Jan 13, 2012

Dress you UP IN MY LOVE...

Well hello there stranger! I guess I have self-diagnosed insomnia because it's 12:54 AM and I'm watching Tabitha's Salon Takeover, engaging in Youtube videos and writing this blog... obviously.

This is a video intensive post. Actually, this post is to show my declaration of LOVE for a certain YouTuber. How I never have seen Jenna Marbles' work before yesterday is truly some kind of sick joke because I AM OBSESSED WITH HER.

She's hilarious. (You guys know my weakness is for naturally witty, funny humans.) Her videos are cut perfectly. She has maybe the cutest dogs ever, behind Toby and Harley (RIP boys) -- here's the first video I saw her in. Note: If profanity isn't your thing... I can't guarantee you'll like this video.

While I might not be a slut on Halloween... I give her credit. Well said.

Then I found THESE GEMS and FTLOG (For The Love Of God -- it's going to catch on...) get her a tv show!!!!!!

"And for boys... any underwear that will turn you into Ryan Reynolds? You're going to get laid."

This reminds me of when I would run around the house, chasing Toby, singing "Tobinizer" (to the tune of Britney's "Womanizer") or "You can run you can hide but you can't escape my WUB!!!" (to the tune of Enrique's "Escape.") And true... guys, if you have an animal voice? FIND ME.

Silent laughter until I cried and couldn't breathe. Enough said. Amazing. 

And on a completely unrelated Jenna Marbles note, my first video with BellaSugar was posted yesterday. Wahoooooooooooooo!!! Subscribe to the channel if you dare...

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