Jan 4, 2012

Idle hands

For anyone who gives two craps about this blog, you're probably wondering why I've been slacking on the posts. I know, my writing is crack-cocaine to some people. I've been putting a few of you through withdrawal and for that I recommend you see a doctor...

All kidding aside, this is my baby, so I'm not quitting it any time soon. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I won't be doing any beauty (well, minimal is a better word) on here anymore. Bittersweet, but for good reason.

(This is no secret if you follow me on Twitter...) I recently quit my job because after two looooong months of anxiety and anticipation, I can finally tell everyone that I'm now Beauty Expert, Host & Reporter for BellaSugar.com!!!

I'm SO excited about this opportunity because it takes my love of writing and allows me to apply it towards creating scripts, and I get to use my journalism skills to interview people in an industry I love: BEAUTY! Furthermore, I'll be giving my own two cents for product reviews and how-tos, but instead of writing articles, I'll be doing it all on video for the site!

Check it out if you haven't. I'm feeling really blessed to be a part of all this. I've been training up in SF all week and Sugar Inc. is really going to kick ass and take names later this year. I'm a social media geek, so it's been cool to see how a relevant website, who gets millions of page views, works and operates! It's also been cool to see that the analytics I've done for this blog are being used by big companies as well. I have been doing SOMETHING right!

More importantly, I'm so eager to learn. There's a ton of info that is brand new to me, and I can't wait until I've learned it all so we can pump out fun, fresh content -- all in the name of beauty.

I've definitely been bitten by the bug! I adore working in front of the camera and can't wait to get more experience.

Anyway, this blog will be focused more on Hollywood happenings, social commentary and 20-something revelations, which was it's first intended purpose. Back to my roots, I guess?

I'll post videos and share links when they're up!


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Karen Datangel said...

Kirbie, congratulations on your new gig! I've been meaning to shoot you an email to say hello (And I probably will anyway - I hope that's okay!) - We met a couple years back at Edyta Sliwinska's birthday party in West Hollywood when I was an intern at HollywoodLife.com. You mentioned wanting to work there and we talked about a Sex and the City 2 event you were throwing. Anyway, it must have seemed like ages ago so you probably don't remember, but I've been keeping up with your blog and Twitter since then. I've been trying to get hired at Sugar Inc's San Francisco headquarters since I graduated college last year, and I'm so happy that you landed such an amazing gig at a great company! You're perfect for it! Really glad to hear things have been well with you. Hope to keep in touch. Take care!

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