Sep 29, 2011

Creative Costuming 2011: Simply the Best

How did you guys like my last ideas for costumes? Apparently people on Polyvore are imbeciles because they had no idea what the heck "Bennie and the Jets" was. Ummmm WHO DOESN'T KNOW THAT? Have they not heard of Elton John? Or at least seen 27 Dresses? It's a travesty upon mankind.

Obviously I have a void that needs to be filled by reader satisfaction and appreciation, so I'm going to pump out more costumes throughout the month. Hope you all decide to partake in one.

Disclaimer: I fully intend on busting out this costume, so none of my immediate friends can partake. Sorry! Unless you live in another state... in which case send me photos! :) Again, the general theme of these outfits? Look cute, have fun, enhance your wardrobe. Except the Heisman. That's just

Tina Turner
Tina Turner Halloween Costume

1. You can't be Tina without ample leg and that hair. This wig costs $24.99 and will be a fun addition to the costume. 2. Known for her style, go for her red fringe look with this ombre fringe dress from Asos, $101.00. 3. The legend herself! 4. Wolford Nylon Tights are a must. They're $30, however, they're what make all the stars' legs look shiny and flawless. Beyonce uses these as well as Gaga. Plus it will help keep you warm if it's a cold Halloween where you're at! 5. Find a pair of sparkly shoes. Splurge or save, doesn't matter -- they'll be a great addition to your closet. 6. Feather earrings fro Dorothy Perkins, $12.00. 7. If you don't want to wear the nylon tights, make legs stand out with LaLicous' Body Oil. I swear by this stuff! It smells delicious, isn't (too) greasy and gives legs a nice sheen, like Carrie Underwood. 8. Finish off the look with a bold red lip. Nars makes a great lip pencil that's matte and the perfect shade of red.

Pan Am stewardess

Pan Am Halloween costume

1. First and foremost, find a blue blazer. Blazers are everyone's fave because they dress up outfits and clearly make you look professional, even if you're a hot ass mess. Here are a few options that range from retro to modern, expensive to bank account friendly. 2. Create a twist on the classic outfit. Instead of using a skirt, use a dress! This one is comfortable, relatively cheap and is a great staple item that you can mix and match with other garments in your closet. $55.00 from Dorothy Perkins. 3.  ... Or, go with a classic pencil skirt. Wear it to your costume party, then bust it out for the office! $33.00 at ASOS. 4. The Pan Am ladies have white included on their collars. Instead of ruining a blazer, just wear this white blouse underneath and pull the collar above the blazer's. 5. Gloves are a must. It creates the glamour in the outfit. $2.40 on 6. How are you to stay chic in the sky without all your necessary travel garments and makeup? Pan Am bag, $58.00 at 7. The stewardesses of that day have beautiful hats. You can go with a pillbox hat, a la Jackie O., or find one of these originals online. This is the most essential part of the outfit; if you don't have it, people will ask you if you're on your way to a luncheon. 8. If you have long hair, curl it with a 2'' barrel ceramic iron toward your neck to create the vintage look, or go with a short bob like Christina Ricci. $10.00 at

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