Aug 2, 2011

Hauling boxes, a flash mob and Zac Efron

Hey everyone! I feel like I've been neglecting my precious KG2H. I love this thing but I don't want to bore you guys with mindless posts. I like being able to produce content that is fun, sincere and most of all enjoyable to read. 

Just FYI -- I post on another site, It's my start-up and I'm hoping to expand, but I need a strong following before I plow more time into it. Please follow Mentervention on Twitter, sign up for emails, whatever. I'd greatly appreciate it. For those who don't know, sometimes if blogs get enough of a following, they'll be asked to contribute to different sites. I am currently contributing to, but who is to say I can't contribute to sites like The Frisky, or maybe even The Huffington Post someday? 

Anyway, what's been going on? I moved this weekend. By myself. Well, not completely. My new roomie, Erin, helped me out and that's how we transported my bed. My friend Nat helped me with a heavy shelf and a load of clothes and storage. But I can't tell you how liberating it is to move (mostly) by yourself. I don't need no stinkin' man! (Sorry Dad.) 

It's a huge sigh of relief to be here. It kind of reminds me of my house in Fort Worth: wood floors, spacious living room... one bathroom. I will envy the day I get my own personal bathroom! I haven't had one since I moved out of my parents' house. But it's totally shabby chic, has a lot of character and I couldn't be happier. Erin and I get along great -- she's my coworker -- and we went ahead and took the plunge to upgrade our cable service so now we get (wait for it....) TEEN NICK!!!!!! I can hear the angels singing. This means endless Degrassi marathons, right?

Anyway, it's a small luxury but one that makes me feel more at home. 

Sunday, after a long day of packing, I met up with Rocky, his boyfriend and a few of their friends at Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch Hairspray. I know what you're thinking: "Why the hell are you watching movies in a cemetery, freak?" Well it's perfectly normal I suppose. People wait in line and bring a picnic and then set up shop in front of the mortuary, and they project the movie on the side of the wall. It's so much fun! My first time I saw The Shining (talk about creepy) and Sunday's showing was a sing-a-long! I love the movie (Hairspray that is) -- if I haven't already told this story enough, my infatuation with Zac Efron started in 2007. I was like, "Who cares about High School Musical?" and then one night I convinced my dear friend Molly to get drunk off wine with me and watch in on my computer during finals week. (Clearly should have been studying for Managerial Accounting, woooooooooof.) 

We watched. We loved. We attempted to learn the dance moves (drunk) and then went to each room in the Thouse (Theta House) and performed it for anyone who would take us. Molly, I will NEVER FORGET how good we did it for Canright... honestly it was like cheerleading competition material. Rivals our "Kiss the Girl" dance routine.

Besides the catchy music and slight similarities to Grease, I just really liked Zac. He was cute. He was charming. He reminded me of a young Leonardo Dicaprio. H wasn't some crappy child actor with no talent! HE HAD IT GOING ON! Talent, looks, personality...

So obviously I'm madly in love with this kid at this point, which was a tad bit ironic/weird because I dated a guy that looked just like him: Jonathan Shaner. If you are reading this, I apologize, but you look just like him... and I can already hear the "I could break that kid in half/I am 10x bigger than him" quote coming. When High School Musical first came out, I got a text from one of my high school girl friends that was like, "Dude, Zac Efron looks like your boyfriend." And we Googled him and sure enough they looked exactly alike. Why I'm going off on this tangent right now is beyond me.

Back to 2007:

I was headed to New York to catch a few Yankee games as as luck would have it, Hairspray was debuting the Friday that I got into town, and the cast was going to be on The Today Show. Boom goes the dynamite. I somehow managed to not only get to The Today Show (after my alpha beta peel fiasco, leaving my face burned and peeling no less), but may have gotten into the front row -- standing beside two 12-year-olds with my mother (FML) -- and then met Zac after the performances. I had people writing on my wall like, "Hey, I totally saw you next to those children on The Today Show." Now that I type all of that out, I'm inclined to feel ashamed, but alas I will never feel ashamed of my passions (!!!). That makes me sound crazy. Go figure.

The thing I think about sometimes? What if I legitimately became friends with Zac at some point in my career, and he read my blog, happened to search for himself on here and realized I was a top tier fanatic? That might cause some problems. I should probably stop professing my love for people on the internet. But really, I've been around several hot men in my lifetime and I am not acting a damn fool around them so I don't feel too bad about a harmless crush.

Anyway, I called my mom after the movie because there was a FLASH MOB! A GAY (MEN'S CHORUS) flash mob. People, I have never witnessed one before in person and it was truly magical. Don't judge me until you experience one for yourself. I felt like I was a part of something bigger in the world! I understand how absolutely ridic that sounds, but when you're there and it's happening it's just all kinds of crazy. I guess I'm just a slave to the arts.

Mom wants me to join a flash mob (I'm not opposed). But I just called to tell her how weird it was that a few years ago I was meeting Zac Efron as a fan, and now I'm in LA watching Hairspray in a cemetery that backs up to Paramount Studios. 

How bizarre. Doo doo doo, how bizarre, how bizarre. 

Had to make this black & white because my face was
so offensively red from my peel. DON'T do it kids.


I'm at the :45 mark on the right side of the screen, by the children. Good Lord.

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