Aug 31, 2011

You are more than enough

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart."
Jeremiah 1:5

I know, personally, that sometimes we have a desire in our heart, yet we aren't positive on how to act upon it. We have all grown to be independent and strong adults, but going through life, we've learned to depend on others: our parents, our friends, our boyfriend or girlfriend; our boss, employees, the university, our professors, and so on. Weining off those dependencies can be difficult and somewhat frightening even.

But I have news for you: you are more than enough. Yes. Just you. When the world seems too big, when things get too hard to handle, when you're concerned as to how you'll be able to achieve the promise God has put in your heart, don't fret. He put that promise in you for a reason, and the wonderful thing about The Big Man Upstairs is that he makes promises he keeps.

Something I'm realizing is that God doesn't ask us to do things without giving us the ability to do so. God did not call me to California knowing I would fail. God didn't put the desire in your heart to go to grad school, knowing the courseload would be too difficult or that you couldn't afford it. He didn't put the thought in your mind to stop smoking or to diet, knowing you were incapable of having self-discipline.

Those are just a few examples, but God planned your life before He created the foundation of the Earth, which is not only amazing, but also comforting and awe-inspiring. He called me to California for a reason. I know the reason in my heart, as He does. While I may not have achieved my ultimate goal yet, I feel God working in my life, giving me abilities I never knew I had. He's not going to send you to grad school so you can live a life of 'not enough' and endure a stressful workload, not able to learn. He won't give you the desire to get in shape or quit something if you were not physically or mentally able to.

God's plan, rest assured, is always in place. Even when you fail or go the 'wrong' direction. God doesn't give up on His plans for you. Perhaps you didn't listen to God's will the first time -- it's okay, it might take you longer to receive and achieve the promise He has for you, but the promise is still there. It's not going anywhere.

That's the spectacular thing. The plan is always in place. No need to worry of mistakes and failure. It will all transpire in it's own time.

Furthermore, I know I have many times where I am in awe of other people: how smart they are, how successful they've become. It's inspiring yet overwhelming. "They're really making moves in their life. They've already had so much success. Maybe I'm too young, too old, too timid, too aggressive..."

God said this to Jeremiah:

“Do not say, ‘I am too young.’ You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you. Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you." (1:7-8)

When God puts desires in your heart, do not be afraid to act on them. They are there for a reason, and He gives you the ability for success. Listen to His whisper in your heart.

Sometimes, we put ourselves in the backseat and cheer on our peers, when we all are meant shine. God puts desires in our hearts so we can fulfill them, if they are His will. Don't stay on the sidelines when you are meant to be a game changer! Be proactive and make it happen. That fills God's heart with joy, as it does your own. It's a win-win, with nothing to lose.

You don't need anyone else to help you achieve, because you are more than enough. God won't ask you to do something without putting in within you first. You are more than able; your dreams are not dependent on anyone else except for you and God himself!

“His word burns in my heart like a fire. It’s like a fire in my bones.” Jeremiah 20:9

Aug 29, 2011

After the party is the hotel party...

The crazy thing about living in Los Angeles is probably that I don't even get to see the award shows because of the time zone difference. I wish they would telecast the award shows live so we can actually see what happens before heading off to celebrate.

Ideally, when I moved out here, I wanted to get invited to all the award show after parties. Those are fun to me, mostly because you get to see celebrities, but also before you get a ton of a free crap. And who doesn't love free swag? I can say, now, that I've been to more than a dozen award parties and no matter how many more I'll go to, I'll always act like that idiot who has never had a swag bag before. Last night, Nat and I were high fiving each other once we pulled out the Rembrandt Whitening Strips. Honestly, I should never pay for beauty products again in my lifetime. I have piles of product from PR firms and swag bags all over my room. I know, embarrassment of riches. I feel very blessed.

But yeah, we made such a spectacle regarding our swag bags that the photographer from InTouch came over and asked us to reenact our glee because he wanted to take some photos. I felt very much like Heidi and Spencer.

So I guess I can confirm that last night we attended the InTouch Idols and Icons VMA After Party at Sunset Towers. Upon arrival, we walked past Kasey and Vienna from Bachelor Pad. Vienna is interesting because she acts just like she does on the show. Take that as you will. We also whisked by Melissa, the nutcase, who is unbelievably skinny but pretty. She kind of has a Gwyneth Paltrow thing going on.

I took this as my cue: we were at Bachelor Pad? I couldn't be certain. I was hoping we weren't due for a "strip down to our skivvies" session to be pelted by paint balloons. Shockingly, Jack Pavelka was nowhere in sight.

I set up shop at the Candy Bar because, obviously, I love sweets. They had rock candy which reminds me of my childhood, but it also turned my mouth green so I had to put a swift end to that. Womp womp.

Other notables: Kendra showed up and literally the girl looks like a My Size Barbie. She's lost all the weight from her pregnancy and is looking fine, fresh and fierce. We had a goal to take a shot with her, but then again I'm not a creepazoid that interferes with celebrities. I quietly look on and would rather not be the dipstick that asks for photos and autographs.

30 minutes in

An added benefit to this party: it was sponsored by EOS lip balm, which I'm borderline obsessed with (Summer Mint is my favorite). The entire night, girls came by with trays filled with different flavors, so Nat and I continously kept grabbing them. Really, my purse looked like an Easter basket. We managed to fit 14 in there at one point. They also handed out super cute EOS lotion.

One hour in

After being offered and graciously accepting more than our fair share of lip balm ("You'll never pay for lip balm in this town again!"), we ran around drinking some cocktails and enjoying the tunes of DJ Mom Jeans, among others. The party was also sponsored by UV vodka, who featured their cake flavor, which surprising tastes exactly like cake. They had these adorable little cupcake wrapper shot cups for us to take them out of.

Batter up!

