Nov 6, 2011

Marine Corps Ball giveaway featuring Jewelmint & Rent the Runway!

I love giveaways and I figured this was a great reason to throw another one!

I'm attending the Marine Corps Birthday Ball this year, thanks to my friend Emily, in Vegas at the Hard Rock. Most of you are familiar with this ball solely on the fact that people like JT and Mila Kunis has been invited, however, it's more than just a celebrity affair. My dad has gone to a few and Emily's Uncle is one of our active servicemen, so he happily offered to get us tickets.

This is going to be a single woman's paradise. Have you seen an Officer and a Gentleman? So help me God, I'm going to need some serious strength and a chastity belt to get through the weekend. (Just kidding about the chastity belt thing. But you get the point.)

What is it about a man in uniform? It's not that they look just so breathtakingly gorgeous, but when a woman sees a man in his dress blues, it's magical. Not every man is allowed the privilege of wearing the uniform, and it's also apparent that men who are allowed the privilege are true men, who have offered something invaluable to our country: their service.

I imagine this entire trip being something similar to that episode of Sex and the City when it's Fleet Week and a bunch of hot men from the Navy are frolicking around New York in search for women. I can see Vegas being transformed into a Marine Corps paradise, with men in white gloves buying us drinks and offering to dance with us to swing music.

Or it could be a hot mess...

Anyway, here's the deal. I'm going shopping this coming weekend for *the* dress. And I want some inspiration!

KG2H's Marine Corps Ball Giveaway
Rules & Regulations

Enter to win great prizes from Rent the Runway, Jewelmint, and more!

Send me an outfit to wear via Polyvore. Note: you don't have to submit a design to win. However, you do have to be a Facebook Fan and following me on Twitter, with a comment on this post.

  • Designs must be created on, the web’s largest community of tastemakers and trendseekers
  • Submissions should include:
    • One item from Rent the Runway, a community dedicated to affordable high fashion
    • One accessory from Beachmint (Jewelmint or Beautymint), companies with big names like Kate Bosworth and Jessica Simpson backing the sites with their fashion and beauty expertise
    • Criteria for the outfit
      (Criteria must be met or entries will be disqualified)
      • Dress can be any length, but please lean towards either gowns or knee-length; if using Rent the Runway, use the Polyvore Clipping Tool to save the dress or accessory of your choice.
      • Look in categories such as “Black Tie” or “Dresses à Length à Long or Short”
      • Dresses must be under $250, rented or purchased
      • Shoes should be $150 or less
      • Unlimited cost on accessories
    Be creative and think outside the box. If you find a dress under $250 on another site that you love, use it and then use Rent the Runway to rent a bangle, Jewelmint for earrings, etc.

    Entry period opens on Monday, November 7th and ends Tuesday, November 15th at 9:00 PM PST (12:00 AM EST). Submissions must be published on Polyvore, then submitted to as a link (or embedded) in the comments section of the giveaway post. Please include your name and email in the comment so I can easily contact the winner.

    Example* is as follows:

    Marine Corps Ball Giveaway

    *Just an example. Design your own outfit based on the guidelines.

    The winner will be announced on Wednesday, November 16th and will win:
    • A $50 Gift Certificate to Rent the Runway
    • A gift certificate to Jewelmint
    • A skincare set from Arcona (Magic White Ice, Tea Tree Mask & Desert Mist)
    • Polish from NYX
    • Shampoo & Conditioner from Organix 
    and more!

    For ad sales, swag bag donations and press inquiries, contact me at
    Find me on Twitter (@kirbiej), Facebook (,  Youtube, and my national beauty column on


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