Aug 5, 2011

"I don't give a frog's fat ass who went through what. We need money! Hey, Russ, wanna look through Aunt Edna's purse?" Clark Griswold

It's only fitting I put a quote from National Lampoon's "Vacation" up, as yesterday we traveled to Wally World, aka Magic Mountain.

Nat and I took a Summer Day (a perk to corporations) and headed to Valencia, California to enjoy some Six Flags action. We had a great time, but my calves and feet are so stiff I can barely walk today. I obviously didn't wear shoes condusive to walking around all day -- I thought flats would be a great option but should have committed to tennis shoes.

We left around 8:30 and got to Valencia around 9:30. I love Valencia! So adorable. Very clean and spread out, with abundant parking lots (my favorite) and plenty of back-home staples like Chili's, for one. We grabbed breakfast at Noah's Bagels and Starbucks, which obviously initiated the "no carb left behind" adventure we were about to embark on.

Once we got to the park, we did some ample waiting until they let open the flood gates and let all the patrons stampede in like a pack of wild hyenas.

It's kind of eerie when you're one of the first people at an amusement park. Really creepy, actually. We were running around and there were no lines at all -- no people around. So bizarre. However, it was nice for the lines considering there weren't any until around 1:30-2:00.

However, I did notice a fair amount of teenagers were at the park, which is normal given theme parks are tailored to that crowd. But why is it that any time I'm in line for any kind of ride -- at an amusement park, a carnvial, what-have-you, that the teens feel like they can play JTT in the public eye? And I'm not talking about Jonathan Taylor Thomas, friends.
It's just offensive really, watching these kids hang on each other and hump in the middle of The Riddler's Revenge. Woof. It was hotter than three hells yesterday as well... just thinking of someone trying to hold me or kiss my neck in that type of heat is enough to send me on an unjustified outrage.

Nat gave me some great advice for our first ride. "Make sure you pull the restraint all the way down so there is no space..." as she motions to her crotch. "That's a whole different kind of scream." Amen sister. I don't need my lady bits to be in as much pain as my head is while being slammed side-to-side.

While waiting in line for some white water rapids line, there was a fountain that people were throwing pennies in. This obviously reminded me of the time I fell in a fountain when I was six. I was wearing the oh-so-glamorous sweatsuit and dress heels combo that I often sported (I liked the sound the heels made on the ground, didn't give a crap that they didn't go with all outfits -- a fashion renegade, if you will) and was waiting for Mom by the fountain when I decided I wanted to grab a penny from the bottom. Not sure about my logic here but God punishes in many ways and my punishment for stealing someone's "wish" was falling in. I just remember my mom's face when I came up soaking wet and how we has to haul around the mall looking for tiny enough clothes to fit me -- 6x(small) to be precise.

I'm pretty sure it's illegal to steal coin from fountains these days. So rogue of me.

We rode a few rollercoasters, ate a lot of terrible food (well, a moderate amount) and then peaced out after waiting on hour for Superman, only for them to tell us our car was being shut down and we needed to exit the coaster line. Super indeed.

We concluded our trip to Valencia at Chili's, obviously. We don't have any in the LA metro area, so any time I'm near one, I have to stop in. I can't resist. It just reminds me of home! I really loved Valenica and could totally see my parents living there. I tweeted that it actually looks a lot like Addison, Texas (a suburb of Dallas), with hills and mountains. Really pretty views and a home-y feel.

Can't wait to take a PTO day this October or December and hit up DISNEY WIELD!!!! Yes, wield. That's how I pronounced "world" as a child. I think when you work a full-time job it's essential that you try and keep some of your youth alive. And that's exactly what I plan to do!

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