Aug 19, 2011

Munger Road

Most know my favorite time of year is October: football & basketball, crisp weather, and of course, Halloween.

I'm especially excited this year because one of my friends (Dallasite and fellow TCU alum), Brooke Peoples, made a thriller last year titled Munger Road, and it's supposed to debut in October!

You know the story of Munger Road, right? It's a road in Illinois that is the subject of an urban myth. There are various myths, but all include a train killing someone: a lost boy, a woman hanging clothes to dry; a school bus filled with children when the bus ran out of gas and got hit.

The whole thing was that you would go to a train track (like an idiot), put the car in neutral, sprinkle baby powder on your back bumper and wait to see what happened. Apparently, handprints would appear on your car as the child/woman/children pushed your car off the tracks to safety. Other versions include turning your car off completely, but most people don't have a death wish, so many would opt for neutral.

This movie is similar to Paranormal Activity in that you have to "Demand It" from the website. Paranormal Activity was a limited release, but after word spread of how terrifying it was, people logged on to "Demand It." Three movies later, they're doing pretty well for themselves.

So, if you are TCU alum, in the SoCal area or live in Illinois, I highly recommend visiting and demanding the movie in your area! It would be awesome to see a TCU alum up on the big screen, not to mention it's a perfect Halloween thriller.

Congrats Brooke! Can't wait to see you on the big screen.

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