Dec 26, 2011

"Let's set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun"

Well my friends, the time has come. (To raise the roof and have some fun...)

FUN will be had. After all, 25 is a quarter of a century! Is this where I officially commence my quarter-life crisis? I'm pretty sure I went through that around, say, two-ish years ago, so let's hope not.

25. Does this mean I can rent a car without hassle? Does my car insurance go down? OH THE POSSIBILITIES!

If you couldn't tell, this is my annual birthday post. Hoorah! I made it through my early twenties alive!

More importantly, 25 signifies that I'm officially in my late 20s. If I can quote Jessica Simpson (and I will), I recall when she was turning the tender age of 23 on Newlyweds, when she was receiving endless bouquets of roses, tulips, daisies and the like, and she says, "23? That's almost mid-twenties!"

That's me, folks. Mid-twenties, right here. I can't believe it. Can anyone else who has been 25 or has just turned 25 believe that they are fully capable of being a functioning, responsible adult? It blows my mind that college is already over; that I am living in another state, miles and miles away from my family. That I have to pay car insurance and figure out health benefits. That I could give birth to a child and it wouldn't be some kind of 16 and Pregnant disaster -- albeit a disaster, just not something completely horrible -- and I can't claim "dependent" status on my taxes.

I feel like I've learned so much over the past year. I will say this for the thousandth time, but one thing I love about LA is the opportunity it brings. I love that they're always a party to go to and celebrity sightings to spot, and while I pride myself on keeping my cool around them, I hope I never lose the "pep" in my step when I see them -- even if it is just for two seconds.

This time last December, I had never worked The GRAMMY Awards or Elton John's Oscar Party; I had never taken a hosting class or been on an real hosting audition before. My living situation was completely different; I didn't know my current roommate existed at this point! Two of the dearest friends I have made in LA, Natalie and Shauna, were not as close to me as they are now. My relationships with my coworkers truly turned into long-withstanding friendships; they're people I would call up to go out with me at a moment's notice or invite over for movies and popcorn.

Mentervention wasn't even invented yet! Kirbie Goes to Hollywood was still my baby, I was working with Examiner, however not nationally, and I was trying to figure out a way to get involved with Giuliana Rancic (enter FabFitFun in March '11).

I have some crazy stories from 24: the night of epicness, featuring Rufio, at Ryan & Zac's houses; drinking champagne with Jack Dawson, the epic Taye Diggs incident at EJ's Oscar Party; Winning "Best Halloween Costume" (as Twitter, of course) at The Marble Mansion, realizing there's less than six degrees of separation between the Glee cast and the entire population of Los Angeles residents; working The GRAMMY Nominations concert this year during hurricane force winds, Marine Corps Ball madness, Dodgers' games, shaking chili-infused vinegar in people's eyes (not maliciously) to "make it rain" and/or "making it rain" anywhere possible (bathrooms, bars, cars). I got to see Oprah in the FLESH! I attended my first movie premiere (Scream 4) -- fun!

Mostly, in between all of the events, the friendships formed, and the absolute blast I had this entire year, I learned a few things about myself:

I'm actually pretty patient. I like being independent (eh, I already knew that). People like me for being who I am. If the email responses at work are any indication, I'm at the very least a little funny, somewhat clever, and people enjoy my writing. :) I tend to write people off; some of the best surprises are hidden under your nose, so give everything and everyone a chance! I have the travel bug!!! I'm turning into my mother. (I guess I have some tenderness in this cold, cold soul of mine somewhere...) I make the right decisions. My intuition is always spot-on. I'm a great investigator, a terrible loser (a great competitor?), and a decent car-and-shower singer when need be. I will never forget the choreography to "Oops...!" or "I Want You Back." Moscow Mules are my favorite; Ciroc Obamas are a close second. And at the risk of sounding completely vulnerable and like a total hopeful romantic: being single makes me whole -- I appreciate myself more than I ever have -- but deep down, I hope I find someone else (quoting Christina Yang: my "person") to share all the fun with. But who doesn't? :)

Thanks to everyone who made this past year so much fun for me. And to circle back to the title of this post, here's one of my favorite songs ever, as covered by Glee. We are young, my friends. xox

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