Oct 6, 2011

Creative Costuming: Not costuming at all

I'm fully aware that some people are not into Halloween to the lengths I am. They enjoy the holiday for the candy, but that's about it. However, when it comes to dressing up, they'd much rather dress a turkey or up an ante; not throw on a costume and pretend to be something they're not.

While I can't relate to these types, they are still entitled to feel festive during the holiday season, which is where the old fashioned skulls and all-too-popular vampires come in.

The lady is a VAMP

Lady is Vamp -- Vampire non-costume

Get your True Blood (Twilight, Vampire Diaries, etc.) on with some bloody cool looks! Creating a costume doesn't have to mean painting your face or buying a wig. Take some key elements of your favorite character and put them together for a unique look. For instance, when I think of vampires, I think of blood, the color red, teeth and capes. Capes are a must-have for fall and winter; the teeth necklace is gothic and fun, while red distinguishes the entire look. And I love turbans, so I threw one in for good measure.

Vampire Mouth tee shirt at TopShop.com -- $50.00
Corduroy Skinny Jeans by J Brand -- $290.00
Capes: red, Romwe.com -- $84.99; gray, Simplybe.com -- $64.00
Red suede heels at Heels.com -- $95.00
Office Larry shoes at office.co.uk -- $96.00
Monserat De Lucca Teeth Necklace at ShopBop.com -- $58.00
BonBon Boutique Little Gem Bracelet at Zenggi.com -- $66.00
Bloody Heels at Spirit Halloween -- In store only
Red turban by Hattbaren at Looklet.com -- See store for price

Heads will Roll

Heads Will Roll

Most of you are familiar with my obsession with skulls. I don't know why. Maybe it's my (weird and morbid) fascination with death; perhaps it's the eeriness. I have no idea. Don't ask. But if it has a skull on it, I will buy it. I should probably get checked out...

Anyway, I created this look with a Haunted House in mind. Imagine getting geared up to hit your town's Haunted Hayride or Halloween theme park. You'll be warm, you'll be festive, and you'll be scared out of your mind. Good times! Luckily, a lot of these items are from my favorite designers and outlets. Also, Lauren Moshi has a bunch of intricate skull garments on her site.

Wildfox Love Bones Baggy Jumper at ShoptheTrendBoutique.com -- $112.00
Day of the Dead tank top from UrbanOutfitters.com -- $24.00
Zoo Skull Print Cardigan at YesStyle.com -- $55.00
Adidas Panelled Jersey Leggings by Stella McCartney -- $100.00
Bertie Nigella Faux Fur Lined Army Boots at JohnLewis.com -- $93.00
East-West Skull Tote at RebeccaMinkoff.com -- $250.00
Bone to be Wild earrings at ModCloth.com --$9.99
Skull and Chain drop earrings at ASOS.com -- $14.00
Alice Hannah Pearl Turban at ASOS.com -- $30.00

And just for kicks, here is one of the sugar cookies I created for the office! "Dia de los Muertos"

Happy Haunting!

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