Aug 16, 2011

The Middle

Sunday at church, I was inspired and decided to write about "the middle."

You know what the middle is. That in-between period that seems to drag on and on and on. It's what you're doing between the exciting start and anticipated finish. Most of this relates to us (currently) in a career sense, as we attempt to reach that pedestal we place our dreams on. For some people, it can be the lull between ending a relationship and finding true love, or the period of time between starting and graduating.

The middle seems so dull, and worse, everlasting, especially when we are anxious to reach the end result. But the middle is the real gift. Unfortunately, too many times do we overlook the experience to actually enjoy it. Then it's over before it's too late.

I mean, the best part of the Oreo? The middle! Those middle years of college, while strenuous school-wise, brought so much hilarity (and sometimes downright embarrassing memories). Everyone wants to be in the middle in a haunted house. The middle ain't so bad, is it?

Instead of focusing on doors closing, focus on the ones that are opening. Right now, we're in "the middle." Most of us aren't at our dream job, we're not all financially stable; in fact, most of us are trying to figure out our life in that we have no idea what we're doing. That's okay. That's what the middle is for.

It's the journey that's worthwhile... being at this point in life is the longest period of time when you think of it, given we don't have a four years limiting us. We have so much time to just... be. Beginnings can get off to a running start, and the end sometimes comes abruptly.

Enjoy the ride while it lasts!

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Sandra said...

I thought you were writing about the very funny 'the middle' on ABC. Our family loves it! =) Powered by Blogger.
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