Dec 20, 2011

Things I should be doing but I'm not: Part 2939292

You know when Diane Keaton is straight-up wailing in Something's Gotta Give? It's like, borderline ridiculous, and half annoying (yet an awesome movie)? That was me circa, oh, say, 25 minutes ago. I hate crying, I acting irrational, and I would like to believe I'm a patient, calm and collected when sh*t truly hits the fan. But tell me if sobbing like an infant in this situation isn't natural: 

I'm studying and rehearsing for tomorrow's shoot, when I realize I don't know when I'm supposed to get to the airport Thursday. Non-chaulant like, I login to to see my itinerary. 


No upcoming trips.
No "Your Trip is Around the Corner!" email.

I thought it was bizarre because the first thing I did with my Southwest credit card was buy this trip home for Christmas with my free flight. I go back to my emails -- can't find any verification. I go to my sent mail to see if I forwarded to my parents. Nada. I even looked in my precious "Travel" folder on my Gmail and didn't find jack crap.

I. just. can't. I need this extended vacay. I need my childhood home. I need a home cooked meal. Please Lord, help a sistah OUT. I didn't go home for Thanksgiving, and I'm not missing Christmas!!!!

Cue the waterworks, people. For a hot minute, I thought I lost my mind and didn't book a flight home for Christmas. But you know me; I'm pretty on top of my stuff, especially when it comes to holidays -- definitely when it comes to Texas. Am I really this delusional? Am I now going to spend Christmas alone in bed, crying while watching A Christmas Story? (Or getting hammed, perhaps?)

I went to my Rapid Rewards statements and noticed a hefty amount was removed to Redeem reward travel on 12/22-1/02. JACKPOT. It had a confirmation number and everything. So, I give it the ol' honest try and enter in the confirmation number, but to no avail.

Southwest suggested I call them because they were having issues finding my reservation. (So help me God.) So here I am, at 1:00 in the morning, listening to elevator music/some derivative of the "Terms of Endearment" theme because, apparently, here's what happened (according to a very nice and accommodating Southwest representative):

  • I booked my flight
  • A "glitch" happened
  • My flight was not booked
  • Yet it still took out all my rewards points, didn't redeem them, and also didn't book the bloody flight
Thankfully, Tabitha is working with a tech consultant on getting this flight rebooked. I think she's doing it partly because it's her job, but mostly because she could tell I've been a blubbering buffoon. Furthermore, my parents have a real special, mostly inaudible but highly hilarious voicemail to (hopefully) delete immediately tomorrow morning. Something along the lines of "Wah wah wah, I'm not coming home for Christmas, wee wah wah wah." 

I still don't have a flight, but I need to get back to studying. Stay tuned!

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