Aug 15, 2011

Love Letter to TCU

Can I take a minute to reflect on TCU? Because it was friggen awesome going there. I'm so envious of the freshmen coming in, knowing they'll get four whole years there. Granted, my time has come and gone, but how awesome were the memories?

It's like that one fantastic relationship that you have to leave behind. Nothing lasts forever. It will always be a part of you, but in the end, you had to grow up. You put in your due diligence and it was time for you to move on. Cue the tears.

TCU was great because it wasn't a gigantic school. It was big, but you could find at least one friendly face in a class -- also small enough that you'd inevitably run into an ex if you weren't careful (woof), but small enough that you'd run into that guy you had a crush on at The Main (RIP) or The Cellar (RIP karaoke). 

And let's talk about being 21 in Fort Worth. Pete's Piano Bar? Yes please. Yucatan Taco Stand? Make it a double. Or, if you wanted a low maintenance night, just walk the brisk 10 minute walk from the Thouse to The Moon or The Pub on Thursday night -- and then Fuzzy's after. UHH-HUH!

Another luxury that's overlooked in the midst of the chaos? Meal plans. Can they initiate those in real life? They should have those for new grads. Whenever you were poor (read: always), you'd hit up Frog Bytes (again, RIP) and eat those delicious chicken sammies (with the secret sauce, obvi) for three weeks straight.

Nothing pissed me off more than when they got rid of Eden's. I mean, the BLUU is a work of art, but nothing compared to all the old school places that once were! The saddest part of me even writing this is that the incoming freshmen and even the current juniors have no idea what I'm referring to when I talk about The Main or Frog Bytes.

Speaking of real life immitating college, I wish we could get some post-grad dormitories set up. Meeting people (and dating) in the "real world" is literal chaos. Everyone is weird. At least in Los Angeles. I miss having my close girlfriends across the hall and the frats right next door.
Lest we forget football and baseball. How was it that every year we played UNLV on Halloween? How is that possible? Sounds like God's gift to undergrads. And it was always a joy playing SMU and realizing not only how poor their football team was, but what sore losers their students were as well. Sucks to be them. (Sorry, the Iron Skillet rivalry rears its ugly head...)

And let's talk about sorority life. 51% of students at TCU were Greek in 2008. I would venture to say I got my money's worth when it comes to sorority life. Between endless shenangians in the Thouse (bras strung in a tree, mattresses on the roof) and of course the inevitable sorority politics, it's safe to say I learned a bit about how to play the Game of Life. Recruitment prepared you on how to endure socially awkward situations in the real world -- without alcohol, a feat in itself -- and inner sorority workings taught you how to survive, negotiate and BS if necessary. Am I right?

Mixers, socials, formals. Being on Panhellenic and Social Chair made for some interesting conversations -- with myself. I really got to know what I was made of when it came down to the wire. Anyone who was a sorority social chair (guys, you had it waaaaaaaay easier) deserves a medal of honor, in my opinion. We were essentially one-woman event planning firms, having to deal with strict rules and hasty advisors (at times).

Flashback: Thetas, remember our first "social?" Good one, Bethany. I was pretty sure we were all getting Punk'd. Don't act like it wasn't absolutely terrible -- we were greeted by (redacted fraternity) as they stood in rows on either side of us, clapping and cheering. I felt like we were cattle getting ready to be butchered. (Take that as you will). Needless to say I was getting the HELL out of there -- and fast. Three years later, their fraternity president was screaming endless profanities at me after one of their brothers' dates got sick and vomited on our bus and another dressed up as a ghost and pretended to be a part of the haunted house we were having a mixer at.

Remember how about when the bookstore "accidentally" caught fire? I'm still a part of the group "Bookstore Inferno." I saw the entire thing engulfed in flames from my room in Wiggins.

