Aug 24, 2011

Nothing's Sexier than the Sugar Bowl! -- College Colors Day

Friday, September 2nd is National College Colors Day. Last year I posted a few cute looks that you all enjoyed, so I figured I'd do it again!

TCU plays Baylor, and I've been trying to find the link on Facebook where you can buy the "Sucks to BU" shirt, but I can't find it ANYWHERE! Leave me a tip if you have one.

Also, some favorites of mine are: -- A Dallas favorite -- They just put TCU apparel up and I love the Sugar Bowl tees. This year's unofficial slogan, courtesy of me, myself and I is "Nothing's Sexier than the Sugar Bowl!" (where the National Title game will be played this year). Granted I know some of you are going to go, "NO, it's the National Championship game at the Sugar Bowl," but I don't give a crap.

Opolis Clothing -- Turns out this company was started by two Sooners! I bought the shirt I wore to the Rose Bowl from here and I got a lot of compliments on it. It's especially soft as well. I just bought the t-shirt dress and am looking forward to donning it at Game Day parties! -- Look for boutiques in your area

Purple Reign

1.) T-shirt dress from Opolis clothing -- the one I just bought :) Perfect for Texas as it's lighweight. They have several other schools as well.
2., 3., 4.) A different take on purple. Pair a white (or cream) burnout tee with magenta jean shorts and some Nine West flip flops to keep cool.
5.) Perfect for crisp fall game days! (Gameday Cloth)
6.) I die. Sequined, purple chucks? Please and thank you.
7.) These faux suede shorts are a little pricey, but they're cute. I wouldn't want to spill beer all over them, but maybe wear them to a more refined affair?
8.) The Sugar Bowl scoop back tee I've been obsessing over. How hilarious would it be if we actually made it to the National Title game? Slim chances but a frog can dream...
9. & 10.) Nike Jersey tee with a pair of Joe's Jeans. I like the fit of the jersey, especially since it's tailored for women. I know white is supposed to be banned from our wardrobes after Labor Day, but I consider it TCU's honorary 3rd color choice... so we get a free pass. 

Frogs with sole

1) DKNY: For a more athletic feel, specially during those intense games of flip cup and to help alleviate any pain you may endure while walking to the stadium. $55 at DSW
2) Sperry: A TCU classic. Why haven't we been sponsored by Sperry yet? Let's get on that. These are adorable, right? $35
3) Ugg: I like these better than the Chuck Taylors! But they're lined with suede, so unless you plan on having some stanky feet, I wouldn't advise wearing these in the summer months (or at least until October). $110.00

Hope this gives some inspiration for your future frog outings!

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