Dec 5, 2011

Holiday Shopping for the Ladies 2011: Girlfrans


Here's the first video for Holiday Shopping for the Ladies of 2011! It's all about those ladies who outlive any man (literally and figuratively): your friends.

This is focused for women-on-women gifting, however, guys, you can definitely put these things together for your best girlfriends. Just be advised you'll forever be stuck in the "friends" zone if you gift her a Scentportable from Bath and Body Works.

The video skills are a tad rusty but give me a break, it's the first one I've done in a year. Sue me. It's somewhat choppy as I forgot videos have to be under 10 minutes for Youtube. I'll remember that tonight & will have another video up tomorrow! In the meantime, send me any suggestions you may have ( I think I'll also go rogue and do a Gentleman's Gift Guide this year as well!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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