Sep 8, 2011

Are you ready for some football terminology?

The NFL in layman's terms

Here's are article I wrote that went used and I didn't want to waste it! It's a fun spin on football for women, just in time for the season opener tonight. Here are the basics! (Go Green Bay!)

When it comes to football, women are invested in the following: tailgating, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend brigade.

All kidding aside, it’s more than humbling when your boyfriend, the TV announcer -- heck, even your 10-year-old brother -- is talking about the big game, and the only term you understand is “football.” They’re busting out stats, you’re busting out the Rosetta Stone. Como se dice?

Let’s learn some terminology so we can talk smack with the best of ‘em:

Tight end
While it’s the part of a player we most like to oogle over, it’s namely a player who is large enough to block, but can receive (and run) the ball.

When the center hands the ball to (usually) the quarterback to start the play; when the QB yells, “Down, set, hike!”

Why does this term remind of us Green Bay’s dreamboat, Clay Matthews? Regardless, it’s when a QB is hit with brute force before they can throw the ball forward (“forward pass”).

The defense send players rushing towards the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped to try to sack the QB. Also frequently seen at Nordstrom Half-Yearly sales.

First down
The first chance out of four that a team on the offense has to advance 10 yards down the field. Very similar to dating. First date (down), anything is possible; by the fourth date (down), the pressure is on to advance down the field, or risk losing the ball to the competition. Talk about innuendo-filled.
Now dazzle the boys with your football vocabulary and thank me later!

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