Jan 14, 2012

"Ice cream makes me cough"

I know my blog is still Christmas themed but Mama needs some TIME to revamp it, considering it took me two hours to do the change in the first place. Have patience. Don't be mad at the festiveness. It's like keeping the white Christmas lights hanging in your room all year long to set the mood... yeah.

ANYWAY there is an epidemic going on and we really need to take a second and recognize it. "We" being women. As hilarious and true the "Shit Girls Say" videos are, can we admit to the fact that having videos with a man dressed as a woman, saying things that practically EVERY WOMAN SAYS, is a problem? This is a may-jah issue. Here's why.

Sure, it's a stereotype, but the thing that doesn't make it a stereotype is that every woman has said a thing or two in these videos -- and often. Actually... that's what a stereotype is in the first place, so nevermind. In fact, these videos bond women together because as we watch we're like, "Oh my God, I DO need a new Facebook pic!" or "Wow that's so something Molly would say" or our computer will have meltdown during the video and we'll start calling our most technology-advanced friend to see if they can work a computer decently. (Which is actually me in most cases.)

So while this is a great team-building exercise, this is pretty much a travesty for women because now all guys can pinpoint exactly how all of us act. Isn't that sad? What happened to being UNIQUE!? Granted I will always, at any bar I go to, ask if so and so is drinking a mojito because they're my favorite, and my standard response to any boy-induced drama is "get it together," but seriously... we need to liven things up for men. Make things exciting. Differentiate ourselves from this societal norm we have created amongst ourselves: to be completely oblivious, somewhat idiotic and overly obsessed with weight, dating, and fashion.

Now I'm not saying you have to go cold turkey. If you have a shoe problem -- and who doesn't, let's be honest -- try turning on ESPN and getting acquainted with who Tim Tebow plays for, or who might be a potential qualifier to play in the Super Bowl (it's the Broncos re: Tim and GREEN BAY!!!! Just FYI). If you are depressed because you don't have a boyfriend, I strongly advise you get your ass to a gym and get a hot body and stop wondering... and then go out and have a girls' night and try not to take 7,000 photos for Facebook. In fact, try not to even TWEET that night. It will be tough but I have faith in you. And, if you really want to for the gold, just stop drinking. I know this is an astonishing thought but perhaps giving up alcohol will make you realize that you have more to offer in life than acting like a superficial ignoramus. 

Anyway... let's keep enjoying these gems while somewhat striving to improve our image. 


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