Nov 9, 2011

Is the world about to implode?

Oh man. My Twitter feed is AMAZING tonight. I can't even explain to you the sh*t going on right now. But I will try.

So, as you all know, I've been tweeting about how much of a PR Crisis FAIL this whole Penn State thing is. Nobody handled anything correctly at all, and it's become a cluster of epic proportions. At least the Trustees have some brain cells, because Joe Pa was fired, for obvious reasons. I mean, the man willingly protected a rapist. Good job Joe Pa, you're a real winner.

Meanwhile, Penn State students have all lost THEIR DAMN MINDS and started some kind of Bush League riot, minus any kind of garbage cans being lit on fire or looting; instead, some mase was involved along with a few picketing posters. Also, this gem is what they were screaming: 

"F-ck the trustees!"

For those that don't see the poor choice of words and complete and utter irony in that statement, I don't know what to tell you. It's mind boggling that students are rioting the firing of a coach who was literally PROTECTING A RAPIST! Hello? Earth to Penn State? 

All of this is happening and it's like a sh*t storm of comments on Twitter. Various other things are happening: Piers Morgan is quitting America's Got Talent, which makes sense, because hell, isn't he British? The CMAs are going on and Taylor Swift is pretending to be surprised about winning the 948th time, Miranda Lambert needs a stylist; my mom is griping about how girls are wearing strapless dresses and have zero posture so they're tugging them up all night long. And, apparently, they can't afford a decent sound system at the CMA's, so everyone sounds like crap.

Also, earlier in the night, Rick Perry pretty much kissed his entire campaign good-bye by not knowing anything (as per usual) and again proving to us he really has no idea what he's talking about. (Surprisingly, I'm not liberal.)

Then, I go into pilates for an hour, only to check my Twitter (obviously) and Ashton Kutcher has dug himself yet another hole with this tweet (that he's since deleted):

"How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass"

It appears to be an honest mistake; he thought it was some kind of "football issue," not something about a rapist cover-up, you know, since Ashton is pretty much the #1 advocate of stopping sexual slavery. He's retweeting people calling him ignorant and an asshole and all this other stuff. My point is this: he's Ashton Kutcher, not Barack Obama. His one purpose in life is to be hot as hell, sell cameras, and look good naked while looking not as crazy as Charlie Sheen. Some of the best quotes from this Twitter crisis:

"Look! You DO have to be crazy to be on Two and a Half Men!"

"Didn't you cheat on your wife on your anniversary? Yeah, you're an expert on class!"

"That's the type of person supporting Joe PA right now: Ashton Kutcher. Let that one sink in, rioters."

I don't think we need to burn Ashton at the stake. I kind of love him and hope he wasn't an infidel... I also wish he would read more and stop being naked all the time.

MEANWHILE, Blake Griffin is asking the questions we all want to know: "Is Joe Paterno on Twitter or Facebook?" and some epic dipwad named @MailePRMedia is going through the motions with THIS Twitter convo. PS: I have no idea who this person is. PPS: I'm purple, she is pink and black.

The argument that Paterno is an "icon" is absurd. You can be an icon, doesn't mean you do what's right

(response out of nowhere)

 Ekkkkkk football coahces get burned @ the stake and my dad is one. You can't conroll everything that happensn trust me!

@MailePRMedia I'm sorry, but he knew about all of this. He deserves to go. It's a crime.
  if my dad who is an #NCAA #CollegeCoach thought he could controll me in collage..... #GoodLuck....

@MailePRMedia based on your comments, you clearly know nothing about this case.
Hmmmmm ok. I just can't burn a fottball coach at the steak for a socitey crime.... The cannot controll the entire commity. #Sorry

@MailePRMedia it wasn't a society crime. He knowingly let rape happen on school grounds; multiple officials were told
@MailePRMedia and nobody did anything about it because it would mess with the football program.
 Maybe he's guilty. But based on the slash and burn of  and  I can't just jump on the band wagon....

Youre entitled to your opinion, but being the coaches' daughter doesn't mean you know what the hell you're talking about @MailePRMedia
@MailePRMedia try reading the case and then put up a fight if you think it was wrong to fire him. As someone in PR, you should know better

 Ummmm at Colorado or eslewhere b/c Barnett & his players were found innocent but no1 publicized that....

Everyone give @aplusk a friggen break. His job is to be hot, promote Nikon and look like a lesser idiot than Sheen. Not know worldly things.

 Ok I am too emotionally connected. Read about my father  a SuperBowlChamp and moral / religous leader. 

@MailePRMedia so you're emotionally connected to this story, about a coach who protected a man who was RAPING CHILDREN?

 maybe I am basing all  on my experience but my father is a shiny example of how it should be done. 
 Read on article about my family and fooball and you'll understand.

Understand having a family member in the media spotlight? No way! RT @MailePRMedia: Read about my family and football... you'll understand.

 ofcourse being coaches daughter means I understand!  chews and spits out coaches for no reason... Why wouldn't ?
@MailePRMedia you are an epic dumbass. The end. You have NO IDEA about this man and you're still defending him. He's not your father.

In case anyone cares, @MailePRMedia thinks that people who protect rapists shouldn't be fired, because her dad is a coach. Hmm. Great logic.

So yeah, THAT HAPPENED. Maybe I'm the clueless one for not knowing who her father is and maybe lack in sports knowledge, because (apparently) her dad is the Patron Saint of football, so much so that he alone makes it okay for other coaches to knowingly let a rapist roam free and molest young children in the Penn State locker room. I really need to meet this man. He makes the immoral, moral!

In all seriousness, I looked up Brian Cabral and he doesn't seem like a bad guy. NFL Linebacker, played for several teams including Green Bay, so I instantly like him because we all know I heart the Packers. And he won a Super Bowl with the Bears. He recently met our President since the Bears didn't get to hit the White House after their Super Bowl win. I would venture to say I have respect for this guy. However, I have to wonder what makes his daughter so passionate about a man who covers up rape.

I'll attribute it to the fact that Thursday night we have a Full Moon, which definitely brings out the crazy!

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Wowwww.... and that "PR" person still had very poor grammatical errors...Love that you stood up for yourself, Kirbie! Powered by Blogger.
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