Oct 18, 2011

Creative Costuming 2011: Tweet, tweet

Saturday I kicked off the Halloween season with a bang by attending the Marble Mansion's (First annual?) Halloween party. Let me explain this place. It's pretty much a glorified frat house, as all males live there, except they take pretty good care of the place so I'll give 'em that.

We all got an invite and then they notified us on Facebook that costumes were "highly encouraged, which is essentially one level below mandatory." Pretty much you better be wearing a costume, are you'll be bludgeoned to death.

I always have an inner monologue when it comes to Halloween. I hate feeling like the ugly duckling while all the other girls are wearing somewhat promiscious costumes, however I feel more uncomfortable when creepster men are (obviously) looking at my T&A in a skimpy outfit. Gag. You can always find a happy medium, but just one step over the line and you'll be judged by every woman in the room and labeled a skank. Not the direction I like to go.

If I do dress somewhat risque, I prefer the comedy route. Example? 2009, when I was Lady Gaga. She's pretty much the unsexiest woman alive, but I wore a leotard that left little to the imagination (that Megan Fox ended up wearing on the cover of Rolling Stone -- what a bitch) along with my gloves and wig. Last year I was a USO girl, which while wasn't funny, had me fully clothed.

So this year I was in despair. However, the stakes were high, as they had a Halloween contest going on and I really wanted to win. This is my life. My goals included winning frat party costume contests and daydreaming about Clay Matthews. By the way, have you SEEN his photos from Muscle and Fitness? Good lord. He's built like a brick sh*thouse.

Anyway, I was originally going to go as The BCS Trophy because, like I've said before, "Nothing is Sexier than a National Championship!" -- a great play on words given women take this one day out of the year to expose buttcheeks, cracks and cleavage out the wazoo, but I've never seen a man more hot and bothered than when his team wins a National Championship. It was going to be a relatively easy costume -- make the glass football out of styrofoam, bubble wrap and a headband, then wear some tight dress from American Apparel, and sport a sash reading "National Championship." While the vision was grandiose, I didn't know if the execution was phenonenal enough, and furthermore, worried people wouldn't get it. So I had to nix that whole thing.

So, what should I be? Katy Perry? (I really wanted to buy this outfit.) A biker? Elton John circa 1970?

Then it all became clear. What's one thing I love more than anything else?


And thus the costume was born. I hit up American Vintage and $77.50 later, I had a wig, a feather boa (for the bird) and a Def Leopard tee (just for fun). Then I used a giant Post-It and decided to hand draw the Twitter logo and search bar so people would get the jist. Badda bing, badda boom.

The whole night was a blast! I handed out RT and Follow stickers, and the best part is everyone wanted to write on me, so I got to meet a bunch of fun people. Well, maybe the best part is that I won the entire contest. :) But we'll say meeting new people is a close runner up!

Here's how I made it:

DIY Twitter Costume

(Click the spread to see the items used)

Can't wait to hit up more Halloween festivities the rest of the month.

Have a creative costume idea? Submit! kirbiej@gmail.com

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