Nov 27, 2011

Waking up in Vegas

Last Sunday, I traveled to Vegas with the girls for the Marine Corps Ball. Going to Vegas is always something to get excited about, but we were all especially thrilled at the idea of meeting some military men.

Before I get anyone's hopes up, we didn't meet any men. Most men that go to a military ball? They're in a relationship or brought a date. DUH. But it didn't matter. Sometimes, just getting to look at the juice is worth the squeeze -- if you know what I'm saying.

Anyway, we were all pretty psyched about the fact that we'd get a night to party and a night to dress up in gowns. When was the last time we got to wear a gown? When would be the next? It's a pretty monumental occasion, none the less. Kudos to Emily who actually wore her Senior Prom dress. Girlfriend is skinny. Looking good, Em. 

Free din at Lavo! 

I simultaneously love and hate Vegas. For instance, after the ball, we went to Marquee: the number one  nightclub in Vegas. You couldn't tell though, between the three piles of vomit, the eight flights of stairs we had to take, and the all-around craptastic human beings we had to expose ourselves to there. It was pretty Bush League, in my opinion. LMFAO was playing, and our promoter "friend" invited us to join, along with probably 3,000 other people. Once we got to the club, some bouncer asked us if we wanted to get "free drinks at a table with guys that weren't old" and we obliged, 100% because we wanted free drinks. These men were all from the Jersey Shore. Actually, from Hoboken. Seemed nice enough but they were all "bro-ing out" to the max and barely said two words to us. Within 10 minutes, the bouncer was back to escort us away from the table, probably because they realized our vaginas weren't hanging out, but mostly because we didn't look like transvestites (coincidentally, the women they brought over after us looked like a walking tranny convention). 

However, the first night we got there, we enjoyed ourselves at the Concierge Lounge at the Palazzo = free booze and light nomage, which essentially equated to a free dinner. One reason I loooooove Vegas. Then we made our way to gamble and ended up meeting a promoter, who not only set us up with a free table at Lavo, but called us to ask if we wanted a comped dinner before hand -- someone had just cancelled and all we had to do is walk in and say we were "Jen Regina." I am down with free tables as along as men aren't there, because most men you meet in Vegas are epic douchelords.

Minus Emily spilling an entire spread of Penne alla Vodka all over her dress (and subsequently ruining it -- and people calling her "greasy pasta ass"), we had a blast that night. In fact, we had been drinking since 5:00. Therefore, we were in bed no later than 12:30. I wish I was kidding. The saddest part about that entire situation is that Prince Harry was in town at XS, which we were supposed to go to after the "greasy pasta ass" incident. My mother's dream of me becoming a royal could have come true. Now we'll never know...

Meanwhile, a wicked cold was brewing this entire trip. I had a pretty ill Thanksgiving, and not ill in a "wicked awesome" kind of way. Ill as in "sick." (Not a good sick. Drainage and coughing sick.) So we spent most of the day on Monday in our room before we had to start preparing for the ball. I kid you not. We didn't even venture outside. We didn't gamble. We didn't shop. We got up early, ate breakfast at the lounge (for free!) and then went back to the room and proceeded to nap, watch YouTube videos and figure out who passed the bar and who didn't (a simple pleasure for many 3Ls). 

Let's get to it: the ball. Here are the deets:

I wore a lovely gown from David Meister, that I actually rented from Rent the Runway. I highly recommend doing this, especially if you have a fancy event coming up and you need a dress for one night. I wanted to wear something gorgeous, but frankly couldn't afford spending $600 on a dress I could wear just once. (Maybe someday.) The entire RTR experience was fab. The dress arrived on time, and they send you two sizes, both which come with self-addressed, stamped packages to send them back in. I rented mine for eight days for $160.00, and because I was having issues ordering, they threw in a free accessory for me to wear (earrings -- however, I wore my own instead). They also send you fashion tape in the event you need it, and everything is dry cleaned and in pristine condition when you receive it. You don't have to worry about cleaning it yourself, or if anything falls off or you spill wine, because it comes with insurance (added into the cost).

I did, however, have issues with the fit. The size two was perfect all over, except the length. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I got a temporary hem and just cut the thread before sending the gown back. Worked like a charm and the dress looked like it was tailor made for my body. I absolutely loved it! My earrings and bracelet I both got at Nordstrom a few years ago; the shoes are Charles by Charles David ($60.00 DSW) and the clutch is Poppy ($30.00 at DSW). 

The ball was at the Hard Rock. There are a few components to the entire night: the ceremony, which lasts an hour, dinner, and then the party. I was crying pretty much the entire ceremony. They had a celebration of the Marines since they started, and had current servicemen dressed up in fatigues and dress blues from over the years to depict monumental moments in our country's history, like Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Then a video was shown which went more in depth about how much our Marines contribute to our country. It's hard to watch a video of those planes crashing into the Twin Towers and not have your heart break all over again. They interviewed Marines in the video, who talked about when 9/11 happened, they weren't actively serving, but pulled out their badge (card?) and showed NYPD, who gladly let them help with search and rescue. One man recalled going to the rubble and screaming, "United States Marine Corps! Is anybody there?" And people from all over, trapped, started yelling for help; some cheering, because they knew the Marines would save them.

It's really hard to express the emotional gravity of the video or the ceremony. It was very touching, especially being among the men themselves in their dress blues. Whenever they would stand, the would stand at attention. No matter how young or old, they did it. I loved absolutely every minute of it, especially how they commemorated every event, good or bad.

During one portion of the night, they cut the (delicious) birthday cake. They had a kid up there who was born in 1992 and he was from Round Rock! He was the youngest Marine there. He's my brother's age... crazy to think of what he has done and seen in such a short life so far. 

Within the ceremony, one speaker (the Commanding Officer, Colonel David J. Furness) talked about the Marines and how it's similar to a church, with annual rituals and relationships that are built within the following. He also talked about how being a Marine wasn't a job, it was calling. Marines feel that way about their job. It's not a duty, it's a God-given necessity.

My dad was in the Marines for 13 years, and the National Guard for seven. I remember when he could come home in fatigues and that one of my favorite shirts to wear was his ARMY tee. I was soft and I loved wearing it around the house. I am thankful for my father and all of our servicemen, active or retired. Going and experiencing this entire event made me appreciate them even more and see things from another perspective.

By the way, we know this dude is from the Navy. They had some of the Marines' comrades there. However, one of them wasn't too appreciative of the Marines, as he kept bashing them and saying the Navy was were it's at. Uh, dude, do you realize you're at the MARINE CORPS BALL? You probably should shut up. He didn't. He then went on to say he didn't like the Officer sitting across from us, which just so happened to be Emily's uncle. Good one, dude... (Note: it wasn't the guy I'm pictured with.)

All in all, we had an absolute blast during our two-day Vegas stint. I feel like we have another trip in store for us in 2012!

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