Oct 24, 2011

You wanna go where everybody knows your name

TCU Homecoming. I have been avoiding DFW like the plague, at least the past two years, because I have an addictive personality. I listen to the same song on repeat at least 85 times in a row. I tend to stick to the same foods for weeks on end. I knew that if I made it a normal occasion to drop by TCU a few times a year, I'd have a hard time finding a reason not to move back.

I knew going back to Fort Worth would put me back in a college frame of mind. Everything in Texas is cheaper; I'd be in a town I knew inside and out, and mostly, I'd be with my friends.

Nobody surpasses my friends, in my mind. They are all amazing individuals who, no matter how much time goes by, make me feel like a million dollars. I feel important, and more importantly, loved around them. They treat me much like my family does. It's true that your friends are the family you choose. As you can tell, I tend to put off seeing them sometimes for fear of the emotional distress I will end up going through when I leave them.

There's an array of reasons why I love Texas, and specifically DFW. Friday night after getting picked up from the airport, Kristen and I pretended to be Dallas housewives and did the following:

  • Went to Nordstrom
  • Ate sushi and drank cosmos and margaritas... at 4:30 p.m.
  • Picked up some beauty supplies
  • Took a 30 minute power nap
I went to four different apartments this weekend and I have to say that I am so impressed with my girlfriends. They are legitimate adults. It makes me wonder why I am living in Los Angeles, just based on their homes. They're all immaculate and pretty and girly and fun. And I'm in LA paying three times too much for an apartment that doesn't have near the amount of amenities they do. The grass is always greener...

Anyway, we ended up at Nick & Sam's grill and let me tell you -- if you end up there, DON'T GET THE BLUEBERRY SANGRIA. IT IS AMAZING. YOU WILL HAVE THREE... OR FOUR. Speaking of, shout out to my drivers this weekend. You guys allowed me to do some serious damage to my bank account.

After dinner we ventured Uptown to Idle Rich. Dallas, I was sorely disappointed in the amount of graphic tees I saw out on Friday. Graphic tees aren't cool. Stop wearing them. You look like a douche bag. You also look like you have too much gel in your hair. You also REALLY look like you're trying too hard. For some reason, every person we saw looked like they were related to The Situation, which was really disappointing, given my hopes were up from Nick & Sam's with all the polos and collared shirts.

Not before being forced to drink a Vegas Bomb (I hate Red Bull), we went to The Den where I pretty much don't remember anything except that I asked for a vodka Gimlet, thinking they were going to mash up fresh limes (it's Dallas), ended up drinking Lime Juice out of a bottle with some vodka mixed in. Not a good look for my vocal chords. I sounded like a third generation chain smoker the next day.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I guess we wandered over to BlackFriar for 2.5 seconds before going back to Cait & Meredith's apartment and eating half a cheeseburger at 1:30...


... was miserable. We all woke up at 7:30, then went back to sleep for an hour and around 10:00 Lindsay and I made our way to her apartment in Fort Worth. It's those little "tease naps" that do me in for the day. I need sleep. I didn't get any. I don't drink often and I usually know when to stop drinking, but I guess I threw discretion straight to hell because I felt like I was going to throw up 99% of this entire trip. We ended up missing the Frog5 reunion tailgate and settled for Old Rips and a bunch of frat tailgates at Lot 4, where I ran into my precious Daniel Becker (love you!), sorority sisters and an ex boyfriend. You always wonder what it will be like to run into people you haven't seen in forever and for me it was a generally welcoming and fun experience, not weird or anything. One thing I noticed? All the girls got super hot. They've all lost weight, they're fit and they generally look happy in life. At least the girls I know. It's weird how the guys are starting to look like men. Not that they weren't men in college. But they're all growing facial hair and filling out... it's weird seeing everyone as an adult.

We obviously didn't make it to the game, so we took a nap. Yes. Party foul, but sue me, I was in Hangover City and it wasn't looking good. I had been yapping about going to Gloria's for dinner so myself, Linds, Katie and Knox (by the way -- follow Mary on Twitter, she doesn't filter herself which makes for high comedy: @foxyknoxy09) had ourselves a grand time over black bean dip, chicken tortilla soup and three mojitos. Can you tell this night is already going to be a nightmare?

Fort Worth is great because on 7th you can grab some dinner and walk to the bars. Everyone we knew was headed to Capital Bar, so we paid the $5.00 cover (begrudgingly) and decided to stay there the whole night, which I'm glad we did, because they had an AMAZING live band out on the patio (The Jam Wows). Another thing I miss about Texas -- the spectacular bar atmosphere. Not ridiculous clubs with people trying too hard. Legitimate bars! With patios! And live bands! For $5.00! And if there's a line, it's five minutes! Ah, Fort Worth. You know how to woo a southern woman.

Apparently my drink of choice, after mojitos and vodka gimlets, are shots? Kamakazies? Yeah. Not my wisest of choices. I remember actually using shots to bribe people to stay until bar close. "GUYS! I HAVEN'T STAYED UNTIL BAR CLOSE IN FOREVER! I WILL BUY US ALL SHOTS!" Kill me now... you all should have heard my voice Sunday morning after basically taking a knife to my throat with the limes and lemons. Woof.

So after living like I'm going to die tomorrow (actually, I really felt like I was on my death bed) (I'm invincible... or so I thought), Lindsey pries me away from a rather questionable situation and we head to Fuzzy's for some late night, but only after Mary tried to convince her to leave Katie in the back seat, passed out.

"Just leave her there! Just crack the windows. She can stay in here for like five hours. We do it all the time!"

I'm glad Mary confused her close friend with her dog... by the way, that's animal cruelty, Mare. Just saying.

Sunday ended on a good note. We peeled ourselves out of bed and made it to Blue Mesa's brunch, the holy grail of brunches. Everything in Fort Worth is so convenient and clean. And fun.

It's hard not to go back to a place you called 'home' for four years and not get a little misty eyed. All of these memories and emotions instantly flooded back into my mind. The people I spent my time with, my daily routines, studying at Starbucks on Sundays; how Fort Worth looked and felt in the winter, the excitement of seeing friends after coming back from summer vacation, recruitment, mixers, new dates and breakups. Everywhere I went, some kind of memory was attached to it. Good or bad, I'm glad I had it, especially in Fort Worth.

Photo time!

Our recent DIY manis. Kristen is Caucasian. Anything is possible, ladies!

Close up -- Love the Sally Hansen stick-ons!

Bake me a cake.

We forgot to do our signature photo pose!!!!

little bit

Dallas: So trendy right now

Mary Knox was right: "Georgetown breeds beautiful people."

My iPhone camera was doing a craptastic job at focusing. The BLUU


The Jam Wows

Rest in Peace, Margarita Glasses.

Standard "Knox's head on my bossom" pose.

bahaha for the love

Before Katie was going to be treated like a dog

Best. Brunch. Ever.

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