Dec 12, 2011

Holiday Shopping for the Ladies: Elephant in the Room

As a child, I hated White Elephant gift exchanges, mostly because I didn't understand them and nobody bothered to explain them to me. In all honesty, I was all about buying some extravagant gift that I could steal for myself, but my mother was always the one to bring me down to Earth and tell me to get something for $20 or less. Bah Humbug!

I inevitably would end up with a Chia Pet that looked (ironically) exactly like my Uncle Mark (who, for a majority of my life, had a fro). Why buy gifts that are a burden to have, rather than enjoyable? (Disclaimer: Uncle Mark is not a burden; he is rather a joy to be around. The Chia Pet version? Not so much.)

Well, my friends, thanks to ModCloth and Urban Outfitters, White Elephant exchanges are not only fun, but hipster chic. Being the Twitter bird that I am, I've been inspired by a few celebrities I follow. Here are some celebrity-inspired gifts (literally and figuratively) for your upcoming festive holiday soiree.

Chrissy Teigen: Moustache Bandages

I wouldn't recommend putting these on your upper lip unless you want a wax-like experience, but placing them around a cut on your finger makes for some instant entertainment. Side note: Chrissy (@ChrissyTeigen) is hands-down my absolute favorite person to follow on Twitter. She's hot (SI swimsuit model), self-deprecating, loves food, and does fun stuff with her boyfriend, John Legend. OH -- and she has THE CUTEST DOGS EVER. My affinity for english bulldogs (any bulldog really) is a defining characteristic of mine, and both her french & english babies are ADORE.A.BULL. (Get it?) I would happily babysit Pippa and Puddy here in LA if she ever needed someone local...

Kristin Cavallari: Bedazzled Vaseline
Win online or DIY

A girl in my office has a giant Vaseline in her office that's bedazzled and I'm semi-obsessed with it. Most of my friends know me as "The girl who owns a pink, leopard print, Swarovski bedazzled camera" (something fierce), and since Vaseline makes it to the #2 spot on my must-have beauty products list, I think this is an adorably-awesome gift idea. What's better? Make it yourself! Bust out the glue gun and create a sparkly, cheaper version for your best girlfrans. And don't stop there: bedazzle lotion, travel-size products, and the like! I wonder if @Glitter_n_Glue would do a featured how-to post?

Kikkerland Head Massager
$6.00, Urban Outfitters

This doesn't really remind me of a celebrity. I just figure a lot of these people must have intense headaches having to deal with the crazies here in LA. Also, it reminds me of a scalp massage at Drybar, an LA staple, so this is a great stand-in when you can't afford the $35 blowout!

Skuuzi Koozie
$28.00, Urban Outfitters

Again, no celeb inparticular comes to mind, but I feel like we'll see a thousand of these in Silverlake. If you choose to double-fist, you'll need to purchase two.

Sesame Street Mittens in Oscar
$34.99, ModCloth

Calling Jason Segal! Or my grouchy boss!

Statement of the Art necklace
$49.99, ModCloth

When I saw this, my brain screamed, "RACHEL. ZOE!!!!!!" I know it's a tad expensive for a White Elephant, but maybe you and your friends can decide on a chic-er version of White Elephant, like Opal Elephant.

The Elf Sweater

This needs no introduction at all but HOLY KRIS KRINGLE. My obsession with Elf is situated at "particularly unhealthy" so this would be the gift I'd fight to the death for. Bye Buddy, hope you find your DAD!!!
Reindeer Hat

Where has this been all my life? I hope I can get expedited shipping for the holiday chaos that will undoubtedly ensue at the holiday party I'm hitting up this weekend!

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