Aug 20, 2011

A royal (reality) wedding

If you're in California, or (rather) anywhere in the United States, you know what today is: 


Look out! As an avid Kardashian viewer, we all know Kim, Miss Reality TV herself, is the sister who has been awaiting her wedding day for awhile. We all thought it would be Reggie, but instead she fell for a basketballer -- anyone remember her infamous quote? "It's okay (that Khloe is getting married), Lamar is too tall anyway." Oh the irony...

"Kim Kardashian's" is trending on Twitter right now and I took the liberty to read the comments. I am absolutely disgusted with the United States of America. It's truly disheartening to read some of the hateful comments that are being made -- this girl is a person, and the things they are saying even offended me, and I'm not remotely close to being in the Kardashian Klan.

Here's the thing: everyone is b*tching about how Kim's wedding is over-publicized. But this is America 2011, folks. At any given moment, we know who is doing what and when, thanks to mobile uploads on Facebook and location Tweets. It's the era where Snooki gets paid as much as Matthew Morrison on Glee, but instead of singing and dancing, she's throwing wine glasses and running into cop cars in Italy. Jersey Shore gets roughly 8 million viewers each episode, while Glee can barely pull in 2 million at times.  

People woke up at 3:00 AM to watch the Royals get married -- granted, they don't have a show, but they are the literal form of reality. Their talent is being famous for being royal. Granted, I feel there is a higher respect for the royals for obvious reasons (I love them both), but in the same right, the Kardashians are famous for having a famous dad, famous step-dad, and being beautiful. It's not like they're athletes or fabulous singers or award-winning actors, which apparently are the only people that matter according to Reese Witherspoon

Sorry about it, but this is the world we live in. Some kids have no idea who Julia Roberts is, my idol as a child -- they want to be Kim Kardashian growing up. It's just how it works now. Instead of actors, singers and athletes being the most famous people in the world, reality stars like Lauren Conrad and Kim are making brands out of themselves, and doing a pretty great job at it.

On Twitter, people are bringing up Kim's sex tape, calling her a whore, mentioning that it isn't her first marriage. Let me say a few words on each. Listen, I have to give the girl credit. If I had ever made a sex tape and it was leaked out, I don't think I would have the will to live. That is embarrassing and detrimental to anyone's confidence. Granted, they ended up selling the tape, but it would have gotten out anyway. Just because a woman has sex doesn't make her a whore. Most people are intimate with their partners; I don't think most of us are willing to be filmed doing so, which is a huge error in judgement, but I feel like Kim separates herself from people like Paris Hilton because she worked hard growing up and wasn't a crazy partier, getting busted for drugs and DUIs. Kim has had a clean image, even after the sex tape, in an effort to turn herself around. I can respect that.

Lastly, Kim got married when she was younger. She wasn't married for 24 hours and got it annulled -- she was married four years. The couple eloped in Vegas and tried to work out the marriage but (correct me if I'm wrong) ended the marriage due to infidelity on his part. I don't blame her for that. And I'm sure it worried her that she had maybe missed her shot at marriage given she has already been married once. 

Other people wonder why Kim has been so open about her wedding: the date, tweeting about it, etc. Given her life is all over reality TV, it'd bit a little hypocritical for her to try to keep in private, am I right? The whole thing is being filmed for E! anyway. And just like any normal person, if you're getting married, you send out invites and even if someone isn't invited, they probably know when you're getting married through word of mouth (thanks Facebook). Kim's network pretty much spans the entire universe, so I'm not shocked that everyone is talking about it and all the details are out in the open. 

What's most sad is that people are so eager to see someone else fail, just because they're in the limelight. Yes, hearing about the Kardashian's can be annoying since they're EVERYWHERE, but I have to give credit where it's due. They hustle and are taking opportunities when they're presented in order to set themselves up for the future. 

So instead of drinking the Haterade, take it as it is. It's a reality show wedding. It's going to be everywhere. If you don't like Kim or her family, why are you wasting your breath even mentioning her? Looks like you need to make better use of your time -- I know if I can't stand someone, I don't want their name on my mind, period.

Here's to Kim & Kris' long-lasting marriage! Cheers to that.

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