Anyone take Todd Davis' financial accounting class? WOOF-tastic. Honestly, I was pulling a solid A- until the final, when all hell broke lose. I just remember hearing from other classes who took the final before me: "THE HEAD OF THE ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT GOT HOLD OF OUR FINAL AND CHANGED IT ALL!" People were crying hysterically. And laughing hysterically. It was a sick joke. The last page of the final was an essay on what we learned/what we thought of the course, and I didn't hold back. I think I included the terms "Satan," "Hell on Earth", "terrifying," and, oddly, "sick joke." Then we all got that call from Todd himself, letting us know our final grade. "B!" Ugh.

And, can I remind you all, that when we started college, Facebook was roughly a year old? Yeah. You had to get authorized by your college email account? I remember anxiously awaiting the day I would head to Orientation, and when our leader told us, "Alright, sign up for a Facebook account now!" And how photo albums were non-existant? Just that one measly photo... and then, when Newsfeed was started, people went crazier than the London riots. Pure. Outrage.

Last but not least, TCU pretty much upped my standards for life. I have a whole new outlook on what I want in a man that I date. The gym? Take me back NOW. Everything on campus was so close and compact and accessible. I wish my days could be spent with three classes in the morning, the gym in the early afternoon, some studying and late nights out. Squeeze in the pool during the spring and we're golden.

Seriously, they should have life set up in block scheduling. Three hours alotted to a client at this time every day, up to maybe 25 hours max. We could go euro and have afternoon siestas and probably be a lot happier than this 40-hours-per-week (likely more) business.

Teachers were at your beckon call, if you chose to utilize them. Friends were around all the time, to a fault at some points. There was always a party -- and everyone you knew would be there. And even the terrible decisions one would inevitably make and the laughable situations we got ourselves into make me wish I could go back.

And no matter how late I stayed out the night before, I made it to my (paid, thank goodness) internship on time, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Most of the time, anyway. It was like alcohol had no lasting repercussions. Now I feel like I'm 800-years-old and on the verge of death if I'm out past 10:00 on a weeknight.

One thing I'm proudest about is while every school has their fair share of idiotic students, TCU strives to keep things on another level. I think about the Rose Bowl and how even when we thought we were going to lose, we were confident in our team, yet respectful to the Wisconsin fans... while their fans were heinous. I mean, I can't speak for all of them, but out of the 50 surrounding me, they were all pretty foul. (Just sayin.') I've never understood how some fans can get to a point where they're saying deplorable things about a another team, just to start a fight. It's obnoxious and unattractive. I totally get supporting your team, but saying crude, suggestive, and sometimes downright disgusting things just because you lost (or won) isn't a good look. Take a cue from the Horned Frogs and handle yourself with pride. And for those Horned Frogs who act a fool... get a grip. :)

Ah, college. I kind of want a birthday party that relives the infamous night of Hair Bands and Keg Stands. Who's with me?

Go Frogs!

Lindsey's favorite song

The prank of all pranks... you hoes

bahaha I can't even begin to caption this one seriously Molls!

The best people. Ever.

Cinco de Mayo freshman year... God help us

Big trucks in TEJAS!!! Bling, you look like a model.

The Traffic Department... aka showstoppers


We were "iceboxing" in this photo to Omarion, FYI

That time at the blow up warehouse...

me as my boss, my boss as ... a ghost?

Karaoke at The Cellar? Duh.


We're cute.

Sophomore year, headed to Pi Kapp Victory... on a boat. I can't type that
and keep a straight face

Senior year winter formal. We all look fantastic.

BEST. ROOMIE. EVER. Babe nugget

The inevitable snow day

We look heinous. All of us. Why didn't people tell me
to dye my hair blonde?

"Act like a puppy...?"

"It is my passion."

Rainbow scavenger hunt

This is creativity.


First SMU game

Soulja Boy. Good, but not better than HSM.

Ariette Wintour? "Wee wah wee wah!"

Not in college... but the Chain Gang reunites!

PC Love in Vegas!


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