Nov 28, 2011

Hands are for giving


I've noticed a few of you are reading from retailers or businesses. First off, THANK YOU! I mean, I don't advocate reading this thing on company time... but if you're bored out of your minds, I appreciate that you're reading this little guy.

Second, I have a point: I want to do some special things this December. If you have any ideas or suggestions of companies, small businesses, etc. that participate in blogger outreach, PLEASE (please please) contact me at I would love to do some nice things for those in need this Christmas. I'm looking for everything, but here are some ideas I have. If you can help with any of these (or know anyone who can), please let me know:
  • Send a 20-something home for the holidays
  • Provide clothing, shoes and tolietries for a struggling family
  • Toy giveaways for a children's home
  • School supplies for underprivileged classrooms
That's a start. You don't have to be in the LA area -- I'm looking for donations from around the country (the world?) to help make this all come to fruition. Ultimately, I'd like to do a contest where readers write-in to help those in need.

Another idea I had is to set up a PayPal account to accept donations. At the end of the donation period, I'd donate all the money to a family in need this Christmas.

Sound good? Send me your ideas! I want this to be a collaborative effort. I can't do it without you!

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