In the midst of the chaos, JC Chasez ran by us. This sparked an immediate look at Nat which resulted in a fit of laughter, only because everyone made fun of me regarding my infamous "Kiss victory signal" I gave after laying one on his cheek, 12 years ago. I strongly considered showing him the video on my phone but decided not to risk my dignity in the process.

Other celebs include the dude from The Blind Side (I'm too lazy to look him up and can't remember his name) and the hottie from Grey's Anatomy. Not McDreamy or McSteamy. The newer one with a dark complexion and light eyes. Again, too lazy to look.

Jersey Shore was supposed to show, by my feet were about to amputate themselves so we called it a night shortly after 12:30, after getting way too psyched about the swag bag and indulging in a Frozen UV Coconut vodka snocone. It was delicous and perhaps my replacement for the Ciroc Obama, given Ciroc Coconut has been discontinued. 

Other noteable sightings for the month:
  • Today, Joel and Benji Madden eating lunch at Urth Caffe in WeHo. I wonder if they waited 30 minutes to get a salad, like I did.
  • Miley Cyrus came into work on Friday. I was way too thrilled with myself. Not like I had anything to do with her coming in, but still. I've never seen her before, and I always forget that she's not even 20 yet. She's very pretty in person. I always say that, but really, she was.
  • At the Falling Whistles event a few weeks ago, I met Vanessa Lengies, the new tone-deaf character on Glee. Adorable much?
And that'll do for now. A pretty exciting couple of a weeks and with so much to look forward to this fall.

2011 VMA Recap

I should have titled this blog post, "Why I should be running the show at MTV." I can guarantee you'll agree with everything I'm about to say. Why? I'm the people's person. I speak what everyone is dying to say. Let's pray to God that MTV finds this and takes some notes. I can see it now: next year, the entire VMA show will be produced by a contest winner name Kirbie Johnson...

To quote Adam Levine, last night was the one night of the year that MTV acts like they "give a shit" about music. Let's be real here: they could probably change their name to RTV and be more on point, given around 99% of their content is all reality-based, with a few scripted shows in between.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that most of the winners last night were a result of a popularity contest and not videos that actually had artistic integrity. Some videos were well-deserved winners, but others were less than qualified.

Here's my stance: at the Oscars, Grammys, what-have-you, people win because they deserve it. They win based on their talent. An actor doesn't win an Academy Award because the fans want them to win. The Academy selects the winner based on their performance. Sadly, several of the winners last night had less than inspiring videos, with no real 'meat' within them.

So let's get to the opinions... shall we?

I was just starting to like Gaga again, and then she pulls this crap. To say I'm borderline obsessed with 'You and I' would be an understatement; the rock 'n roll love ballad is a song I've played religiously on the spin machine. And I even dig the video -- while it's weird and seems to have no real concept whatsover, I found it amusing that she dressed in drag as her jilted lover, Jo. But this whole charade at the VMAs was ridiculous.

I felt like an imbecile watching her. Was she on ectasy? One can't be certain. I would have applauded her had she come out and done the whole schtick during her own peformance because, frankly, I actually kind of like Gentleman Gaga. To me, she (he) looks the best she's ever looked. Seriously. But drop the act after your time on stage. And the foul language? Are you trying to be a jilted ex-lover or Lil Wayne? I thought I was watching an episode of Jersey Shore for a minute. 
I did love that she brought out Queen's Brian May for the guitar solo. So awesome, especially since 'You and I' seems to have some Queen undertones going on. Dave Grohl's face was absolutely priceless -- I love when stars get giddy over other celebrities.

On the same note as Gaga, what kind of f*ckery was Nicki Minaj's outfit? Honestly. Get a grip. And Katy Perry? Ugh. I absolutely adore Katy and Nicki (and Gaga, even) and the fact that they all looked like a drug-induced version of The Village People really disappointed me. To quote myself from Twitter, "Gaga, Nicki & Katy. While I love them all, I'm sad for humanity. We all try so hard to stand out. It creates poor fashion choices." And HOW. Beyonce doesn't have to wear all kinds of stupid sh*t to get attention. She's just Beyonce. And she single-handedly stole the spotlight before the show even started! Gotta love her for that.

Beyonce announces her pregnancy. Getty Images

Granted, Beyo was lip-synching. Everyone was lip-synching for the most part, minus Adele and Jessie J. Let's talk about it: Adele was flawless, as per usual. MTV wishes they could get back to the days where they had true artists like this to promote. And Jessie J pretty much out-sang every artist she was covering. She sang Katy Perry's 'Firework' better than KP herself. You go girl.

Britney and Jo. Getty Images


Britney Spears. So many are arguing she is not due for a Lifetime Achievement Award given she's "in the middle of her career." I have so many comments on this, but I'll try to be brief. First off, Britney is not in the middle of her career. In MTV standards, she's a veteran. She's the Betty White of pop music. She's been around forever, and far longer than any other contenders in the room -- and by a long shot. Katy Perry, Adele, Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber... they're all fairly new to the music scene. The only other person worthy of the award would have been Eminem, given he's the only one that's been around that long and is still relevant to the music scene.  Christina Aguilera would be a contender if she had any decent music to applaud this year, as well as JT, but given his new acting career has taken off, it wouldn't have made much sense. 
So yeah, Britney is eligible for AARP in MTV world. The fact is that her career is more than halfway over. Can you foresee Brit Brit wearing scantily clad attire and singing about threesomes for the next 30 years? Hell no. Girlfriend is over it. She's made that pretty clear from her lackluster performances. By the way, MTV, way to take a giant dump on your Lifetime Achievement Award recipient with that craptastic tribute. The dancing children were adorable, but you couldn't manage to get a few powerhouses in there to sing a few of her biggest hits? The whole thing was maybe a minute and a half long and less than impressive. I would have loved to have secured Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC and an upcoming pop princess like Selena Gomez do a tribute. Granted, Brit Brit is more famous for her dancing, so applause there, but if they booked Christina to sing some "Baby One More Time" and *NSYNC to do a dance/doo wop medley of her biggest hits, that, my friends, would be ratings gold. Heck, having Justin Timberlake in general do a tribute to his ex-girlfriend would be enough for me. Anybody relevant to Britney would have been worthy.
Furthermore, you put her up there with Gaga, who clearly can't let anyone else have the spotlight -- even at their own tribute -- and make her introduce Beyonce? Poor choices, MTV. Then again, you people brought us Jersey Shore, so I'm not surprised.

