Nov 9, 2011

Allow yourself to dream

I haven't done one of these in awhile, but I'm feeling rather festive and I figure when my heart is full of emotion, there is only one thing to do: write, write, write.

Do you have a dream for your life? 

Allow yourself to have a dream. Allow yourself to have a grandiose vision for what you want your life to be. It might not be God's will, however, in the process of getting to "your" dreams, God will lead you to His. Otherwise, we're sitting around, complacent. Right?

I think a lot of us are scared to admit things we truly want out of life. I joke a lot online and can dish it as well as I can take it, but in the end, I truly want to find love. I want to be married. I want to find another person who, I feel, completes every ounce of my being. I don't know if that is God's will for me. Maybe I am meant to be alone. Which would be totally fine, if that was his will. But right now, I admit that I am longing to find someone to love, even though I repress that feeling most of the time. (Caaan an-y-bod-y find me somebody to love?)

Stupid, girly emotions! :) But really, I think that could be the greatest thing in life. To love another and receive it in return.

I also have a grand dream (several, actually) for my career. I know in my heart what I want. And I hope that it comes true, only because in the end, I hope I can provide things for the people I care about, and take care of others in need. Maybe in the process of getting to where I'd like to be, God is helping me achieve those things. Only time will tell.

Don't feel stupid or naive for having a dream, or multiple dreams. Remember when you were a kid and anything was possible? Maybe you didn't feel that way, or didn't have a life that allowed you to feel that way. I want to send your some encouragement. Getting older means more responsibilities and more opportunities to feel like we can't do what we really want, or we can't. You can, and you should. Do things that ignite your soul, set fire in your heart, and make you truly blissful.

I'm at a period in my life where I am truly independent. I take that back. I am somewhat independent: I am single; I have a family, but I know I can't rely on them for everything. I have friends, but they can't fight my battles. The only thing I can truly rely on is my faith in God, which has been tested the past two years. I find it to be the most fulfilling relationship I've ever had. (Sorry Mom.)

Some of you may say, "I had dreams for my life, but I had to give them up," or "My dreams didn't come true." Just because one dream didn't go as you had hoped, it doesn't mean that you should give up on that one in particular, or give up on dreaming all together. Dreams give us hope and something to look forward to. Listen, you might not be the star of the basketball team anymore; you might not have made it to the collegiate or NBA level. But you can reassess what you're truly good at and reinvent your dreams.  You might not have gotten that recording contract, but you could be the star of your town. You could become a vocal coach or choir leader. Or maybe your dreams will take you away from your original intentions. That's the beauty of them: they're not set in stone. You can alter and change them to benefit you.
Sometimes, initial dreams you might have for yourself might not go the path you'd like, but they will help you in your walk through life to benefit others, the greatest gift each have within. I'm going to write this carefully because it's about my Mima, who I am missing. I miss her most around the holidays and I just think about what a gem she was to our entire family. My mom's initial aspirations in life were to go to law school. She didn't because our family wasn't wealthy in the slightest, and she spent her life working to help Mima pay the bills and help send some money to my uncle while he was in college. She ended up going to cosmetology school, a huge benefit to me (I must say) because she's the only living soul I trust to shape my eyebrows, and she gives a great men's haircut. But most importantly, when Mima got COPD, she couldn't handle the smell of hair salons, but always wanted her hair to look nice. So Mom would do her hair for her in the comfort of her own home. And that was the purpose of Mom going to cosmetology school.

Mom didn't go to law school, but she ended up being a paralegal for some years working for a (crazy) lawyer. Her experience there has helped her tremendously the past four years, something she wasn't expecting to go through.

Have faith and dream those dreams! Know that even when times are tough, when things aren't going "as planned," and when you feel like you're the lowest of low, you can only go up. That struggle you're going through is bringing you closer to the finish line. Stay confident, don't like anything break you, and allow yourself to dream.

As one my favorites, Oprah, has said: "Live your truth. God has bigger dreams for you than you could ever have for yourself." 

Or, as my most favorite has said, "Set the woods on fire." 

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