Jan 19, 2012

'I get by with a little help from my friends'

I've turned into one of those people that doesn't have time to call their mother every day, check PerezHilton 45 times at work, and calls "going to the gym" a fun night out... on a weeknight, that is.

Work is marvelous, but I'm so busy that I find myself going, "Oh my Gosh. This is what it's like to have no life." Don't get me wrong -- I prayed that this day would come, that I was so immersed in my work that it didn't feel like work... that it would be considered fun -- but I remember when I first moved out here and how much time I had on my hands. I would email people persistently in hopes of networking and grabbing coffee, and maybe, just maybe, they'd help me get my 'dream job.' I always wondered why most of these people offered little advice or no responses, or had little time for me. "Why can't these people take a minute a help a minion like me out?" Well now I know: they had a job that actually counted on them.

Don't get me wrong. If I didn't show up for work at my other jobs, all hell would break loose. But all I did was show up, figure out some menial tasks and then proceed to blog/write for Examiner all day. Which worked out in my favor, obviously...

But really, the real world has called and informed me that everyone is too busy 'doing themselves' to care what you're going through. It's like that saying, "Nobody cares if you're sad, so you might as well be happy."

One thing I wanted to throw out there is this: please, never be too busy to help people out. I am so grateful for the wonderful friends and mentors I'm acquired since moving to LA, all of whom have helped me by offering advice or support in all of my endeavors. They are the ones that touched my heart and gave me confidence, while my family was miles away. I've gotten increasingly more emails lately asking for career advice, personal advice, etc just from getting this new gig -- which is great, I love that people consider me somewhat knowledgeable -- and I try to take the time to respond, even if I can't immediately. Make sure to find time to email those who email you, get that coffee with that person who has been asking you to go for awhile now, and forward a resume for a friend in dire need of a job. You never know who's day you'll make or how you might touch another person.

Enough sappy stuff though -- I have a new Mentervention coming called "Is it too much to ask to find a guy that's really f-cking excited to date me? Is it?" Title pending. It's going to be super hilarious (as usual -- just kidding! but really this time), based on true events, and will include references to Mindy Kaling's book (so read it)... plus a possible video blog to accompany it.

I will not neglect this blog anymore!!!!!

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