Speaking of relevance, while I enjoyed Bruno Mars' performance for Amy Winehouse, I'm just a tad confused. Did Bruno ever meet Amy? And why was he singing 'Valerie,' a cover song that Amy performed? Great song, no doubt, but I would have preferred to have seen some "Tears Dry on Their Own." I'm glad he didn't bust out 'Rehab,' mostly because nobody will be able to do that song any justice. That song was Amy Winehouse. Anyone else singing it would have been a failed attempt.

I would have loved to have seen Mark Ronson up there saying a few words, given he produced Back to Black, and some UK artists belting out some of her best songs. Bruno did a great job, however, it was lacking for me.

I'm sure plenty of you are wondering who Tyler, The Creator is. He's like, 18 or 19, and from Los Angeles. Kanye loves him. And he's a part of the group Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All. Thanks, Cole Dabney, for introducing me to these people in May. He sounds like a little sh*thead and now he has a Moonman to fuel the fire. Super.

Lastly, let's get a run down of a few of the winners:

Best Video with a Message: 'Born This Way', Lady Gaga
Hmm. Yeah, the song has a message. The video's message, however, would be, "I sing, I dance half nude, and I was not born with these prosthetics." Frankly, an idiotic category, just to get Gaga a Moonman I suppose. Real winner should have been: Eminem, 'Love the Way You Lie' (great video) or P!nk, 'F#ckin' Perfect.' (I'm biased though, because my old roomie Ali is in that video!)

Best Pop Video: 'Until the World Ends', Britney Spears
I haven't seen a good music video from Britney Spears since 'Toxic', unless it was a drag cover from Ryan Yezak. So obviously I'm pissed because Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night' is a video pop dreams are made of: 80's theme, cameos gallore, a makeover; catchy beat and fun lyrics. Again, politics prevail and MTV felt obligated to award their Lifetime Award Recipient with an actual win.

Best Hip Hop Video: 'Super Bass', Nicki Minaj
No contest here. Hip Hop isn't really known for groundbreaking music videos, granted Kanye has produced quite a few that have been overlooked almost every year.

Best Female Video: 'Born This Way', Lady Gaga
NOOOOOOOO. For the love of God and sweet baby Jesus, NO. Beyonce's 'Run the World (Girls)' takes the cake for this category, given the impressive dancing and cinematography.

Best Male Video: 'U Smile', Justin Bieber
Aside from the fact that this song pisses me off (it's 'You.'), I do love the Biebs. However, did he deserve to win? I'm sure you can guess my answer. Cee Lo Green's '(The song known as) Forget You' should have won. Great art direction and a fun storyline. Eminem would have been a great contender as well.

Video of the Year: 'Firework', Katy Perry
Out of all the KP videos, this was the one selected as a nominee? Woof. I love the song but don't think the video is anything spectacular. In fact, most of the nominees were pretty crappy. I would have given it to Adele for 'Rolling in the Deep.'

All in all, what are we to expect? It's MTV, a literal sh*t show of a station. The only gratifying moment was when Beyo grabbed her pregnant belly while Jay-Z and Kanye jump around like a bunch of young children worshiping their idol. Hopefully MTV will make some changes in the coming years and start producing content that the public can actually look forward to.

Aug 25, 2011

You make my dreams come true, doo doo

Well well well... what do we have here? It's the video I've been waiting for! I am actually very hesitant to post this because I am semi-embarrassed by these antics. I also feel like if JT ever saw this blog... my chances would be zero. But I am a slave to the readers, and I know you guys will get a kick out of this. So screw it, maybe I ruin my chance at true love with JTizzle. All in the name of Blogger.

I have this VHS tape of when I met *NSYNC back in 1999. This was the only recorded meeting... granted Jen and I meet them around four-six times. Wish I was kidding, but I'm not. We were fanatics. (Thanks Uncle Rog for the fabulous hook up.)

So I have to post this for obvious reasons. But I just watched this thing for the first time in AGES. I mean, I don't even own a VHS player anymore. I can' remember how long it's been, but Uncle Mark converted it to an internet file and now I just uploaded it to Youtube. I remember watching it as a kid a just reliving the excitement, and now I cringe, yet I'm still pretty giddy. I mean COME ON. This was my childhood dream.  My mom always said how she would just die is she met Donny Osmond or David Cassidy, and here I am meeting my favorite band at 13 -- more than once? That's pretty awesome for anyone.

Breakdown of the situation that's about to play out: my mom overheard me and my friend Mallory talking one day in the kitchen. We were both betting on who could kiss JC first. Such an achievable goal given we were both 13 and the man was probably boning every skanky groupie from here to Timbuktu. Obviously I never thought it would literally happen, but good ol' Mommis intervened and make it happen. Granted, it was on the cheek, but the man was 10 years my senior. I think I got as far as possible without some child indency issues. And massive props to JC -- he was 23 and letting a 13-year-old fan kiss him on the cheek. I'm sure he got an earful for that after we left. What a great sport.

I can't wait to become best friends with Justin and give him so much crap about how he refused to come and talk to us until he saw the autographed baseballs. What a little sh*t.

Alright. Enough backstory. Fast foward to the 1:25 mark because until then it's just a bunch of screaming at what we presumed was their tour bus.

