Sep 16, 2011

Jumping into fall with Phillip Bloch

Taupe-ally black

Last night at the Essie Emmys party, I had the pleasure of meeting celebrity stylist and larger-than-life personality, Phillip Bloch. Phillip was there to discuss (obviously) fashion, trends and what we could expect at the Emmys, however, he brought with him a ton of laughs, a lot of insight and a personal look into his own life.

Lately, I've been obsessing over jumpsuits. They're professional and add flare to any meeting or date night, and they're easy -- just throw it on with a pair of pumps and you're set. They're also incredibly flattering because most are cinched and tailored at the waist, giving even the boyish of figures a curvy shape. Phillip commented last night that accessories will always be prominent because they not only make or break an outfit, but for most people, they're the most accessible item for purchase. Most women can't afford an Elie Saab gown, but they can afford the Donna Karan clutch or the Tahari jewelry -- just enough to make them feel as glamorous as their favorite celebrity.

This fall, stylists are steering toward deep reds, marigolds and dark purples, given those are what the magazines are going to gravitate towards. "Most of the 'trends' you see in the magazines are complete accidents, though," comments Bloch. He insists that when you see a ton of a certain color on the red carpet, it's not usually done on purpose, although the stylists are always trying to take their clients to the next level and put them in the best outfit possible.

Essie threw a peaceful affair at Bungalow 3 at the iconic Chateau Marmont, which Phillip informed us was the place John Belushi was found dead in 1982. Really, Phillip is an encyclopedia of information, remembering everything from guests names to the confections being served. He's incredibly passionate, having dreamed of being an ambassador as a child and is currently hosting a charity-driven celebrity segment on ABC World News Now.

Guests were treated to complimentary manicures and received a sneak peak at several different polish lines. The nail gurus created a palette specifically for this weekend that won't be released in stores that consists of a pale white, dark red, a deep purple and grey; they also featured their new Fall and Winter lines. While carrying around a few shades to choose from for my mani last night, all the writers started joking about taking a few for the road. "Honey, here it's not stealing, it's gifting!" joked Bloch.

I put together a few items that I'm loving right now and are absolutely affordable -- riding boots from H&M, a comfy coat and fitted jacket from Modcloth, two jumpsuits from Dorothy Perkins and pumps from Jessica Simpson & BCBG. I added a pop of color -- red -- with the gold-plated coral-effect necklace, since it is one of the colors of the season.

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