Sep 18, 2011

63rd Emmy's Fashion

As predicted by Phillip Bloch, Red was huge on the red carpet this year. It is the color of the season! However, a lot of sparkles and pale nudes were also present. Nothing I was too ravished by... honestly, there was no one there that I really felt "brought it" in terms of their fashion choices this year except for one person, who, if you follow me on Twitter, you'd know who it is. I'll get to that in a second.

Another thing I noticed? Minimal accessories. The shoes weren't covered as much like past years, clutches were subdued and jewelry wasn't noteworthy. A few women stood out but everyone kind of blended together, in my opinion. 

On to the trends!


Out of all the ladies in red, I have to go with Sofia Vergara. She's technically in coral, but it's a descendant of red so it works. She knows how to dress for her curves. The draping and tailoring is exquisite, and the coral lipstick was just right. Her Lorraine Schwartz earrings? To die. I'll try to find out the retail price on those emerald beauties.

Second runner-up goes to Nina Dobrev. She would look good in a paper sack, but I really loved her Donna Karan number. The other ladies looked nice too, but I wasn't wowed by Lea Michele like I was last year and Kate Winslet seemed to tone it down given this isn't the rodeo she's used to (she is a movie star, you guys). 

Red-y to win: 63rd Annual Emmy's Fashion


I wasn't thrilled with this color choice at all... but it seemed to be a big hit with the stylists. It didn't flatter anyone except Heidi Klum, who did a solid and wore Christian Siriano. Circle of life, I suppose! I don't know what the hell Juliana Margulies is doing here but it's pretty awful. Jennifer Carpenter looked alright but nothing amazing, and I wish Christina Hendricks would dress for her body type; her gowns just make her look gigantic.

Heavy Metal


Of course black was a staple of the night. Gwyneth went for a see-through Pucci gown that frankly I was less than impressed with. I really liked Naya Rivera's look with the simple smokey eye, however, Evan Rachel Wood looked amazing. This dress was pretty, complimented her figure and her hair and make up looked nice, but didn't take away from her ensemble.

Black Tie Affair

Color Coordination

Quite a few women steered away from the reds, blacks and metal shades and went out on a whim. Cobie Smulders took a risk in turquoise, however I can't decide if it looks too summer-y or not. I wish I could love Dianna Agron, Heather Morris and Amber Riley's looks, however, I feel they missed the mark. Kristen Wiig's dress is unique but her hair doesn't add anything to the look; Minka Kelly looks 87-years-old, Katie Holmes seems bored and Amy Poehler's dress isn't doing her any favors.

I have to comment that Heather's make up looks amazing! Absolutley gorgeous. Just wish the dress did something for me.

Color Coordination

All in all, I was mostly disappointed with this year's looks at the Emmys. Then again, it's not a TV star's job to entertain us with their outfits, it's their job to entertain us on the tube. 

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