Embarrasing moments:
  • We took Jen for her birthday, but really it benefitted all of us. We ended up on stage that night! Embarrassing? or AMAZING?
  • Mom: "Guys, we have a birthday girl here (Jen)"
    JC: "Oh really, when was your birthday?"
    Jen: "August 1st!"
    JC: "Oh yeah? My birthday was the 8th..."
    Jen: "I know."
    What else did he expect? We knew all their birthdays, favorite colors, astrological signs, favorite ice cream flavor... I'm really trying to secure a dateless future, aren't I?
  • The ridic hand gesture I made after kissing JC. Really? Mortifying. Actually, the whole thing? MORTIFYING. Who asks to kiss someone else on the cheek? My mother. But you know what? I'm pretty sure that was my first kiss. Even if it wasn't legit, we'll go with it. 
  • Had no idea who Jordan Knight was. Well, I did, but only from TRL -- not from New Kids on the Block. I couldn't have cared less to meet him, but at 13 you're just jacked to meet anyone... right?
Shout out to *NSYNC for essentially babysitting three pre-pubescent idiots! And aren't we all excited that I learned the art of highlighting for my hair and the magic that eyebrow plucking creates? It does WONDERS. Really, I look at old photos of myself and I've come real far in my 24 years. Thank you baby Jesus.

Well, I've shown my boss and a few colleagues this video and they're all dying. The hand gesture is going to be a topic of ridicule for the rest of my career, I'm sure of it.

That'll do for now... until the next time I decide to publicly embarrass myself!

Post 1,000: Help me!!!

A monumental moment. I started this blog in June of '08, but didn't keep after it until March of '09. So, techinically, after three years (really two and a half), my little horse and pony blog has reached 1,000 blog posts! I'll drink to that... Moscow Mules, anyone? Or, in this case, Pear Cider? (Check out my first post, ever, here.)

To commemorate this quite prolific (or something) occasion, I'm asking you guys for help., a site that a) is featured on my Twitter and b) is where I post all my writing links (it's just easier that way) is having a contest. One luck About.Me profile will be featured on a Times Square Billboard -- not a bad gig.

The contest requires votes. Voting can be the most annoying thing in the world, but given most of you know me/love me/read this blog on a daily basis, consider it a gift that doesn't cost a cent. :)

SO: go here, click the 'Vote' tab on the right side of the page, then tweet and Facebook your friends.

Also, on this glorious day, my article on Terry Shanahan is up on Read all about sugar and agave.

Love y'all! Hope you've enjoyed the past 1,000 posts and I look forward to 1,000 more!

Aug 24, 2011

Your parents grow up, too

The past couple of weeks, I've realized a few things. I removed myself from being a daughter and saw my parents are two people; a couple, growing up together.

Big changes are coming and have come with my family. I like to accept change with open arms, but when it comes to my home and my family, I resist like mad. I refused to believe my dogs both passed when they did and didn't really accept it until I got home and they didn't come running up to me. I also was very hesitant to accept the new dog my parents got, because they got it without me. (She's precious, by the way.)

I mean, I've been in the forefront of their minds my entire life. It's so weird because your parents have so much time without you in their lives, and then for a solid 20 (24 in my case) years, they live and breathe everything that comes to their children. Vacations aren't taken unless the kids can go or be cared for, dates aren't had unless there is a babysitter; funds are started for the kids' college tuition and a car on their 16th birthday. 

So it can ruffle some feathers when you realize your parents are making decisions without you in mind. I don't mean that to be condescending, but it's the truth. When you're capable of being an adult, your parents re-learn what it's like to not be 'Mom and Dad.' It's kind of bizarre.

Just like there's no handbook for early adulthood, they're not one for retirees or empty-nesters. How do you go from spending two decades of your life devoted to another person and then have endless time for yourself? Or what do you do when you don't have to work anymore? Or you don't have a job, after probably half a century of working? How do you learn to be okay with that?

My brother just went off to college this past Saturday. As the youngest, my parents are now alone in the home, and they're about to put it up on the market so they can move. This angered me at first because I wanted to be able to come home to a place I'm familiar with for Christmas and go back to a place I grew up with my own family. But the fact remains is that my parents are still growing up and this is what they want to do. 

My mom's mom passed in '05, my dad's dad in '93 (if I remember correctly). I can't imagine losing either of my parents, at any age. How they're both able to be, well, an adult about it always amazes me. I feel like I'd just cry and cry and cry. (I have several friends who have lost parents and I have so much respect for their strength and positivity.) 

When I envisioned adulthood, it was something that you flowed right in to. It came naturally, like being a mother. But how do you learn to deal with the crises your children will go through, the art of keeping a marriage in tact; how do you automatically accept that your parents are going to pass away -- even your siblings? You don't. It's like learning to adapt in college, like getting accustomed to the 9-6 and the accompanying bills you never had to pay before. You aren't prepared when those things happen... you just do them and learn along the way.

Take a minute and remember that your parents, while wise, don't know everything (more than you, but not all). I think that's the most beautifully fascinating thing about them. They are learning still themselves but manage to keep hope, faith and security in tact for their children. 

Love you, Mom and Dad. 

Nothing's Sexier than the Sugar Bowl! -- College Colors Day

Friday, September 2nd is National College Colors Day. Last year I posted a few cute looks that you all enjoyed, so I figured I'd do it again!

TCU plays Baylor, and I've been trying to find the link on Facebook where you can buy the "Sucks to BU" shirt, but I can't find it ANYWHERE! Leave me a tip if you have one.

Also, some favorites of mine are: -- A Dallas favorite -- They just put TCU apparel up and I love the Sugar Bowl tees. This year's unofficial slogan, courtesy of me, myself and I is "Nothing's Sexier than the Sugar Bowl!" (where the National Title game will be played this year). Granted I know some of you are going to go, "NO, it's the National Championship game at the Sugar Bowl," but I don't give a crap.

