Aug 25, 2011

You make my dreams come true, doo doo

Well well well... what do we have here? It's the video I've been waiting for! I am actually very hesitant to post this because I am semi-embarrassed by these antics. I also feel like if JT ever saw this blog... my chances would be zero. But I am a slave to the readers, and I know you guys will get a kick out of this. So screw it, maybe I ruin my chance at true love with JTizzle. All in the name of Blogger.

I have this VHS tape of when I met *NSYNC back in 1999. This was the only recorded meeting... granted Jen and I meet them around four-six times. Wish I was kidding, but I'm not. We were fanatics. (Thanks Uncle Rog for the fabulous hook up.)

So I have to post this for obvious reasons. But I just watched this thing for the first time in AGES. I mean, I don't even own a VHS player anymore. I can' remember how long it's been, but Uncle Mark converted it to an internet file and now I just uploaded it to Youtube. I remember watching it as a kid a just reliving the excitement, and now I cringe, yet I'm still pretty giddy. I mean COME ON. This was my childhood dream.  My mom always said how she would just die is she met Donny Osmond or David Cassidy, and here I am meeting my favorite band at 13 -- more than once? That's pretty awesome for anyone.

Breakdown of the situation that's about to play out: my mom overheard me and my friend Mallory talking one day in the kitchen. We were both betting on who could kiss JC first. Such an achievable goal given we were both 13 and the man was probably boning every skanky groupie from here to Timbuktu. Obviously I never thought it would literally happen, but good ol' Mommis intervened and make it happen. Granted, it was on the cheek, but the man was 10 years my senior. I think I got as far as possible without some child indency issues. And massive props to JC -- he was 23 and letting a 13-year-old fan kiss him on the cheek. I'm sure he got an earful for that after we left. What a great sport.

I can't wait to become best friends with Justin and give him so much crap about how he refused to come and talk to us until he saw the autographed baseballs. What a little sh*t.

Alright. Enough backstory. Fast foward to the 1:25 mark because until then it's just a bunch of screaming at what we presumed was their tour bus.

Embarrasing moments:
  • We took Jen for her birthday, but really it benefitted all of us. We ended up on stage that night! Embarrassing? or AMAZING?
  • Mom: "Guys, we have a birthday girl here (Jen)"
    JC: "Oh really, when was your birthday?"
    Jen: "August 1st!"
    JC: "Oh yeah? My birthday was the 8th..."
    Jen: "I know."
    What else did he expect? We knew all their birthdays, favorite colors, astrological signs, favorite ice cream flavor... I'm really trying to secure a dateless future, aren't I?
  • The ridic hand gesture I made after kissing JC. Really? Mortifying. Actually, the whole thing? MORTIFYING. Who asks to kiss someone else on the cheek? My mother. But you know what? I'm pretty sure that was my first kiss. Even if it wasn't legit, we'll go with it. 
  • Had no idea who Jordan Knight was. Well, I did, but only from TRL -- not from New Kids on the Block. I couldn't have cared less to meet him, but at 13 you're just jacked to meet anyone... right?
Shout out to *NSYNC for essentially babysitting three pre-pubescent idiots! And aren't we all excited that I learned the art of highlighting for my hair and the magic that eyebrow plucking creates? It does WONDERS. Really, I look at old photos of myself and I've come real far in my 24 years. Thank you baby Jesus.

Well, I've shown my boss and a few colleagues this video and they're all dying. The hand gesture is going to be a topic of ridicule for the rest of my career, I'm sure of it.

That'll do for now... until the next time I decide to publicly embarrass myself!

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