Dancing in a Burning Room)
Quarter-Life Crisis? (War of My Life)
Wanting to achieve greatness? (Bigger than my Body)
Heartache Central? (Dreaming with a Broken Heart)

I could go on... but you get the point. Tip of the hat to you, Mr. Mayer. Probably the only artist's lyrics who are so on point that I listen to old albums and realize I should have taken them as scripture.

Every period of my life has been a John Mayer song at some time or another. So has yours.

(For the record, I haven't met John Mayer. I am sure I would love him. I hear he has quite an effect on women.)

And because it combines the best of both worlds (I actually like this version better than the original):

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