Opolis Clothing -- Turns out this company was started by two Sooners! I bought the shirt I wore to the Rose Bowl from here and I got a lot of compliments on it. It's especially soft as well. I just bought the t-shirt dress and am looking forward to donning it at Game Day parties! -- Look for boutiques in your area

Purple Reign

1.) T-shirt dress from Opolis clothing -- the one I just bought :) Perfect for Texas as it's lighweight. They have several other schools as well.
2., 3., 4.) A different take on purple. Pair a white (or cream) burnout tee with magenta jean shorts and some Nine West flip flops to keep cool.
5.) Perfect for crisp fall game days! (Gameday Cloth)
6.) I die. Sequined, purple chucks? Please and thank you.
7.) These faux suede shorts are a little pricey, but they're cute. I wouldn't want to spill beer all over them, but maybe wear them to a more refined affair?
8.) The Sugar Bowl scoop back tee I've been obsessing over. How hilarious would it be if we actually made it to the National Title game? Slim chances but a frog can dream...
9. & 10.) Nike Jersey tee with a pair of Joe's Jeans. I like the fit of the jersey, especially since it's tailored for women. I know white is supposed to be banned from our wardrobes after Labor Day, but I consider it TCU's honorary 3rd color choice... so we get a free pass. 

Frogs with sole

1) DKNY: For a more athletic feel, specially during those intense games of flip cup and to help alleviate any pain you may endure while walking to the stadium. $55 at DSW
2) Sperry: A TCU classic. Why haven't we been sponsored by Sperry yet? Let's get on that. These are adorable, right? $35
3) Ugg: I like these better than the Chuck Taylors! But they're lined with suede, so unless you plan on having some stanky feet, I wouldn't advise wearing these in the summer months (or at least until October). $110.00

Hope this gives some inspiration for your future frog outings!

Aug 23, 2011

This. can't. be.... true. love.

That was my best shot at typing how the lyrics sound in the song. Go with it...

The cool thing about living in LA and working in PR? Probably all the awesome events you get to attend and people you get to meet. Today, one of my collegues introduced me to Destinee & Paris. These ladies are opening for Britney Spears' current tour (not a bad gig!) and also sang back-up on Scotty McCreery's 'I Love You This Big.'

The names sound familiar and I think it's because I saw them on an episode of LaurieAnn Gibson's show, The Dance Scene. And if I remember correctly, their mom was the crazy Momager? Yep. That's right. Gotta love reality television.

I kind of wrote them off in the show, but when they performed I really enjoyed their music. And their new single, 'True Love' is TOO LEGIT TO QUIT. I want to hear this song in Vegas while I'm getting submerged with bottles of champagne. That's how much I like this song -- I'd endure (what I deem to be) complete hell just to hear it. You're all well aware that the only time I'm free-willingly pouring champagne on myself (or by someone else) is for -- drumroll please? -- Justin Timberlake. Don't act like you didn't see that coming.

 I'm also going to need my Step and Spin class instuctors to get this on their playlist post haste, thank you.

I can also see this song on an episode of the Kardashians. You know you can too! Background music sets the ambiance, people.

Just some tb's about the girls (that's tidbits, y'all):

Paris Monroe is 15, Destinee Monroe is 17. You read correctly. Every artist I love is apparently still in diapers. (I kid.)
They were originally in a group called The Clique Girlz.
They have a ton of covers up on Youtube.

They don't have a Wiki page yet but they have several devoted fansites. I encourage you to download the song and jam out... hard. And shamelessly.

It's available on iTunes today!

courtesy of

Aug 22, 2011

Not worthy (of full blog posts)

  • Yet another obsession: "You and I" - Lady Gaga. I hear it and I envision 10,000 fantasies. First and foremost? Performing the song on Glee. Yes, I'd be the country Christian chick (with a heavy southern accent -- don't worry, I'm practicing... it's way better than my British accent, promise) who envisions singing this song to either a) the student teacher or b) the sophomore in college who came back for Homecoming after two years. And guess who that fine ass man would be? Justin Timberlake. I know Ryan Murphy is going to EAT THAT SH*T UP. Come on Ryan.

  • Panic attacks. Had one today. It went something like this: I've been going to the same gym, new location for about 15 days now. I usually do street parking so I just walk up a few stairs and don't have to mess with a parking garage, but sometimes I do have to give in and keep my mace handy. Today I parked on a different floor, and the elevator was taking awhile, so I was like, "Duh, it's a gym. Take the stairs!" After feeling the burn, I get up to what I thought was the lobby floor (that leads to the gym), fling open the door and walk in, only to find nothing. Straight across: "Roof access. DO NOT OPEN DOOR OR ALARM WILL SOUND." To my left: a door that won't open. Behind me: the door I came in -- that won't open. My heart starts racing and I just keep thinking how many steps I took to get up here and how nobody was going to hear me and I couldn't ring the alarm or else it would cause a huge scene and AH and MOM! And then I grab my phone. No service. Perfect. So I do what any normal 24-year-old would do. Cry for minute. Then I prayed. "Dear God. Help." And then I asked for help. "HELPPPPP!! PLEASE? SOMEBODY! HELP! PLEASE HELP ME!" I can only imagine how pathetic I sounded. I mean, I want to cry just thinking about truly pitiful it was. After shaking the door and begging for mercy, I stop and literally, just like a movie, slide down the door and fall to my bum. Until I get a "Hello?" And for a second I thought it was God. But really it was my Prince Charming coming to save me! Praise the Lord! It was 2.5 seconds away (minus an abductor and 19 years) from the Jaycee Dugard story.

He opened the door, I was fine and made it to Zumba on time. Not to mention he told me if that happens again to ring the alarm -- that's what they're for.

