Aug 23, 2011

This. can't. be.... true. love.

That was my best shot at typing how the lyrics sound in the song. Go with it...

The cool thing about living in LA and working in PR? Probably all the awesome events you get to attend and people you get to meet. Today, one of my collegues introduced me to Destinee & Paris. These ladies are opening for Britney Spears' current tour (not a bad gig!) and also sang back-up on Scotty McCreery's 'I Love You This Big.'

The names sound familiar and I think it's because I saw them on an episode of LaurieAnn Gibson's show, The Dance Scene. And if I remember correctly, their mom was the crazy Momager? Yep. That's right. Gotta love reality television.

I kind of wrote them off in the show, but when they performed I really enjoyed their music. And their new single, 'True Love' is TOO LEGIT TO QUIT. I want to hear this song in Vegas while I'm getting submerged with bottles of champagne. That's how much I like this song -- I'd endure (what I deem to be) complete hell just to hear it. You're all well aware that the only time I'm free-willingly pouring champagne on myself (or by someone else) is for -- drumroll please? -- Justin Timberlake. Don't act like you didn't see that coming.

 I'm also going to need my Step and Spin class instuctors to get this on their playlist post haste, thank you.

I can also see this song on an episode of the Kardashians. You know you can too! Background music sets the ambiance, people.

Just some tb's about the girls (that's tidbits, y'all):

Paris Monroe is 15, Destinee Monroe is 17. You read correctly. Every artist I love is apparently still in diapers. (I kid.)
They were originally in a group called The Clique Girlz.
They have a ton of covers up on Youtube.

They don't have a Wiki page yet but they have several devoted fansites. I encourage you to download the song and jam out... hard. And shamelessly.

It's available on iTunes today!

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