Oct 24, 2011

Naked stuff

First of all, this is truly disturbing:

Unfortunately for this pervert, who is completely unaware of my Nancy Drew skills, I know how to locate exactly who searched this, based on the IP address. What, you think I blog and use social media out the whazoo and don't know how to locate the scum/complete weirdos that are searching for this crap?

I'm pretty used to people looking up "photos of a bedazzled vagina" and even those sickos who are looking up pictures of "pre-teen titties" (because of my post regarding Abercrombie's padded push up bra for seven-year-olds), but this is a whole new low. Given a few weeks ago this same ISP was looking up "Nude photos of Kirbie Goes to Hollywood," I'm even more disturbed. 

Anyway, speaking of nudity, Lindsay Lohan signed a deal for close to $1 million to do a nude spread in Playboy. Given she can't get a real job to save her life, I guess it's a good thing?

I'm curious though, ladies: if you were going to get $1 million, would you pose nude for Playboy? Answer in the poll to the right in the sidebar.

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