Aug 21, 2011

Speaking of weddings...

Obviously I've been reading anything and everything about Kim's wedding. It's not like I'm yearning to be married (and to whom is the real question here), but as my mom so eloquently put it yesterday, "Well, bless her heart. She's been dying to get married for awhile now." AND HOW Mom, and how.

So reading up, here's what we know:
  • Guests ordered to wear either black or white. This seems bizarre to me. I feel like summer and spring weddings are meant for vibrant colors... they're not going to the academy awards, folks. And who in their right mind felt okay wearing white to a wedding? Dina, Lindsay and Ali Lohan didn't mind, as well as Mel B. and several other hundred guests. But isn't that the number one no-no? Even if it was requested by the bride, I'd still feel like wearing white would be inappropriate. And all black just reminds me of a funeral. But who am I to judge? It's what Kimberly wanted...
  • Kim wore a wedding dress by Vera Wang and then changed into two additional outfits. I'm sorry, but I don't want to worry about "costume changes" at my own wedding. My ideal situation (in case you care) would be that my wedding dress converted into a short, sassier number for the reception. Then again, if Vera Wang was offering to make me two additional dresses, I'm not going to tell the woman no. I mean, Vera's whole life is dedicated to making wedding dresses. Why should I deny her passion? After all, wearing a VW gown is the dream of both mother and late grandmother, so let's hope I'm pulling in the dough by then.
  • Kim's wedding: $10 million dollars? The first estimate was $30 mil. At first this sounds absurd. Who would spend that kind of money? Well, if you're filthy rich and famous, you're not paying for crap. That's right. Kim probably bought her dresses and both rings were paid for, but I'm sure the venue was loaned, and some companies would take press over payment since it's such an extravagantly publicized wedding.  Famous is the keyword here, however. You can be rich, but you're not going to make money off your own wedding if you're not famous.
UPDATE: According to Perez Hilton, all three Vera Wang gowns were given to Kim and the engagement ring ($2 mil) plus both wedding bands ($1 mil each) were both "deeply discounted." The wedding invites were free, and pretty much after selling the wedding and engagement photos, they definitely profited from the wedding.

Which leads me to Carrie Underwood. She and Mike Fisher had their wedding in Georgia at the Ritz Carlton -- Reynolds Plantation, and not only did Carrie don a hefty rock on her ring finger, but the couple rented out more than 250 rooms at the hotel for the occasion. I'm pretty sure that's the entire hotel.  The bill? $500,000. Holy crap.

The thing is, I'm pretty sure Carrie sold her photos to People for around $1 mil. So, she could have broke even, or she even could have MADE money off her own wedding! How absurd is that? What's more absurd is that I feel like this is something not out of the ordinary, and further, that I'm capable of achieving this peak of matrimony myself. Really. I refused to get married until I am financially sound, can make money off my own wedding, or both. And yeah, I should probably find a man that will deal with this kind of unrealistic thinking and loves me regardless. Is that disturbing? No my friends, it's just smart.

Aug 20, 2011

A royal (reality) wedding

If you're in California, or (rather) anywhere in the United States, you know what today is: 


Look out! As an avid Kardashian viewer, we all know Kim, Miss Reality TV herself, is the sister who has been awaiting her wedding day for awhile. We all thought it would be Reggie, but instead she fell for a basketballer -- anyone remember her infamous quote? "It's okay (that Khloe is getting married), Lamar is too tall anyway." Oh the irony...

"Kim Kardashian's" is trending on Twitter right now and I took the liberty to read the comments. I am absolutely disgusted with the United States of America. It's truly disheartening to read some of the hateful comments that are being made -- this girl is a person, and the things they are saying even offended me, and I'm not remotely close to being in the Kardashian Klan.

Here's the thing: everyone is b*tching about how Kim's wedding is over-publicized. But this is America 2011, folks. At any given moment, we know who is doing what and when, thanks to mobile uploads on Facebook and location Tweets. It's the era where Snooki gets paid as much as Matthew Morrison on Glee, but instead of singing and dancing, she's throwing wine glasses and running into cop cars in Italy. Jersey Shore gets roughly 8 million viewers each episode, while Glee can barely pull in 2 million at times.  

People woke up at 3:00 AM to watch the Royals get married -- granted, they don't have a show, but they are the literal form of reality. Their talent is being famous for being royal. Granted, I feel there is a higher respect for the royals for obvious reasons (I love them both), but in the same right, the Kardashians are famous for having a famous dad, famous step-dad, and being beautiful. It's not like they're athletes or fabulous singers or award-winning actors, which apparently are the only people that matter according to Reese Witherspoon

Sorry about it, but this is the world we live in. Some kids have no idea who Julia Roberts is, my idol as a child -- they want to be Kim Kardashian growing up. It's just how it works now. Instead of actors, singers and athletes being the most famous people in the world, reality stars like Lauren Conrad and Kim are making brands out of themselves, and doing a pretty great job at it.

On Twitter, people are bringing up Kim's sex tape, calling her a whore, mentioning that it isn't her first marriage. Let me say a few words on each. Listen, I have to give the girl credit. If I had ever made a sex tape and it was leaked out, I don't think I would have the will to live. That is embarrassing and detrimental to anyone's confidence. Granted, they ended up selling the tape, but it would have gotten out anyway. Just because a woman has sex doesn't make her a whore. Most people are intimate with their partners; I don't think most of us are willing to be filmed doing so, which is a huge error in judgement, but I feel like Kim separates herself from people like Paris Hilton because she worked hard growing up and wasn't a crazy partier, getting busted for drugs and DUIs. Kim has had a clean image, even after the sex tape, in an effort to turn herself around. I can respect that.

Lastly, Kim got married when she was younger. She wasn't married for 24 hours and got it annulled -- she was married four years. The couple eloped in Vegas and tried to work out the marriage but (correct me if I'm wrong) ended the marriage due to infidelity on his part. I don't blame her for that. And I'm sure it worried her that she had maybe missed her shot at marriage given she has already been married once. 

Other people wonder why Kim has been so open about her wedding: the date, tweeting about it, etc. Given her life is all over reality TV, it'd bit a little hypocritical for her to try to keep in private, am I right? The whole thing is being filmed for E! anyway. And just like any normal person, if you're getting married, you send out invites and even if someone isn't invited, they probably know when you're getting married through word of mouth (thanks Facebook). Kim's network pretty much spans the entire universe, so I'm not shocked that everyone is talking about it and all the details are out in the open. 

What's most sad is that people are so eager to see someone else fail, just because they're in the limelight. Yes, hearing about the Kardashian's can be annoying since they're EVERYWHERE, but I have to give credit where it's due. They hustle and are taking opportunities when they're presented in order to set themselves up for the future. 

So instead of drinking the Haterade, take it as it is. It's a reality show wedding. It's going to be everywhere. If you don't like Kim or her family, why are you wasting your breath even mentioning her? Looks like you need to make better use of your time -- I know if I can't stand someone, I don't want their name on my mind, period.

Here's to Kim & Kris' long-lasting marriage! Cheers to that.

Aug 19, 2011

Munger Road

Most know my favorite time of year is October: football & basketball, crisp weather, and of course, Halloween.

I'm especially excited this year because one of my friends (Dallasite and fellow TCU alum), Brooke Peoples, made a thriller last year titled Munger Road, and it's supposed to debut in October!

You know the story of Munger Road, right? It's a road in Illinois that is the subject of an urban myth. There are various myths, but all include a train killing someone: a lost boy, a woman hanging clothes to dry; a school bus filled with children when the bus ran out of gas and got hit.

The whole thing was that you would go to a train track (like an idiot), put the car in neutral, sprinkle baby powder on your back bumper and wait to see what happened. Apparently, handprints would appear on your car as the child/woman/children pushed your car off the tracks to safety. Other versions include turning your car off completely, but most people don't have a death wish, so many would opt for neutral.

This movie is similar to Paranormal Activity in that you have to "Demand It" from the website. Paranormal Activity was a limited release, but after word spread of how terrifying it was, people logged on to "Demand It." Three movies later, they're doing pretty well for themselves.

So, if you are TCU alum, in the SoCal area or live in Illinois, I highly recommend visiting and demanding the movie in your area! It would be awesome to see a TCU alum up on the big screen, not to mention it's a perfect Halloween thriller.

Congrats Brooke! Can't wait to see you on the big screen.

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Happy Friday!

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Aug 16, 2011

The Middle

Sunday at church, I was inspired and decided to write about "the middle."

You know what the middle is. That in-between period that seems to drag on and on and on. It's what you're doing between the exciting start and anticipated finish. Most of this relates to us (currently) in a career sense, as we attempt to reach that pedestal we place our dreams on. For some people, it can be the lull between ending a relationship and finding true love, or the period of time between starting and graduating.

The middle seems so dull, and worse, everlasting, especially when we are anxious to reach the end result. But the middle is the real gift. Unfortunately, too many times do we overlook the experience to actually enjoy it. Then it's over before it's too late.

I mean, the best part of the Oreo? The middle! Those middle years of college, while strenuous school-wise, brought so much hilarity (and sometimes downright embarrassing memories). Everyone wants to be in the middle in a haunted house. The middle ain't so bad, is it?

Instead of focusing on doors closing, focus on the ones that are opening. Right now, we're in "the middle." Most of us aren't at our dream job, we're not all financially stable; in fact, most of us are trying to figure out our life in that we have no idea what we're doing. That's okay. That's what the middle is for.

It's the journey that's worthwhile... being at this point in life is the longest period of time when you think of it, given we don't have a four years limiting us. We have so much time to just... be. Beginnings can get off to a running start, and the end sometimes comes abruptly.

Enjoy the ride while it lasts!

Aug 15, 2011

Love Letter to TCU

Can I take a minute to reflect on TCU? Because it was friggen awesome going there. I'm so envious of the freshmen coming in, knowing they'll get four whole years there. Granted, my time has come and gone, but how awesome were the memories?

It's like that one fantastic relationship that you have to leave behind. Nothing lasts forever. It will always be a part of you, but in the end, you had to grow up. You put in your due diligence and it was time for you to move on. Cue the tears.

TCU was great because it wasn't a gigantic school. It was big, but you could find at least one friendly face in a class -- also small enough that you'd inevitably run into an ex if you weren't careful (woof), but small enough that you'd run into that guy you had a crush on at The Main (RIP) or The Cellar (RIP karaoke). 

And let's talk about being 21 in Fort Worth. Pete's Piano Bar? Yes please. Yucatan Taco Stand? Make it a double. Or, if you wanted a low maintenance night, just walk the brisk 10 minute walk from the Thouse to The Moon or The Pub on Thursday night -- and then Fuzzy's after. UHH-HUH!

Another luxury that's overlooked in the midst of the chaos? Meal plans. Can they initiate those in real life? They should have those for new grads. Whenever you were poor (read: always), you'd hit up Frog Bytes (again, RIP) and eat those delicious chicken sammies (with the secret sauce, obvi) for three weeks straight.

Nothing pissed me off more than when they got rid of Eden's. I mean, the BLUU is a work of art, but nothing compared to all the old school places that once were! The saddest part of me even writing this is that the incoming freshmen and even the current juniors have no idea what I'm referring to when I talk about The Main or Frog Bytes.

Speaking of real life immitating college, I wish we could get some post-grad dormitories set up. Meeting people (and dating) in the "real world" is literal chaos. Everyone is weird. At least in Los Angeles. I miss having my close girlfriends across the hall and the frats right next door.
Lest we forget football and baseball. How was it that every year we played UNLV on Halloween? How is that possible? Sounds like God's gift to undergrads. And it was always a joy playing SMU and realizing not only how poor their football team was, but what sore losers their students were as well. Sucks to be them. (Sorry, the Iron Skillet rivalry rears its ugly head...)

And let's talk about sorority life. 51% of students at TCU were Greek in 2008. I would venture to say I got my money's worth when it comes to sorority life. Between endless shenangians in the Thouse (bras strung in a tree, mattresses on the roof) and of course the inevitable sorority politics, it's safe to say I learned a bit about how to play the Game of Life. Recruitment prepared you on how to endure socially awkward situations in the real world -- without alcohol, a feat in itself -- and inner sorority workings taught you how to survive, negotiate and BS if necessary. Am I right?

Mixers, socials, formals. Being on Panhellenic and Social Chair made for some interesting conversations -- with myself. I really got to know what I was made of when it came down to the wire. Anyone who was a sorority social chair (guys, you had it waaaaaaaay easier) deserves a medal of honor, in my opinion. We were essentially one-woman event planning firms, having to deal with strict rules and hasty advisors (at times).

Flashback: Thetas, remember our first "social?" Good one, Bethany. I was pretty sure we were all getting Punk'd. Don't act like it wasn't absolutely terrible -- we were greeted by (redacted fraternity) as they stood in rows on either side of us, clapping and cheering. I felt like we were cattle getting ready to be butchered. (Take that as you will). Needless to say I was getting the HELL out of there -- and fast. Three years later, their fraternity president was screaming endless profanities at me after one of their brothers' dates got sick and vomited on our bus and another dressed up as a ghost and pretended to be a part of the haunted house we were having a mixer at.

Remember how about when the bookstore "accidentally" caught fire? I'm still a part of the group "Bookstore Inferno." I saw the entire thing engulfed in flames from my room in Wiggins.

Anyone take Todd Davis' financial accounting class? WOOF-tastic. Honestly, I was pulling a solid A- until the final, when all hell broke lose. I just remember hearing from other classes who took the final before me: "THE HEAD OF THE ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT GOT HOLD OF OUR FINAL AND CHANGED IT ALL!" People were crying hysterically. And laughing hysterically. It was a sick joke. The last page of the final was an essay on what we learned/what we thought of the course, and I didn't hold back. I think I included the terms "Satan," "Hell on Earth", "terrifying," and, oddly, "sick joke." Then we all got that call from Todd himself, letting us know our final grade. "B!" Ugh.

And, can I remind you all, that when we started college, Facebook was roughly a year old? Yeah. You had to get authorized by your college email account? I remember anxiously awaiting the day I would head to Orientation, and when our leader told us, "Alright, sign up for a Facebook account now!" And how photo albums were non-existant? Just that one measly photo... and then, when Newsfeed was started, people went crazier than the London riots. Pure. Outrage.

Last but not least, TCU pretty much upped my standards for life. I have a whole new outlook on what I want in a man that I date. The gym? Take me back NOW. Everything on campus was so close and compact and accessible. I wish my days could be spent with three classes in the morning, the gym in the early afternoon, some studying and late nights out. Squeeze in the pool during the spring and we're golden.

Seriously, they should have life set up in block scheduling. Three hours alotted to a client at this time every day, up to maybe 25 hours max. We could go euro and have afternoon siestas and probably be a lot happier than this 40-hours-per-week (likely more) business.

Teachers were at your beckon call, if you chose to utilize them. Friends were around all the time, to a fault at some points. There was always a party -- and everyone you knew would be there. And even the terrible decisions one would inevitably make and the laughable situations we got ourselves into make me wish I could go back.

And no matter how late I stayed out the night before, I made it to my (paid, thank goodness) internship on time, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Most of the time, anyway. It was like alcohol had no lasting repercussions. Now I feel like I'm 800-years-old and on the verge of death if I'm out past 10:00 on a weeknight.

One thing I'm proudest about is while every school has their fair share of idiotic students, TCU strives to keep things on another level. I think about the Rose Bowl and how even when we thought we were going to lose, we were confident in our team, yet respectful to the Wisconsin fans... while their fans were heinous. I mean, I can't speak for all of them, but out of the 50 surrounding me, they were all pretty foul. (Just sayin.') I've never understood how some fans can get to a point where they're saying deplorable things about a another team, just to start a fight. It's obnoxious and unattractive. I totally get supporting your team, but saying crude, suggestive, and sometimes downright disgusting things just because you lost (or won) isn't a good look. Take a cue from the Horned Frogs and handle yourself with pride. And for those Horned Frogs who act a fool... get a grip. :)

Ah, college. I kind of want a birthday party that relives the infamous night of Hair Bands and Keg Stands. Who's with me?

Go Frogs!

Lindsey's favorite song

The prank of all pranks... you hoes

bahaha I can't even begin to caption this one seriously Molls!

The best people. Ever.

Cinco de Mayo freshman year... God help us

Big trucks in TEJAS!!! Bling, you look like a model.

The Traffic Department... aka showstoppers


We were "iceboxing" in this photo to Omarion, FYI

That time at the blow up warehouse...

me as my boss, my boss as ... a ghost?

Karaoke at The Cellar? Duh.


We're cute.

Sophomore year, headed to Pi Kapp Victory... on a boat. I can't type that
and keep a straight face

Senior year winter formal. We all look fantastic.

BEST. ROOMIE. EVER. Babe nugget

The inevitable snow day

We look heinous. All of us. Why didn't people tell me
to dye my hair blonde?

"Act like a puppy...?"

"It is my passion."

Rainbow scavenger hunt

This is creativity.


First SMU game

Soulja Boy. Good, but not better than HSM.

Ariette Wintour? "Wee wah wee wah!"

Not in college... but the Chain Gang reunites!

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